Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Pleasant- Round 6- House 6

In residence are,
Angela and Alexander (Goth) Pleasant, their kids Amaya & Adam, and cat Pippy.

Angela's initial wishes revolve around her one true hobby, Nature.
Alexander is a fortune sim, but has wishes for Art & Craft type things. Currently wants to get Gold in Sewing.
Romance teen Amaya wants to have a date, to buy electronic devices and be bff's with Eliza Broke.
Adam is due to have a teen birthday, he wants to get his A+ for the day, make a best friend and play marco polo.

 One of the downsides to a daily hike is that often Angela brings home swarms of bees!

She calms down over a drink while Adam gets his marco polo wish fulfilled.

Alexander can now officially sew anything!
and so he does, just for the sake of it. :)
After a trip to the local shops Amaya has a wish to train Pippy in a command.
She also maxes Logic while chatting with her Uncle Hans- he comes home from work with Alexander every shift.
It's party time for Adam.
It's one heck of a get together.
Finally someone who cheered!  whoop!
Adam rolled ROMANCE- LTW to become a Celebrity Chef.
It pleases Daniel greatly that both kids are Romance orientated, just as he was in his heydey.
Alexander also wants to garden, he soon gets Gold in gardening while Angela is busy at the pond.
Angela got Bronze in fishing. It's odd how sometimes my Sims lose their 'zone glow'.
Adam and Amaya went to the local shops where they scoped around to find possible dates.
They double dated today. Amaya with Mario Caliente and Adam with the store clerk Michelle.
As darkness fell on the teenagers double date, I found Alexander and Angela enjoying a dance in the next room. Maybe they were keeping a quiet eye on things?
The week ends with yet another party. The Family get together Sunday is still going strong. There's John and Lucy Burb strutting their stuff in the background.
What was the occasion you ask?
Angela and Alexander became Elders!  Haha, love how preppy Angela looks- just like I always imagined her to be.
ok, I didn't get many pics this week, but there was lots going on.
Angela- daily wishes were to talk about hobby, go hiking, catch bugs, blog about nature, catch butterflies/fireflies.
She also had wishes this week to meet someone new, plant seed, have party, birdwatch and be friends and then best friends with Hans.
Alexander- daily wishes to talk and blog about hobby, both nature and arts and crafts.
He also got Gold in Sewing and Gardening this week, he got in the Zone in nature too. He had other wishes to meet new people, go fishing, buy a tent, make and eat catfish and to repair the toilet when it broke.
Amaya- Wished to date and meet someone new, make friends. She went out with George, dated Mario and a teen called Abhijeet.  Also had wishes to skill and learned couples counselling.
Adam- Had wishes to skill, date, be bf's with Michelle, play marco polo, be bf's with Eliza. He dated both Eliza and Meadow this week as well as Michelle.
Pippy worked all her commands except 'use toilet', because that's just weird, :D


  1. Wow lots of hobby badges and plaques! Adam and Amaya look like Alexander. :) store clerk Michelle Kearney is fun to play, she played in my first Prosperity...the Falls. Haha look at Alexander and Angela, elders! They can garden and sew their lives away now. LOL @ Pippy's wishes!

  2. Wow, two romancers in this house. That seems funny to me considering who their parents are, but they will be fun. Strange to see Alexander and Angela as elders too.

    1. I've often got Alexander to elder in my various games but never Angela.
      Yes it's a Romance orientated kind of house with grandpa Daniel being the King of the Romancers I guess, :D

  3. UNBELIEVABLE, Lilith avoided Elderhood in 2012, but Angela wasn't so lucky.