Sunday, 4 November 2012

Bruenig- Round 6- House 10

In residence; Marsha and Beau Bruenig and their daughter Brie.

Toddler Brie had a wish to be played with/talked to/snuggled and sung with. Toddlers are so easy to please here in Pleasantview. Beau wished to train her up in her skills and set to work.

Marsha is working her way through another grilled cheese sandwich. She's eating for two now!

Marsha took time out away from her beloved cheese to tell Brie a story.
Later that day Brie grew up. She's highly neat and highly outgoing,
which pretty much means she's never going to be off the phone until she goes to college, if she goes to college.
Sometimes Marsha doesn't have the time to cook and so she just conjures up a grilled cheese sandwich. This drains her energy a lot but is useful when really hungry.
Other wishes apart from eating grilled cheese are to serve it, talk about it, influence someone else to make it and to make a sandwich for someone else.
There are very few people in Pleasantview who will talk the cheese with Marsha. Luckily the chef from Sue's Kitchen is all ears- she was there for Marsha when she ate her way through 200 of the cheesey melts.
Occasionally Marsha spins non-cheesey wishes.
Beau, the creative soul, rolled a wish for a florist bench.
He's also working his way up the Oceanography career and when not doing either of these is all things musical- play violin, dance smustle/hula/slap, dance with someone.
Their son Camembert came into the world, henceforth from this time onward to be known as Cam. :)
Desperate to find someone to talk the cheese with Marsha headed to Haute to Trot shopping centre. She bought jewellery but didn't find anyone who liked cheese.
ugh, why does everyone else in this family hate the cheese?!
Beau bagged himself a promotion and another LTW. He's not due back at work for a while so he'll be looking after the kids.
He and Cam soon made best friends.
and he had fun with Brie before settling down to help her with homework.
Marsha is in the Artist career and only works 2 days a week. She took Brie to the community lot as oddly Brie only had about 3 interests! 2 in Culture and 1 in something else. I thought this might give her some more but no.
Anyhoo, Marsha found that Priya Ramaswami was only too happy to chat the cheese, yay!
She bought a couple of magazines for Brie who now has much more to talk about with people!
Cam became a toddler and although he's got his mother's hair colour I think he looks a lot like his dad. He is 10 neat and highly outgoing.
He was taught all his skills and set about learning some more at the activity table.
Beau found time to get a silver badge in floristry this week.
On Sunday night Cam became a child. I love how the game gave him this colour outfit for daywear. Matches the colour scheme nicely! :)
Marsha found the time to shed a few pounds despite serving up endless portions of the cheese,
A fair few of which were eaten by Brie! :)
Marsha- apart from the daily cheese wishes wanted to take a bubblebath, blog about cuisine, buy clothes and be flirted with. She also sold a restaurant guide or two.
Beau- Daily wishes to dance alone, with someone, play violin and talk about hobby as well as inviting friends over. He reached his Lifetime Achievement Aspiration this week and got another Top of Career.
Brie- Wanted to invite friends over, make friends, best friends. Talk about hobby, do homework, be swung around and have a water balloon fight. She'll be a teen next time.
Cam- Usual toddler wishes, just became a child on Sunday.


  1. OMG now you HAVE to make Brie a Pop Sim...or do you roll for the aspirations? I roll mine, and sometimes the aspirations doesn't quite fit the personality which makes the Sim more of a challenge to play. GCS Sims are so easy to play, love them. Beau likes the florest bench? What a creative individual!

    1. Yes I do roll, like you. Ideally she would be a Pop sim, but we know how that pans out when you're rolling, lol. :)

  2. Brie is a cutie, and wow she does need to be a pop sim. :) Beau sure is very creative in this universe. :)