Thursday, 27 September 2012

Caliente- Dina, Round 6- House 3

Another Graduation and Vito Caliente comes home.
His initial wish for a night out didn't go quite as planned!
His mother, Dina Caliente had moved to a new house for this round, with her are her husband Marcus and twins Mario & Arianna. Here Dina wanted to play with Cassandra, her bff.
Vito has a hobby wish to max Fitness.
Twins Arianna and Mario are contented with talking and playing together, and they love to dance, just like their big brother who danced his way through college.
The twins became teens and Vito took them downtown to get some new clothes/cellphones/games etc.
Mario rolled Romance (become Celebrity Chef) and Arianna Family (become a Rock God- random! must be her love of music).
Mario is the spitting image of big bro' Vito and Arianna is a terrible cheat, just like her dad!
Speaking of whom- Marcus loves taking his family on outings.
Vito got to the top of the Artist career very quickly, thanks to his degree.
Even after all these years Dina still wishes to sell Lemonade.
and play- she's just a kid at heart.
Magnus was training his kitty Midnight who was now on his 2nd career.

Arianna made a friend and had a first kiss.
Mario got a shock and maxed a skill!
Whilst Arianna plays a game, Vito got in the Zone in Fitness.
He also got to the top in the Dance career.
The twins became over achievers!
Dina decided to retire so she could spend more time in her beloved garden and the garden club membership that she just got will help now she's in the zone!
Dina- wishes to be bff Cassandra, tell inside jokes, talk to Cassandra, hustle pool, get in the zone.
Magnus- training Midnight, having a party, earning cash, hustle pool, stargaze.
Vito- buy stuff, be bf's Lucy, reach top of Artist career, then Medicine, then Dance. Yup, he got 3 careers this week! In college he spent his life wanting to dance/smustle/slap dance and sing karaoke and since he's been home not much has changed!
Arianna- have first kiss, command and praise cat, be friends Amaya.
Mario- hug cat, play with Arianna, first kiss, max skill.
So much went on this week I had to really cap the pics, both new teens got their first kisses, Vito got his 3 careers, Magnus had several parties and even Midnight the cat is now on his 3rd career!
Lots of good varied wishes for this household.

Goth- Round 6- House 2

In residence;

Cassandra Goth (Elder)
Nicholas Goth (Elder),
two of their kids;
Samantha and Campbell.

Cassandra & Nicholas are keeping the love alive with their initial wishes!

Campbell was using every which way to reach the zone in Tinkering.

He got there whilst blogging.
Samantha threw a party to celebrate her adult birthday.
With an aspiration of Romance she had no wish for college. She rolled for a secondary and got...
Family! That'll cause some inner turmoil!
 Campbell and Cassandra both had wishes to train Grizzle, and so they took turns.

Campbell also wished for a couple more dates this week.

Nicholas fulfilled a wish when he reached the top of the Architectural career.

Midweek saw the graduation of Hans Goth, and his good buddy Lucas Burb (who moved back to the Burb home).

Hans got himself a very gothy makeover which he loved, by the way. :D

He wasted no time in asking Ivy Copur to move in. (They were engaged in college if you remember).

Hans is a Family sim with a LTW to graduate 3 kids from college. Ivy is a Knowledge sim with a LTW to max her skills. She's currently a Restauranteur and brought 19k with her to the Goth home.

Ivy too got a makeover and loved it.

Meanwhile Campbell was falling for Eliza Broke.

and Samantha had a wish for a date...

She called up Lucas Burb, who she had a 3 bolt attraction to...

During the date Samantha had a wish to become engaged to Lucas, and then to marry him!

So I rushed them back to Samantha's from their date and bought a wedding arch! Samantha got her wish fulfilled, and so did her parents' who'd wished to see a marriage! I think they thought it would be Hans! As did I, truly.

I moved the happy couple to a place of their own where they will join us in round 7!

Cassandra retired this round, she never wished for it but I hoped she might roll something new.

Both she and Nicholas re-rolled wishes for a marriage, and so Hans and Ivy got hitched.

Here they are, man and wife.

Ivy reached the top of Culinary and Hans got a nice promotion. I forget now which career I put him in... looks like Journalism from the outfit. :)

Campbell threw himself a birthday party and became an adult.

Whilst Ivy and Hans, after many attempts, are going to have a baby!


Cassandra, had wishes to see a relative engaged/married. Woohoo in bed, play with someone, entertain, appreciate, rinse and repeat.

Nicholas- got top of career, also wished to see relative engaged/married, be best friends with Lucy Burb, swim, sew a project.

Samantha- her week came totally out of the blue! She went from date loving romance teen to adult date/get engaged/married.  I expect the Family part of her wanted the marriage. We'll see how that turns out. :)

Campbell- wishes to train Grizzle, play with train set, date, tell inside jokes, skill.

Hans- Wanted to find a job, get a skill, sew a project, talk and play with sims.

Ivy- Initial wishes were to get fit, talk, get skill and invite someone over. She's had lots of skill wishes as I've been skilling her up.

A great week at the Goth's!


Monday, 17 September 2012

Lothario- Round 6- House 1

Welcome back to the Lothario household! Just one sim resides here...

That ol' Lothario himself, Don. Last time I locked having 30 1st dates and Don was pretty close.

He fulfilled some smaller wishes first, jumped on the settee and played a prank on Kaylynn...

Then he headed down to the local swimming pool for a dip, whereby he met a few new contacts and befriended them... females, naturally.

Don usually rolled to meet someone new and go on a date and so Jan here became his next date.

and later on that same day it was Brittany's turn. You can see Jan outside dropping off Don's bouquet. :D

It's not all about the girls with Don, he has to have the money to show them a good time right?

and selling his restaurant reviews soon put him in the zone in Culinary.

An invitation to Sue's Kitchen led Don to befriend Nancy the bartender...
but the real object of his affection was Sharlene the head chef. She became first date number 30! :)

There wasn't a memory for 30 1st dates, but I did count them all- Don has infact had 32 woohoo's, he never dated Dina Caliente or Lucy Burb- just woohooed them, :D

The thing with Don is that a lot of his wishes revolve around Kaylynn;- play pranks on her, talk to her, etc. 

I think Don must be ready to settle down you say?

yeah... I think he's sowed his wild oats!
Don did actually wish to get engaged but I lost the screenshot.
So before he could throw up the fear of getting hitched they got wed right there on the doorstep.
Kaylynn is finally Mrs Lothario! It's been her lifetime's dream. :D
Of course the majority of Pleasantview townies do not view it with pleasure and Don spent several days picking up litter...
and apologizing to old friends.
Kaylynn went back to her natural blonde and got a rad new look.
Ohh.. did I mention that Kaylynn (the ol' family sim) wants to marry off 6 kids? heh.
Don got a gypsy lamp. He used the funds to revamp his house a bit. I don't know why he never has much money... lol.
But it looks as if he will have a little Lothario running around the 'hood after all!

Don is always fun to play. His usual wishes were to meet someone new, go on a date, play on the couch, juggle, smustle. He wanted a car so I bought one later in the week.
After having 30 loves/woohoo's and first dates I decided it was time for Don to settle down! Well, he did really throwing up the wish himself. I think out of his 30 dates he rolled a wish to get engaged about 3 times, but at the first 2 points in his life I decided against it, but this time I didn't!  
Kaylynn- family sim with a LTW to marry off 6 kids. She wanted to buy clothes, smustle, get fit, eat omelettes and meet someone new. She just moved in on Saturday.