Saturday, 26 January 2013

Broke- Round 7- House 4

Welcome back to the Broke household.

Brandi lives here with her husband Remington, their daughter Eliza and Remington's alien twin sons Jules & Verne.

Initial wishes fulfilled- Brandi- praise Harriett the dog. Remington- max mechanical skill. Eliza- go to college. Jules & Verne- be played with/talked to/snuggled.  

Eliza still had the wish to go to college and so I decided to send her on the first day after she'd applied for scholarships.

She soon settled into her dorm and threw a dorm warming party. Her mum's old best friend Goopy (now her best friend as well) was guest of honour. Eliza actually has 2 bolts for the Goopy one. Takes all sorts.

Brandi is trying to raise 20 puppies and her latest puppy grew up and was sent for adoption so Harriett and Benny are trying for more puppies.

Remington had a wish to buy new clothes- he was about to transition into an elder.

Jules & Verne became kids and everyone got a new summer outfit.

The boys and Remington had wishes to fish, and so they all enjoyed an outing at the park. (I must get into the park and lower the edges of the pond- they wasted so much time saying 'I can't cast from here' it drove me mad). They are all on different sides of the pond but they all caught the fish they wanted. :D

Remington is a romantic old guy. :)
Brandi's wishes revolved around the dogs. She loves commanding them to do tricks when she's not planting seeds or blogging.
She also wanted to buy a tent and then of course woohoo in the tent. Remington dragged himself away from stargazing to help her out. :)
The highly outgoing twins brought the Goth twins home and I thought it was cool that all 4 sims wanted the water balloon fight. It must be summer, :)
Brandi also wished have friends over, and enjoyed catching up on the gossip with Cassandra Goth when she came to collect her grandkids.
She also had the Caliente's over for dinner. Brandi is still good friends with Dina.
Brandi served up a baked alaska while Magnus was outside stealing her gnome! All sims stopped what they were doing to yell at him- too funny.
Brandi stole the gnome back later that night. ;)
Remington reached the top of the Medicine career and got a nice chance card a day or so later to boost his funds.
Even though there were only 3 dogs in the house Benny & Harriett just had one puppy who grew up and got adopted out.
Here's something I've not seen, the doggie ghost of Abbey having a bath. :D
At the weekend Remington used his higher skills in creativity and mechanical to help train Jules & Verne.
Jules & Verne are outgoing, playful and nice. Jules is sloppy and active but Verne is a neat freak and lazy. Go figure.
They both enjoy inviting sims over and being outdoors, fishing or gardening. Verne likes a boogie while Jules enjoys building blocks.
Brandi has been keeping up her friendships, especially now summer is here and she gets an extra boost talking to them.
As the week drew to a close, Benny & Harriett again only produced one puppy and so after having them try for more Brandi phoned and adopted little Suzi from the pool. Typically she has 4 days until she is an adult dog. I just hope Brandi lives a long life. If my calculations are correct, Suzi and newly born Jinn are puppies 17 & 18, so Brandi needs to live long enough to see 2 more raised after they grow up.
When we leave the house in the early hours of Monday morning Brandi is 74 days old. Will she live long enough to fulfill this most lengthy of lifetime wants?
Jules & Verne will become teenagers next round, I wonder what life has in store for them?
A great week for the Broke's. It flew by with Brandi's wishes revolving around her pets (praising, commanding and training them), gardening (she's a Silver at the moment), as well as inviting sims over and befriending/bff'ing them. She also wished to blog, buy a tent and woohoo.
Remington finished his mechanical skill to get his promotion he wanted. He had a few buy me wishes but mostly his wishes were also about the dogs- seeing them get promotions, training and praising them. He loves to fish and stargaze. He blogs about his hobby Science too.
Jules & Verne- Verne learnt Lifelong Happiness, went fishing, praised and commanded the dogs. He had wishes to have a water balloon fight, make friends and best friends with the sims he brought home. He loves to clean and is the household maid, lol.
Jules is happy to let his brother do the cleaning stuff so he can plant seeds and play with the dogs when he's not skilling. He likes to have water balloon fights and make friends too. The twins love the water wiggler as you see!
I really hope Brandi can get her LTW next time without Elixir- we will see. I don't know why the dogs only produced single puppies this time. I wonder if having Maxx & Abbey's graves in the garden has anything to do with it? Only 2 puppies were born this week, the 3rd adopted from the pound.


  1. This was fun to read! Love the summery pictures!
    I've never seen a dog-ghost having a bath, either; but then again, I almost always transfer urns and tombstones to the cemetery.
    Wow, 17 or 18 puppies already is a huge achievement! Keeping fingers crossed here for Brandi living long enough to see her LTW come true. She has the same LTW in my game but is a lot further away from fulfilling it.

  2. About ghosts taking a population slot; that used to be an issue 'long ago' but it was fixed by a patch. There isn't any reason why Benny and Harriet shouldn't have had more than one pup. Love those alien twins, aliens usually have extreme personalities, and in this case these guys certainly did, and opposite ones at that! Wow, great round with the Brokes.

    1. Thanks both for the comments. :) I'm all patched up Wen so maybe it was just unlucky this round with the puppy count. :)

  3. I love the alien twins, very fun. I hope Brandi can hold on until the puppies are finished. :) I've never actually tried that want, haven't had anyone in my prosperity hoods have it yet. I'm sure it will come though.

    1. I haven't had it as many times as Wen but I am determined to get it at least once! I guess I could have adopted more puppies/kittens but I wanted to do it the 'hard way'. Why? WHY?! lol.

    2. Sometimes I "punish" myself as a player too. Don't know WHY the hard way seems like the "best" at the time, but....:D