Thursday, 2 August 2012

University Years + Round 5 score.

In residence,

Hans Goth (Family), Lucas Burb (Fortune), Vito Caliente (Knowledge), Ripley Dreamer (Knowledge), Sophie Miguel(Fortune), Harry (Fortune) and Alvin Oldie-Hanby (Family).

Lucas is the oldest resident, he joined from the dorm and is in Senior Year. His LTW is to have 6 pets reach top career level (good job there are so many pets in the pound). His hobby is Nature and he got in the zone.

Hans Goth is a Family Sim with a LTW to Graduate 3 kids from college. He is working on his sewing badge but Science is his true hobby.

He fell in love with and got engaged to Ivy Copur. 
Hans is also in Senior Year.

Vito Caliente was next to join the house and he just loves singing karaoke!
Vito is in Junior Year.

Ripley Dreamer and her teenhood friend Sophie Miguel joined the house. They are in love (with each other). heh. Both love Sports and are in Sophomore Year.

Last to join the house are Harry and Alvin Oldie-Hanby. They are almost finished with Freshman Year.

Summary- A house is ok but not nearly as much fun as a dorm and that perhaps led me to not play Uni as much as I should have this round. After they graduate I'll go back to dorm life.

As with most YA's, they had hobby wishes- a lot. To play games and win competitions and make friends as well as doing assignments. No extraordinary wishes- yet.

Score for Round 5.

Pleasantview is starting to even out a bit more and a nice mixture of aspirations are appearing. Fortune still leads the way but Family isn't far behind. I definitely thought I had more Romance sims but I guess that's because I enjoy playing them so much.
Off to Veronaville for a round, catch you soon and thanks for staying with it! :)

Bruenig- Round 5- House 10

In residence are;

Grilled Cheese loving Marsha, who wishes to make and talk about grilled cheese with Carter Broke (her brother-in-law), to serve grilled cheese, to eat grilled cheese and to be bff's with her mentor, the super cook Sharlene.

and her husband Beau, who wishes to reach the top of his career, to hustle pool, earn cash, have a baby, woohoo and meet someone new.

Looks like Beau will be getting his wish when Marsha spent almost an entire day throwing up. Yeah, all those Grilled Cheese sarnies have made her very unfit. ;)

She hauled herself to work though (Artist career) and got a very nice bonus from a chance card. Enough money to make Grilled Cheese sandwiches forever and ever.

Marsha also enjoys painting grilled cheese.

Beau brought his brother Dustin home from work one day. They snacked on cake that Beau had got from Lucy's Bakery. Beau loves his wife but does get fed up of Grilled Cheese. ;)

With her seconday aspiration being Pleasure Marsha gets to write Restaurant reviews. This one took her less than 3 hours. Hmm, 'write a novel' takes at least 30 hours and I've never seen one sell for over 3K.... Think I know which I prefer. ;)

Beau reached the top of his 2nd career. His next LTW is to earn 100k, so he will stay in this career until he achieves that.

A little girl is welcomed to the Bruenig household, she's called Brie.

Beau rolled wants to praise and command Abbey- his Mother's dog. So he invited them over. :)

He also loves to play the violin.

and now knows the secret to Lifelong Happiness. :)

Beau had a wish to throw a party, and the opportunity to grow Brie up was not missed.

Wow, I didn't even know there was a cut-scene for a baby to toddler birthday! I love finding new things out about this game! :)

Beau rolled the wishes to train Brie, and started doing so while his friends enjoyed the party.

Marsha found someone else she can talk to about Grilled Cheese! yay.

She also got in the zone in Cuisine this week.

Beau earned his 100k and then went into the Oceanography career where a chance card got him demoted on his first shift.

He's getting fresh with Marsha...

which led to the inevitable!

Of course Marsha only has one craving!


Marsha- Apart from the Grilled Cheese wishes Marsha also rolled to make bff's, to blog about Cuisine, to sell a masterpiece and to max cooking cuisine enthusiasm.  She had no wishes to train Brie, and so left Beau to it.

Beau- Daily wishes to play violin, slap dance, dance with someone, talk about and blog hobby (music and dance), serve food.
Other wishes to buy an ant farm, see shooting star, stargaze, teach Brie skills and learn Lifelong Happiness. I'd locked his 'have a baby' wish on the first day.

Brie- Still a toddler, no unusual wishes.