Friday, 5 October 2012

Caliente-Nina- Round 6- House 3a

In residence and initial wish,

Nina- Swim, work out, meet someone new and play with Dina.

Nina finds solace from her cumbersome baby bump whilst floating in the pool...

With these wishes I'm sensing that she's concerned about her figure!

Not surprising, given the cravings she had...

hmmm.. what's this?
As Nina had the potion in her inventory I decided the time had come for her to shed immortality, and I knew it would be really hard being a single mother vampire! :D

Still having the wish to play with Dina, she invited her over then did some entertaining for tips while she waited. She's happy to see daylight again!

At the time of her son Rico's birth, Nina (thankfully) didn't fear having a baby.

Nina had a wish to befriend the nanny... and usually that means they do actually pick the baby up now and then.  She was voodooed into friendship, heh.

Her ulterior motive of having a nanny is of course so she can still enjoy her active social life! Oh, there's Rico's father... :D

Nina wasn't such a terrible mother, she did spend some time reading with Rico to help fulfill his wishes.

Nina enjoyed a few outings, some fared better than others!
She also became a Hall of Famer, (thanks to George pulling strings at work) this was her initial LTW.
Rico became a child without too much drama,
followed swiftly by his mother becoming an elder!
It's amazing how she looks just like her sister Dina.
What?! Nina wished for new clothes and her old flame Benjamin just happened to be in the store at the time that 'have public woohoo' rolled around!
Nina, daily wishes to meet someone new, have a date, flirt, play with, play for tips, go swimming.
Although Nina got engaged to Abhijeet last round, she has since that time had 15 'affairs' memories. :D
She had 6 dates this week, public woohoo 3 times and 3 outings, one of which was a disaster (the one at Crypt O' Nightclub). 
This lady will never settle down.
Rico, usual toddler wishes, just became a child.



  1. Nina is such a pleasure to read about. I am glad she had Rico. Hahaha Rico's dad is the same guy Nina initially became engaged to in my hood...but *sigh* she never had another thought about him. I have decided that all romance sims get a 'get engaged' token about halfway thru their lives. Doesn't matter who they are with at the time.

  2. Nina is quite a character. I like her though, and Rico is a cutie.