Sunday, 18 November 2012

Goth(2)- Round 6- House 11

Welcome to the second Goth home, where in residence are Samantha and Lucas (nee Burb) Goth. Samantha is the daughter of Cassandra and Nicholas Goth.

Initial wishes for romance sim Samantha are to fall in love and be bff's with Dustin Broke, yikes. Also to go on holiday and meet someone new.

Lucas too wishes to go on holiday, earn some money, buy some clothes and swim, as well as selling a masterpiece and maxing a skill. Whew, he doesn't want much.

I decided to send them on a belated honeymoon.
They stayed in a nice apartment at Takemizu Village.
They met some interesting locals. Lucas learnt to teleport after wishing it, and Samantha won several games of Mahjong as per her wishes.

Lucas was lucky enough to dig up a treasure chest, it would give them much needed funds for the rest of their trip.

Once home Lucas got started on his LTW to have 6 pets reach the top career level. He adopted Jack, Jill and Smudge.

Samantha wants to be a Rock God. She heard that having 5 souvenirs from the far east in a room helps boost skilling and as she didn't go to Uni (she was too busy having dates as a teen to skill!) was happy for anything to help. Lucas is busy blogging about Nature here- he rolls the wish everyday having maxed his Nature hobby in college.

The spring/summer thunderstoms soon started which upset the dogs a bit.

Smudge, who hadn't been in the house long got really scared and ran off.

Lucas reported him missing but with no collar yet doesn't hold out too much hope of finding him.

Of course there was plenty of Woohoo on the belated honeymoon, what else do romance sims wish for unless to be unfaithful?! It's the only way I could keep Samantha happy.

and all that woohoo led to a pregnancy. Samantha also wanted to plant stuff and that helped her gain a gold badge in gardening fairly quickly.

She also maxed her cooking skill.  I should mention that the dice gave Samantha Family as a secondary aspiration and so her wishes are often conflicting. At present she actually wants to have a baby and all romance wishes have gone out the window with her waistline. ;)

John Burb often calls around to see his son, and of course he's excited about becoming a grandad again.

Lucas put his degree to good use and got a job in Paranormal. You know Fortune sims, they always want the money. Plus the hours suit him with training the dogs and all. He quickly rose to the top and now only has to work 2 shifts a week.

On Thursday, two big events happened,
Smudge came back...

and Samantha had twins! Yikes. Well her brothers' are twins of course.  She had a boy and a girl, Cass and Nova. :D

It's quite hard to see here but Cass got a custom skintone- she's freckly. Weird eh Wen? ;)

Samantha was quite keen to get back to work to be honest. She found the Music career and is getting through it. She had no wishes to cuddle or play with the kids and now she has her figure back is all about meeting someone new/flirting etc.

By the end of the week Jack had reached the top of career- 1 down and 5 to go for Lucas!

The twins had a birthday.
and amongst the other things Lucas rolled one was for a toybench.

Summary;- It was handy that both Sam and Lucas wished for a vacation- I didn't really want Samantha cheating on Lucas- not yet anyway.

Samantha- to plant a seed, catch bugs, meet someone new, flirt, admire and woohoo. She now wants to teach the toddlers and sing to them. Thankfully her wishes to fall in love with Dustin disappeared when on her holiday.

Lucas- Lots of different wishes make Lucas a fun sim to play. He likes training the dogs, he wants them to get promotions and learn new skills. He's shown wishes also to teach the twins skills. Currently wants to get a bronze toy badge as well as having Jack reach the top of his career. He got his Lifetime Aspiration metre filled as well as reaching the top of the Paranormal career.

Twins Cass and Nova- still toddlers. No unusual wishes.


  1. Oh! I had no idea it helps skilling when there are 5 souvenirs from the Far East in a room. Is there really a noticeable effect?
    Interesting to see what Cassandra Goth's daughter looks like. In my game, Cass never had any children, and now she is an elderly lady. She married Cyd Roseland.

    1. I think it's probably more useful if you stack it with a thinking cap and vegetable juice. Hmm, must try that theory. :)
      5 souvenirs from Twikkii enhance Romance interactions, and 5 from 3 Lakes- Non romantic socials are more effective.
      5 seashells on a shelf allegedly makes a sim gain slower bladder decay (these from the guide). oh, and 5 voodoo dolls makes sims think they are being chased by imaginary bees. :D

  2. *Twilight Zone* freckly skin! Well, you and I must have some of the same custom content in the game. It is such fun having a romance/family sim in the game! They get so confused! hahaha! They tend to have lots of babies, too! Smudge oh Smudge, where are you??

  3. The twins certainly seem to take after their Goth side more. :) They are cute though. Is it on a shelf for souvenirs? I thought they was a specific shelf you had to put them on.

    1. Yes it's the souvenir shelf that came with Bon Voyage. :)

    2. Ah yes, that's right! I thought I remembered that from somewhere. :)