Monday, 30 July 2012

Terrano- Round 5- House 9

Welcome back to the Terrano house where Stella and Dustin (Broke) live!

First wishes are,
For Stella- max nature hobby, woohoo, invite someone over, max Journalism career, talk to someone and learn how to make burgers.

Dustin- max nature hobby, reach top of Political career, meet someone new, make bff, tell inside joke and hustle pool.

While Dustin went off to work Stella invited Darren Dreamer over. Stella is a Knowledge sim with Pleasure for secondary and she's always wanting to play pinball! Her and Darren met through the Gaming career.

Dustin reached the top of his 4th career. So far he's been in Entertainment, Dance, Criminal and now Politics. All his LTW's are career related so far, and his next is to reach the top of the Music career.

Stella went into labour right there in the garden.

and it was giving birth on the grass that perhaps prompted the couple to name their little green (yay!) son, Blade. :D

Being the Knowledge sim she is Stella immediately went to learn how to be a better parent!

Determined not to just be known forever as the 'Career King', Dustin set to work on maxing nature hobby. Summer is hitting the plots hard with all the pests around.

He's also a great father to Blade.

Who thanks to good timing was only a baby for a day! How cute is he?! Stella wanted to teach him all his toddler skills, and so she did.

Dustin found the music career after a couple of days. I'm looking for Education for Stella as I think the bookcase would be really useful now Blade is here.

 Dustin got a bit carried away with the pesticide...

and became a Plant Sim! He didn't lose his goatee though, :)

It helped him to become one with Nature and he soon got his hobby plaque.

and soon after that he became a Rock God!

He had a plantbaby called Leaf. (Not intended- I pressed the wrong button, but hey ho).

Blade loves splashing in puddles!

almost as much as he enjoys 'huggles' with his half brother.

ooh, it's party time!

Blade is a child!

Dustin bought potion from the gardening club,

As he's now in the Culinary career and has lots of night shifts he doesn't see as much sun as he needs.

So welcome back to normality Dustin. Go get that next LTW!

Yay. That's 6 careers and 6 LTW's.

I forgot to mention that Stella got her TOC in Journalism some time ago. This is her second LTW. She's now in the Education career, ;)

Both Stella and Dustin had wishes to get Blade into private school,

and so they did. In record time!
I had Stella greet Vince in smart glasses using a 'high five' greeting, and it was this that gave her such a high Schmooze score. She only showed him 2 or 3 rooms and then he shook her hand.
She ate the Turkey that she had lovingly prepared earlier, herself!

Blade already has 8 skills in charisma and mechanical and after wanting to learn about Physiology quickly got 8 in body too!

Leaf of course grew straight into an adult and chose Popularity as an aspiration. He wants to be a Rock God.

and Dustin? Yeah, he's found his next career!


Great week at the Terrano's.

Stella- wishes to invite sim over, stay home, play pinball, juggle, talk about hobby, birdwatch, catch bugs, go hiking and blog about hobby.
These dailies are quite good and easy. Also she had the want to learn parenting, to teach Blade all his skill, and to teach Leaf a nursery rhyme. She throws an occasional wish for a party and she wanted Blade in private school.

Dustin- He maxed his nature hobby while Stella somehow still hasn't! It was fun him being a plantsim. I decided not to keep him that way though but glad he had Leaf.
Daily wishes to meet someone new, catch bugs, blog hobby, talk about hobby and make friends/best friends. He also wanted to reach the top of each job that he got. He got 3 this week, Politics, Music & Culinary. I'm actually looking for 'Showbiz' to come up but as it hasn't I'm going for his LTW's in the meantime.

Blade- Like most kids enjoys skilling- he became a child on Friday night and so has spent the weekend skilling. His one true hobby is fitness.

Leaf- Although he is a Plantsim and has the exact personality of Dustin, he shows no one true hobby yet- I figured it would be Nature, as Dustin's is, but no.

A great week at the Terrano's. Now who's up for some Cheeeese?! ;)


  1. Leaf and Blade! Great names. And to get two green babies, one plant and one alien. Cool.

  2. Dustin the plantsim! I love it! Hey I have never thought to use the glasses on the headmaster, i will try that next time. Hey ho, didn't mean to have Blade, well he is just an unplanned pregnancy! Looks somewhat like Dustin. For a while there everybody in the house had green skin, hehe!

  3. The glasses is a good idea with the headmaster. The babies are cute. I LOVE Blade, so adorable. A very successful round for the family.