Sunday, 4 November 2012

Terrano- Round 6- House 9

In residence; Stella & Dustin, their son Blade and Dustin's plantsim son, Leaf.

It was time for the Terrano's to move onward and upward! Their little starter home was getting a bit cramped.

Plantsim Leaf really needed a place with a good source of water, not just for drinking but for having fun!

As Blade returned from school Leaf introduced a newly adopted kitty, Kim to the family. Leaf had a wish for a pet and adopting Kim worked to fulfil the wish.

Dustin wished to eat spaghetti and Stella wished to serve food, so that worked out nicely for their supper.
Dustin is working his way up another career ladder while Stella is looking to reach the top of Education.

Dustin, Stella and Leaf all want to throw parties, so a housewarming party seemed in order!

It was going well until Hans Goth kicked Dina Caliente's butt! (Again!- I've still no idea what started this).

Thankfully it didn't ruin Leaf's party score!  He needed the boost to get a promotion- he's working his way to becoming a Rock God, just like his dad did once.
It wasn't long before he was playing on his Rock Hammer.
Leaf hangs out with his dad at night sometimes and when everyone is alseep trains up Kim under his special sun lamps.
He always wants to meet someone new and Troy here set him up on a blind date.
Which went rather well. A 3 bolt attraction with college student Nancy.
Sadly Leaf did not roll up wishes to get engaged.
Dustin completed yet another LTW when he reached Top of career, and Stella got a nice boost of points when she became the head honcho at school.
Dustin found Showbiz and is awaiting his first shift next week.
It's party time again and Blade is about to become a teen.
He rolled Knowledge and has a LTW to become a Mad Scientist.
He rolled the usual initial wishes to buy a cellphone/game etc so Dustin and he headed to the local store to get stocked up. They also both made several new friends whilst there.
Leaf got a nice hit for having 5 best friends. That number should triple fairly quickly next time as he's met so many people this week.
When Saturday arrived Stella taught Leaf some Tai Chi while Blade got on with his skilling, it's Autumn now too, which is handy and using homemade vegetable juice as well helps Blade fly through his skills.
On Sunday it's birthday time for Dustin! Hmm, he's concentrating hard on his wish... I think he's wishing not to transform into a stupid outfit...
Stella's turn and double lol.
 That's better.
Just as the party was in its last moments Leaf came home with a promotion and had time for a little celebration too!
Stella- Reached top of Education, planted and harvested many new crops. Daily wishes to blog about nature, go hiking, birdwatch, catch bugs. She also wished to make juice, juggle, serve food, meet someone new and throw party. Still has not maxed nature! No idea why.
Dustin- Got another LTW, will go to work as a Blockbuster Director next time.
Daily wishes to blog about nature, plant seed, talk about hobby, earn cash. He also wished to play with Blade, make friends, best friends and have parties.
Leaf- Daily wishes to meet someone new, make friends, best friends and bff's. Wanted a pet, to get promotions and to swim. During parties had wishes to influence as well as wanting to dance with others.
Blade- Remainder of his childhood wishes were doing homework, making friends, talking about hobby and playing marco polo (which he did every day before school with Leaf).
As a teen lots of skill wishes, and his weekend was spent skilling. At the com lot he hustled pool, met someone new, bought new clothes and ate out with Dustin.  He wants to go to college of course. Both Dustin and Stella wanted him to get scholarships and so he has quite a few. He has one skill left to get to max out.
A fun week in the new house.


  1. Wow full of such accomplishments! TOC for everyone all around, Leaf getting all those friends then the birthdays! Wow!!!! Great round, funny to see Dustin as an elder. You are so far ahead of me. :) I don't get as much time to play as I want to.

  2. Hello, I am your latest follower :-) I play my own megahood with all Maxis-made families in them; have been playing that one since 2008 and of course quite a few Sims have aged up, were born, have died etc. since then. But Dustin Broke is still an adult in my game, so it was very interesting for me to see what he is like as an elderly Sim!
    Will check out the other families I know so well.
    You are of course welcome to have a look at my blogs; one is a general blog and the other one is dedicated to my Sims2 neighbourhood.

  3. Wow....lots of positives for the family this week. Way to go everyone.