Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dreamer- Round 6- House 5

Welcome back to the Dreamer house!

In residence are Darren (elder), Dirk & Lilith and their kids Lily, Dean & Lyka as well as dogs Jacques and Gumbo.

When we left last time Dean had just become a child and this time Dirk's first wish was to get him into private school. 
I'm always thrilled if someone rolls it, and so he and his older sis Lily got in.

The next day saw little Lyka become a toddler and everyone else is dancing the hula.
Lilith got in the zone in college (I checked her memories) but she appears to have lost her zone 'glow', which caused me to think she didn't get it. Everyday she wishes to smustle/hula/slap dance, then dance with someone. Heh. She loves to dance eh?

Later that day Lily became a teen. She rolled..... FAMILY!  That's a nice change, her LTW is to become Captain Hero. She must've heard there's an opening now that Cassandra Goth and Brandi Broke retired. :D

Sadly little Gumbo passed away. He was an elder dog when Darren adopted him last time, and hopefully he had a happy short life here. His ghost has since been seen digging away in the garden.

Dirk's wishes revolve around his hobbies which are tinkering and arts & crafts. He likes to blog about both. He got himself a chance card at work which gained him his second LTW of earning 100K.

Here he's introducing little Daley to the family. Dirk, Darren and one or two of the kids had wants for a kitten, and so they adopted.

Darren was also happy that his daughter Ripley was back in Pleasantview after graduation. She came by to visit her ol' dad.

Which was just as well because later that day Darren drank his farewell cocktail. He was 79 days old and left inheritance to 13 people.
Bye Darren, you always were one of my fav's.

Ripley was still here when the inheirtance kicked in for all. Her and Dirk are close and she's getting to know his new family.

Losing his dear old dad hit Dirk rather hard.
Lyka too was sad but everyone put in extra effort with her to get her mood good enough to grow up well.
Lily teaches her kid bro' and sis how to dance.
While Lilith always wants to win dancing competitions at her hobby lot, she also enjoys taking the family to the fitness lot, where she enjoys showing off.
Dean and Lyka wanted to earn a skill and so they had some fun on the military course. Heh, I love this thing.

No round here would be the same without a broken bot disaster. Good job these sims have high mechanical skills!
Lily reached the top of her teen career. At present she has no wish for college although it's rolled a few times. Both Lilith and Dirk have wanted her to get scholarships, so she has a couple just incase college rolls up again.
Being a Family sim though, her main wish was to fall in love. This was made easier by her using the Wishing well she'd been granted upon acceptance to the Garden Club.
Lily enjoys fishing but never shows wants for gardening like her grandad Darren.
Dean does though, although a Fitness hobby orientated sim, he always spins wishes to plant seeds and so he's taken over the garden from Darren and is already a silver talent.
Little Jacques became an elder dog this round and immediately Dirk and Lilith rolled for him to retire.  I guess he can enjoy his elder years at home now.
Autumn is upon the lot and so our Dreamer's are skilling up as much as possible when they have the wishes.
Looks like Lilith has thrown yet another successful party! But what's the occasion?
Dirk became an elder! Wow- that just seems so weird!
and young Dean turned teen.
This young man rolled FORTUNE, and like his grandfather wishes to become a Game Designer.
Darren- daily wishes to plant seed/catch bugs/butterflies/fireflies/birdwatch and go hiking as well as to fish and then to blog about it all. (Darren filled up the fridge and juicer very nicely with all his produce before he died). Loved his pets and often rolled for a new one.
He'd got Gold badges in Fishing and Gardening as well as being in the zone in Nature. He didn't quite have full influence before he died but did reach his LTAA (Lifetime Aspiration Achievement).
Dirk- Wished to get Dean in private school initially, as well as blogging about tinkering and arts and crafts and talking about his hobbies. Dirk also enjoyed dancing with someone on a daily basis. Wanted a kitten, wanted Jacques to retire. He still had odd wishes to command and praise Jacques too as well as having Lily get a scholarship.
Lilith- The musical gal wished to smustle/hula/slap and dance with someone, then blog about it all, and then start again by talking about it. She also had wishes for a kitten and for Lily to get scholarships. Liked meeting new people too.
Lily- As a teen wanted to meet someone new and fall in love, have first kiss as well as learning cooking and cleaning skills. She often wants to play the bass.
Dean- Daily wishes to get A+, make a friend and skill as well as planting a seed and fishing. He also rolls to play marco polo as well as commanding and praising Jacques. Often wishes for a new pet.
Lyka- Quite often autonomously goes to the pond to fish, as such has a Bronze badge already. She likes to skill, play with/entertain other sims and enjoys playing with the new kitten Daley.


  1. Wow and old Dirk! I have never seen that. hehehe! He grows to elder the same play that his dad dies. Nice that Ripley came home to see him before then. Lily is a beauty..tropical looking.

  2. Aaaw, sorry to see Darren gone; I've always liked the Dreamers very much, too. In my game, Darren is still alive and kicking, and Dirk has a half-Alien daughter but no love interest; Darren married Cleo Shikibu.

  3. Bye bye Darren. I always liked him too. Crazy to see Dirk old, something I've never seen in my own games yet. I really like Lily, she's very beautiful.

    1. Thanks ciyrose! When Lily became a teen I couldn't believe how much she looks just like a beautiful co-worker of mine, :) It's funny how some Sims resemble people you know isn't it?!

    2. Oh it is very funny when they remind us of people we know. :)