Sunday, 18 November 2012

Miguel- Round 6- House 12

Welcome to the final house of round 6!  It's the Miguel house. Residing here are Sophie Miguel, Ripley Dreamer and Alvin Hanby, all fresh from college.

Sophie wants to flirt and tell an inside joke to Harry Oldie-Hanby, don't think her lover Ripley will like that. She also wants to hustle pool, get a job in Athletic (which incidentally is her LTW- to reach the top of that career) and to win a fight with Nathan Gavigan. Oh dear.

Ripley here wants to earn cash, and lots of it. Go swimming and generally chat up Samantha Goth.

Alvin wishes to hustle pool, have a party, chit chat with Marsha Bruenig and have his first woohoo. He's a late starter.

So Alvin threw, and had a great party (he woohooed with his college sweetheart Melanie Gregory). But Nathan didn't look like he had fun...

Ah, Sophie had thrown her drink over him. But still they are not enemies!

For several days after Ripley would summon him using her magic powers and Sophie could slap and push him around but still no option to fight and Nathan didn't stick around all that long to be honest. (Can't imagine why).
Family Sim Alvin wanted to prank Melanie, then appreciate, tell joke, yadda yadda. Eventually he rolled the want to kissy kissy, propose engagement etc. Yay.  She moved in later that day with 4K.
By next morning both Alvin and his Family orientated fiancee Melanie wanted to get married so had a party.
As the wedding arch was readily available and the house full of guests,
Sophie and Ripley joined union as well!  Ripley became a Miguel and Alvin became a Gregory- to save any confusion later down the line.
All four sims wished for a holiday and so off they went to 3 Lakes.
 Ripley fulfilled more than one sim's wish when she conjured her servant- the campsite was becoming a right mess. :D
Poor Melanie got conned by a conman.
Ripley got hugged by a big hairy man.
and Sophie is quite the axe man. :D Bet Nathan is glad he's not here.
They had fun telling scary stories around the campfire.
Back home and Ripley got her first Gold Badge.
Sophie got a magic lamp.
and Melanie got pregnant.
Melanie wants to reach the top of the Education career for her LTW. She found the job and starts after the baby is born.  Alvin took a job in Education after a friend Networked with him and got him in at a higher level than normal.
Ripley wanted to be a City Planner, but settled for the Dance career until she finds Architecture. She reached the top quickly.
As did Sophie in the Athletic career.
They decided to go and celebrate downtown.
It was a great outing except for the unfortunate incident whereby one of their Uni buddies got turned into a vampire when no-one was looking. (She's the third in this hood to be changed autonomously- Mary Gavigan was the second after Nina Caliente). This guys likes the girls' blood, heh.
On Sunday night little blond haired/blue eyed Damian makes an appearance!
Yeah, it's quite difficult to fulfill wishes when there are 6 slots! I gave it my best shot but didn't succeed everyday.
Sophie- is still waiting to kick Nathan's butt- they are enemies now. I have no idea what started the whole thing. Sophie wanted to reach top of career, earn cash, get skills for promotions as well as buying stuff. She maxed her skills and got a Silver Pottery badge.
Ripley- Having maxed her skills forever and a day ago, she's working her wishes through the bookcase of Philosophy, Anger Management etc. She spent a lot of time fishing this week as well as crafting ingredients for her spells.
Alvin- He wanted to get engaged and married- actually at one point I recall he wanted to marry both Melanie and Sophie, lol. He's been in the zone for music for some time and always spins wishes to play his violin. He maxed his skills and rolled Grilled Cheese for a secondary aspiration.
Melanie- Wished for cooking and cleaning skills, to get a job, to have a baby.
Since I had them all fish at 3 lakes they all have spun up the nature type wishes frequently. They all get chased by bees- a lot.
Damian- still a bambino. :)
Scores and stats for the end of Round 6 in Pleasantview...

End of Round 6- Thanks for sticking with it.  See you after a round of Veronaville.


  1. Wow what a wild ride on this lot. Lots of action! Sophie Miguel, that is one Sim I have never played. Yes, it is hard, hard, hard to keep up five wishes with so many Sims on a lot, the best you can do is do what you did, give it your best shot. It makes for some interesting play, eh?

  2. Lots going on this round. I'm learning about how hard it can be with lots of sims, and lots of wishes to fulfill too, but it's fun to try. :) So interesting how everything works out.