Thursday, 27 September 2012

Caliente- Dina, Round 6- House 3

Another Graduation and Vito Caliente comes home.
His initial wish for a night out didn't go quite as planned!
His mother, Dina Caliente had moved to a new house for this round, with her are her husband Marcus and twins Mario & Arianna. Here Dina wanted to play with Cassandra, her bff.
Vito has a hobby wish to max Fitness.
Twins Arianna and Mario are contented with talking and playing together, and they love to dance, just like their big brother who danced his way through college.
The twins became teens and Vito took them downtown to get some new clothes/cellphones/games etc.
Mario rolled Romance (become Celebrity Chef) and Arianna Family (become a Rock God- random! must be her love of music).
Mario is the spitting image of big bro' Vito and Arianna is a terrible cheat, just like her dad!
Speaking of whom- Marcus loves taking his family on outings.
Vito got to the top of the Artist career very quickly, thanks to his degree.
Even after all these years Dina still wishes to sell Lemonade.
and play- she's just a kid at heart.
Magnus was training his kitty Midnight who was now on his 2nd career.

Arianna made a friend and had a first kiss.
Mario got a shock and maxed a skill!
Whilst Arianna plays a game, Vito got in the Zone in Fitness.
He also got to the top in the Dance career.
The twins became over achievers!
Dina decided to retire so she could spend more time in her beloved garden and the garden club membership that she just got will help now she's in the zone!
Dina- wishes to be bff Cassandra, tell inside jokes, talk to Cassandra, hustle pool, get in the zone.
Magnus- training Midnight, having a party, earning cash, hustle pool, stargaze.
Vito- buy stuff, be bf's Lucy, reach top of Artist career, then Medicine, then Dance. Yup, he got 3 careers this week! In college he spent his life wanting to dance/smustle/slap dance and sing karaoke and since he's been home not much has changed!
Arianna- have first kiss, command and praise cat, be friends Amaya.
Mario- hug cat, play with Arianna, first kiss, max skill.
So much went on this week I had to really cap the pics, both new teens got their first kisses, Vito got his 3 careers, Magnus had several parties and even Midnight the cat is now on his 3rd career!
Lots of good varied wishes for this household.


  1. Apparently you're never to old for lemonade. Yumm. I could use a glass right now.

  2. I didn't even know adults could sell lemonade! I have only just experimented with my first stand, though. Wow, 3 careers in one week! Great shot of the shock!

  3. I love when adult/elders want to sell lemonade. That's all Nathan Gavigan in Megalahood wanted to do. lol The kids are doing great, and I love Arianna's look.

  4. Have I ever even seen an adult wish to sell lemonade?? I dunno? LOL The twins are good looking, nice genes to spread around!