Saturday, 26 January 2013

Broke- Round 7- House 4

Welcome back to the Broke household.

Brandi lives here with her husband Remington, their daughter Eliza and Remington's alien twin sons Jules & Verne.

Initial wishes fulfilled- Brandi- praise Harriett the dog. Remington- max mechanical skill. Eliza- go to college. Jules & Verne- be played with/talked to/snuggled.  

Eliza still had the wish to go to college and so I decided to send her on the first day after she'd applied for scholarships.

She soon settled into her dorm and threw a dorm warming party. Her mum's old best friend Goopy (now her best friend as well) was guest of honour. Eliza actually has 2 bolts for the Goopy one. Takes all sorts.

Brandi is trying to raise 20 puppies and her latest puppy grew up and was sent for adoption so Harriett and Benny are trying for more puppies.

Remington had a wish to buy new clothes- he was about to transition into an elder.

Jules & Verne became kids and everyone got a new summer outfit.

The boys and Remington had wishes to fish, and so they all enjoyed an outing at the park. (I must get into the park and lower the edges of the pond- they wasted so much time saying 'I can't cast from here' it drove me mad). They are all on different sides of the pond but they all caught the fish they wanted. :D

Remington is a romantic old guy. :)
Brandi's wishes revolved around the dogs. She loves commanding them to do tricks when she's not planting seeds or blogging.
She also wanted to buy a tent and then of course woohoo in the tent. Remington dragged himself away from stargazing to help her out. :)
The highly outgoing twins brought the Goth twins home and I thought it was cool that all 4 sims wanted the water balloon fight. It must be summer, :)
Brandi also wished have friends over, and enjoyed catching up on the gossip with Cassandra Goth when she came to collect her grandkids.
She also had the Caliente's over for dinner. Brandi is still good friends with Dina.
Brandi served up a baked alaska while Magnus was outside stealing her gnome! All sims stopped what they were doing to yell at him- too funny.
Brandi stole the gnome back later that night. ;)
Remington reached the top of the Medicine career and got a nice chance card a day or so later to boost his funds.
Even though there were only 3 dogs in the house Benny & Harriett just had one puppy who grew up and got adopted out.
Here's something I've not seen, the doggie ghost of Abbey having a bath. :D
At the weekend Remington used his higher skills in creativity and mechanical to help train Jules & Verne.
Jules & Verne are outgoing, playful and nice. Jules is sloppy and active but Verne is a neat freak and lazy. Go figure.
They both enjoy inviting sims over and being outdoors, fishing or gardening. Verne likes a boogie while Jules enjoys building blocks.
Brandi has been keeping up her friendships, especially now summer is here and she gets an extra boost talking to them.
As the week drew to a close, Benny & Harriett again only produced one puppy and so after having them try for more Brandi phoned and adopted little Suzi from the pool. Typically she has 4 days until she is an adult dog. I just hope Brandi lives a long life. If my calculations are correct, Suzi and newly born Jinn are puppies 17 & 18, so Brandi needs to live long enough to see 2 more raised after they grow up.
When we leave the house in the early hours of Monday morning Brandi is 74 days old. Will she live long enough to fulfill this most lengthy of lifetime wants?
Jules & Verne will become teenagers next round, I wonder what life has in store for them?
A great week for the Broke's. It flew by with Brandi's wishes revolving around her pets (praising, commanding and training them), gardening (she's a Silver at the moment), as well as inviting sims over and befriending/bff'ing them. She also wished to blog, buy a tent and woohoo.
Remington finished his mechanical skill to get his promotion he wanted. He had a few buy me wishes but mostly his wishes were also about the dogs- seeing them get promotions, training and praising them. He loves to fish and stargaze. He blogs about his hobby Science too.
Jules & Verne- Verne learnt Lifelong Happiness, went fishing, praised and commanded the dogs. He had wishes to have a water balloon fight, make friends and best friends with the sims he brought home. He loves to clean and is the household maid, lol.
Jules is happy to let his brother do the cleaning stuff so he can plant seeds and play with the dogs when he's not skilling. He likes to have water balloon fights and make friends too. The twins love the water wiggler as you see!
I really hope Brandi can get her LTW next time without Elixir- we will see. I don't know why the dogs only produced single puppies this time. I wonder if having Maxx & Abbey's graves in the garden has anything to do with it? Only 2 puppies were born this week, the 3rd adopted from the pound.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Nina Caliente- Round 7- House 3b

Welcome back to Nina's house where she lives with her son, Rico- the product of one of her many affairs.

Nina's initial wishes were to tell an inside joke to Dina, play with Dina, talk to family member, have a pillow fight and soak in the hot tub. So Dina came over and 4 wishes were quickly fulfilled.

Nina & Rico are good pals.
How many kids are allowed their own oven in their bedrooms? 
Hey, I said Nina and he were pals, I didn't say she was a good mother. :D
Rico's initial wishes were to get a skill, jump rope (two in one- heh), tell an inside joke. Then he bought Wednesday Goth home from school and wanted to play with/talk to and be friends with her as well as get homework help.
The next day Nina had a wish to be friends with Campbell Goth, and what better way than to have a date?  She timed it wrong and Rico hadn't quite got on the school bus and was very upset to see his mother cheating on the father he hasn't yet met.
Nina's date was going really well and she told Campbell she'd help Rico out with his homework and he'd soon forgive her.
Another bad timing moment when Nina forgot that Amin, her maid and former lover arrived at this time. She quickly ended her dream date with Campbell before it came to blows and sent him on his way.
Which left her free to voodoo Amin into forgiveness.
So she had to go the extra mile.
 It was her wish. :)
oh gawd! Nina lost track of the time.
As a way of making it up to Rico, Nina allowed him to have the puppy he had desired.
Meet Jake- he and Rico are going to be great buddies.
Nina was invited on an outing and chose to try on some swimwear, does her bum look big in this?
former lover Cyd Roseland didn't think so and Nina got a wish fulfilled, and had a great outing.
After the outing ended Nina stuck around and met another new friend in a college Professor. They have 3 bolts but he left before she had chance to become too friendly. Another one on her list though. Although she reached 2 LTW's already (of careers), Nina's 3rd is to have 50 dream dates, and with all the people she knew/knows it shouldn't be too difficult.
Highly outgoing Rico bought another friend home from school, this is Juan Lothario and they soon became good pals. It's hard to see in this pic but in the background on Nina's bedroom wall is a photobooth pic of her and Juan's dad Don from back in the day. Well you never forget your first love do you? :D
Nina took some time with Rico to 'double train' him on the career rewards she'd gained. The Hydroponic Garden is out of shot but Rico soon got to level 8 in both body and creativity using this method. He loves to skill, like most kids.
Everyone in Pleasantview finds Nina to be attractive, even her driver. lol.
Nina of course wishes for woohoo on a daily basis, be it in the hot tub or bed and Amin here is a willing participant after he's done his chores.
Little Jake grew up and Rico found him a job in Service and started to train him in the skills he needs. He is the master of Jake now.
Nina got a nice gift after her second outing of the week.
Rico made another best friend this week, that's 4 or 5 now.
On the last day of the week Rico became a teenager and rolled Popularity. Yay, I love it when the dice gives me something that is suited to a Sim's personality! We'll find out next time what his LTW is. His initial wishes upon growing up are to go to college, buy a cell phone/game/mp3 player.
A great week at Nina's place. Her wishes were to smustle, date, meet someone new, pillow fight, juggle, play with/talk to sims and tell inside jokes. She wanted woohoo daily, in bed/hot tub, she wanted a good reputation, to soak in the hot tub and to buy a holiday home as well as selling a masterpiece. (yeah, that was an odd request). All done. She had 2 other dates this week and has made a few new friends for next time.
Rico was a nice kid to play. He did get very upset with Nina when he found her cheating and so I had to time things well for her dates.
His wishes were to make friends/best friends. He did so with twins Wednesday & Fuller Goth and Juan Lothario. He also made a bf with Lily Dreamer who was already a friend.  He wanted the puppy, then to praise and command him. He liked playing marco polo after school, and he wished for a pool slide as well as skills/jumping rope and getting homework help, eating pancakes and getting an A+.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Dina Caliente-Round 7- House 3a.

Welcome back to Dina's household. Here she is enjoying her elder years and wanting to sell a masterpiece.

Her husband Magnus was the former Mr Big of the 'hood. Yep- he loves to preen.

Here are their kids, oldest son Vito came home last time after graduating college. The twins Arianna & Mario are teens and still undecided about college being that Arianna is Family and Mario is Romance.

On Tuesday before school the teens were watching the cooking channel when a fire broke out...

As the other household members were busy there was no-one to save them from the flames.

When Dina & Magnus got to the scene their twins had perished in the fire. Dina got down on her knees and begged the Reaper to give them a second chance.

She pleaded for and saved Mario's life.

But Death was not as generous on her attempt to save Arianna.
Poor Dina.
The whole house was shaken by the tragedy. Vito threw himself into finishing his final skill to max them out.
Then he wished for a date with his college sweetheart Monica Bratford. During the date they got engaged and Vito rolled a wish to get married.
So I headed to college to play Monica through college before she graduated and moved in with Vito.
Upon moving in Monica had a wish for a pet, as did Mario and so two cats joined the family, Darcy and Liza. Midnight the cat is still here, older now and retired after having reached the top of all 3 pet careers.
Vito wished to visit the Far East and so he, Monica and Mario went off leaving Dina & Magnus behind looking after the cats.
Monica got a nice little windfall from a wish.
See what she wished for?! They decided to just go ahead and get married so the holiday became a honeymoon.
Funny how even as far away as the Far East the Locals seem to know all about Mary Gavigan having become a vampire forever and a day ago.
Monica was the only one of the party worthy enough to learn the secret art of teleportation.
Back in the home 'hood and Vito can't wait to show off his new bride to the neighbours. Sophie Miguel is thinking rather too much of Monica!
Having Knowledge as a secondary aspiration means Mario wants to skill a lot. He seems to roll a college wish every time he gets a skill, and then it rolls away. I am undecided until he decides but for now he's using his vacation benefits to get some skills and scholarships. He's also has a silver toymaker badge.
Monica is all about Nature and has a Gold badge in Gardening, she wants a Gold in Fishing too and got in the zone just before the pond froze over for Winter. Her fishing badge will have to wait.
Vito is training Darcy up for the promotion that he, Dina and Magnus want to see Darcy get. Darcy and Liza had 2 kittens, Bingley and Jane. (Guess what I was watching?). :D
Winter seems to be the time for giving and receiving. Dina wished to gift Vito (which was good as I could empty her inventory into his- her days are numbered now). Then Vito immediately rolled to give a gift back. heh.
Vito got a bit frozen when swimming. Well, it is winter! He also wanted a tent and to woohoo in said tent. This also contributed to his cadaverous appearance although you'd think a bit of woohoo would warm you up eh?
Magnus is still trying to get in the zone in Science. He's 9 now so hopefully will get his plaque next time!
Although Monica & Vito have been enjoying their honeymoon phase there are no baby signs. Maybe they will be the Pleasantview 'Regan & Cornwall'?!
Monica did wish to buy a holiday home and so purchased a log cabin in Three Lakes which she now wants to visit.
As the family relax on their last day (Mario is off playing with the cats) we'll catch up with them next time.
Dina-  mainly wanted to sell a masterpiece this week. It took her about 5 paintings before she did it. She also wished to talk and blog about Arts & Crafts. Her other wishes were to woohoo, get a skill, plant a seed, call a sim and praise the cats as well as seeing them get promoted.
Magnus- He's a Fortune sim but trained for pleasure, often found watching tv or soaking in the hot tub. He likes to play games, meet someone new, hustle pool, stargaze, train and command the cats and see them promoted, He learnt Couples Counselling this week.
Vito- He's Knowledge but secondary fortune and all I saw were 'buy me, buy me!' wishes after he'd maxed that last skill. Taking him and Monica on dates shook his wishes up a bit. He did wish for the vacation and marriage though. He was completely hopeless at the Ninja's questions and got them wrong every time he tried.
 He also has a wish to improve his Fishing badge. I think he'd be a great dad but so far nothing. I wonder if the cats are preventing this? There are 5 sims and 5 cats in the house at the moment. I shall send the kittens to be adopted next time.
Mario- No Romance for Mario this week, he chatted up a few girls on holiday but once home really just wanted to skill and meet new people. He has most scholarships now and with 3 days until adult he may or may not roll the college wish again.
Monica- Wanted to fish, plant seeds and get in the zone in Nature. She learnt Anger Management this week and bought a holiday home. She maxed her skills in college as well as joining the Secret Society there and becoming Big Sim on Campus. She graduated with a 4.0 in Physics and her LTW was to become a Mad Scientist which she did after finding the job quickly and getting in at level 9 thanks to her degree.
The fire- Aww, poor Arianna. When Grimmie arrived I had Dina race downstairs to plead for the twins. She wasn't given the option who to choose (I assume Mario died just after Arianna and so he was first to be saved). Grimmie wasn't having any of it the second time though and Dina lost the game and Arianna lost her life. Haven't seen her ghost yet.
The ironic part of the whole 'fire incident' was that the kids were watching the cooking channel and as they were on 'fire' so was the show on tv.