Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Oldie/Hanby- Round 6- House 7

Before we begin the Oldie/Hanby house, let's just do a very quick Uni update...

In his last semester before Graduation, Harry (son of Herb & maid Lucy Hanby) got in the zone in his one true hobby, Fitness, and got engaged to Christy Stratton.

His (adopted) brother Alvin fell in love with Melanie, who he met at the Secret Society...

and after getting lots of skills he threw himself a great graduation party. Both boys graduated Summa Cum Laude.

While his brother Harry moved back home to the Bakery, Alvin moved in with his former college buddies Ripley Dreamer and Sophie Miguel. We'll join them at the end of the round.

Here are Lucy and Christy ready for a good day's work in the bakery. If you remember last time they were at rank 9. 

After a day and a half of trading, Lucy got her rank 10 home business! 
Lucy never really was into it much, preferring to wish for parties and fun, but it gave her the means to make more money than she would need and so being as I'd just played for a short time, I decided it was time....

to move Herb & Coral's gravestones to the local cemetery, and for Lucy to shut the business down...

and move with Harry and Christy to a new home!
Christy (family sim) and Harry both had wants to get married, and Lucy loves parties so here they go!
Mr & Mrs Harry Hanby.
 (Yikes at Harry's features!).
The party lovers enjoyed using their influence, as well as strengthening a few old friendships.
Lucy can relax now and make more friends and have some more wild parties. She's earned it.
Can you believe they saved themselves for their wedding night?!
Both Harry and Christy had wishes for a vacation and so they offed themselves to Twikkii Island.
They got to the Witch Doctor's house just in time before he offed himself!
They had a great time even though Harry got sunburn, several days in a row!
Using their holiday bonuses to good effect, Christy started a garden,
While Harry became a potter!
Harry got Gold in just a day, owing to his maxed creativity (in fact all skills for him). Christy doesn't have great skills yet but she's at Silver in her garden now.

Both Harry and Christy found jobs and Lucy threw herself a birthday party! She's forever young at heart though.

Harry's LTW is to become The Law, but that didn't come up and so he went into, and quickly reached the top of Natural Science, thanks to his degree.

Christy went into the Business field, came home with a promotion and a pregnancy!

and very late into Saturday night, she gave birth to twin girls! Hayley and Sally.

Lucy is a happy grandma, but is happier when she's out on the town with her friends!

Since his holiday Harry has wanted to master the fire dance, but usually sets fire to himself more often than not- heh. He's getting there, and it gives anyone watching a good laugh.


Lucy- Lucy gained her rank 10 business, also reached her Lifetime Achievement Aspiration. She had gained Gold badges in Sales and Register- both of which were the only business related wants she ever had. Learned Couples Counselling.

She wished to talk about her hobby, meet someone new, make friends, have parties, serve food. She had 2 outings this week.

Harry- Harry first became an Ecological Guru, and then went into the Athletic field where he reached the top after 2 shifts.
His wishes included, getting promotions, earning money, go jogging, buy stuff, get silver/gold in pottery.  He really wanted to marry a rich sim but as Christy was already a household member that didn't count. He also reached his LTAA.

Christy- Christy wanted to get married, throw a wedding party, go hiking, birdwatch, buy tent, catch bugs, have a baby (or two). :) Christy had gained Gold badges in Sales and Restocking.

Twins Hayley and Sally- still babies!


  1. I'm with you EEK look at Harry's features? That came out of Lucy Hanby??? Ah well, love is blind!!! Yay for twinsies!!! I like playing Christy. She is fun. The fire dance? LOLOL Well looks like Lucy isn't letting old age slow her down any. :)

    1. Yes, poor Harry. I think he must have got his genes from Herb- I remember Lucy Hanby married my legacy founder way back when and their daughter was gorgeous, so it must be Herb... heh. :)

  2. Yay for twins! I hope they take more after their mother. :D A good round for the family. Lucy is very fun.

    1. haha, wait 'til I blog the next round, :D