Friday, 5 October 2012

Broke- Round 6- House 4

Welcome back to the Broke house where in residence are,
Brandi (elder) her hubby Remington (former maid) and daughter Eliza, as well as dogs, Maxx & Abbey, Harriett and Benny.

Eliza's first wish was to play with/give love to Benny. She also wished to entertain Ripley, be bf's with Opal and sneak out or go out with someone.

Remington finally rolled a wish to get a job, he wanted either Medicine or Architecture, and found Medicine.

Brandi wished to tell an inside joke and play with Nina (pictured), and to play with Benny and get a grandchild.

ooh look, Remington got taken by aliens again. I wonder if he'll get pregnant this time around? I have no chimes for pregnancy so it'll be a surprise!

Benny grew up, another Rough Collie! Ah well, good job I like them. :)

Brandi commands them to try for puppies and has a little snigger at the action.

She starts training Benny in some skills.
Sometimes she just stays outside for too long!
Remington did get pregnant from that abduction! But look, there's another former maid who's pregnant- it's Kaylynn! Guess we'll have to wait for round 7 to see how things work out for her.
The time has come to say farewell to Maxx, he was 34 days old and had sired 12 puppies. Bye Maxx.
Brandi got a wish fulfilled when Harriett presented her with a new puppy.

Once again Brandi resorted to hot chocolate to warm herself up.

While Popularity sim Eliza enjoyed making friends, she also enjoyed spending time in the greenhouse where she soon got a Gold badge in gardening.

She got invited on an outing downtown and went and relaxed a bit with old and new friends.

Remington was out back one night when Maxx's ghost appeared- looks like fireworks for Harriett and Benny!

Can you believe it? Remington had twin aliens!  Yay, a first for me. :)
Boys Jules and Verne. ;)  The Kitchen will double up as a nursery until they are kids.

After all that hard labour, Remington wished for a kiss.

It was time for Abbey to say goodbye on her 32nd birthday. She'd had 12 puppies with Maxx.  Her 12th had been adopted out just a day or so before.

As usual when that happened, Brandi rushed out crying at her decision to let her newly grown dog go. :)

Brandi's working life is over, she has served Pleasantview well as co-Captain Hero. Time to retire and relax a bit and perhaps achieve her LTW of raising 20 puppies!

In the meantime there are twin toddlers to cope with and train up! :)
Brandi- wanted to praise and train and command the dogs- a lot. Also to play with/tell joke/appreciate Nina and to play catch. So far Brandi has not only raised Maxx & Abbey's 12 puppies to adulthood but Maxx and Benny too- her total is 14 at the moment. Hope she lives long enough to see the last 6! There are two puppies in the house at the moment, Raya & Jana.
Remington- He'd literally been at the telescope seconds when he was whisked away- last round he was out there every night for hours- go figure. The twins are cute eh? Can't wait to see how they grow.
Remington was happy fulfilling wishes of,  to talk about hobby, command the dogs, train the toddlers and invite friends over.
Eliza- She snuck out with Mario Caliente, had an outing, earned some skills, met new people and so far has only rolled to go to college once. We'll see if it's there next time.
Twins Jules and Verne- no unusual wishes, currently toddlers. :)


  1. hahahah! Love the play on the names for the Twins. Jules Verne...famous sci-fi author! :-) Look at the pregnant maids. heh. Sometimes it only takes the blink of an eye, and one can be sucked up into the spaceship. :) Poor Brandi. She gets attached to her pets. Her daughter Eliza seems happy!

  2. Those twins are cute, it will be fun to see them grow up. :) Your "Broke" house turned out so different then Wen's, it's fun to see how another reality works.