Thursday, 27 September 2012

Goth- Round 6- House 2

In residence;

Cassandra Goth (Elder)
Nicholas Goth (Elder),
two of their kids;
Samantha and Campbell.

Cassandra & Nicholas are keeping the love alive with their initial wishes!

Campbell was using every which way to reach the zone in Tinkering.

He got there whilst blogging.
Samantha threw a party to celebrate her adult birthday.
With an aspiration of Romance she had no wish for college. She rolled for a secondary and got...
Family! That'll cause some inner turmoil!
 Campbell and Cassandra both had wishes to train Grizzle, and so they took turns.

Campbell also wished for a couple more dates this week.

Nicholas fulfilled a wish when he reached the top of the Architectural career.

Midweek saw the graduation of Hans Goth, and his good buddy Lucas Burb (who moved back to the Burb home).

Hans got himself a very gothy makeover which he loved, by the way. :D

He wasted no time in asking Ivy Copur to move in. (They were engaged in college if you remember).

Hans is a Family sim with a LTW to graduate 3 kids from college. Ivy is a Knowledge sim with a LTW to max her skills. She's currently a Restauranteur and brought 19k with her to the Goth home.

Ivy too got a makeover and loved it.

Meanwhile Campbell was falling for Eliza Broke.

and Samantha had a wish for a date...

She called up Lucas Burb, who she had a 3 bolt attraction to...

During the date Samantha had a wish to become engaged to Lucas, and then to marry him!

So I rushed them back to Samantha's from their date and bought a wedding arch! Samantha got her wish fulfilled, and so did her parents' who'd wished to see a marriage! I think they thought it would be Hans! As did I, truly.

I moved the happy couple to a place of their own where they will join us in round 7!

Cassandra retired this round, she never wished for it but I hoped she might roll something new.

Both she and Nicholas re-rolled wishes for a marriage, and so Hans and Ivy got hitched.

Here they are, man and wife.

Ivy reached the top of Culinary and Hans got a nice promotion. I forget now which career I put him in... looks like Journalism from the outfit. :)

Campbell threw himself a birthday party and became an adult.

Whilst Ivy and Hans, after many attempts, are going to have a baby!


Cassandra, had wishes to see a relative engaged/married. Woohoo in bed, play with someone, entertain, appreciate, rinse and repeat.

Nicholas- got top of career, also wished to see relative engaged/married, be best friends with Lucy Burb, swim, sew a project.

Samantha- her week came totally out of the blue! She went from date loving romance teen to adult date/get engaged/married.  I expect the Family part of her wanted the marriage. We'll see how that turns out. :)

Campbell- wishes to train Grizzle, play with train set, date, tell inside jokes, skill.

Hans- Wanted to find a job, get a skill, sew a project, talk and play with sims.

Ivy- Initial wishes were to get fit, talk, get skill and invite someone over. She's had lots of skill wishes as I've been skilling her up.

A great week at the Goth's!



  1. Wow. Not one but two marriages. The Goth's are growing and expanding. Nice.

  2. That was a busy week! Nothing like Romance plus Family to keep a sim in bed! LOVE the gothy makeovers. And yeah, you get a 3-bolt and what can ya do?

  3. Love the makeovers and WOW to Samantha and her crazy wishes. I guess the romance part of wanted the love of guys, and the family part of her wanted to limit it to one. Guess we'll see how that works. The family is doing great.

  4. I love Ivy's makeover! What is that, eye makeup or face paint? She and Hans are a nice looking couple. :) Samantha and Lucas Burb! :) Nice to intermarry the families, helps to keep the population in the hood down. Another nice looking couple. And fast too, as soon as she grew up. Don't worry Campbell, your time is coming!

  5. Ivy's eye makeup is from the fab HappyMoonBelly over when she created for Parsimonious. I love it, it works nicely on some face shapes. It's actually under eyeliner I think. :)
    Yes I figured that with the intermarrying, need to keep the population down. :)