Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Goth- Round 7- House 2

Welcome back to 5 wishes in the Goth Household. Currently in residence and initial wishes are;

Cassandra, retired Captain Hero, hoping to make a best friend, get a grandchild, have a relative get engaged and married.  As her daughter-in-law Ivy (formerly Copur) is pregnant, I locked the baby wish and she made best friends with Melanie.

Cassandra's husband Nicholas has similar wishes except he also wants to get fit. Locked baby wish, got him fit.

Next it's their son Hans, he wants to max his skills (Knowledge being his secondary aspiration), have woohoo, be best friends with Sandy, play with Don, go swimming and have a party. He made best friends with Sandy, had a swim and woohooed.

Here's Hans' wife Ivy. She wants to be a vampire, go swimming, get a skill and see a ghost. At this stage I don't want her to be a vampire so I locked the ghost wish, had her get the skill and have a swim with her husband. Seeing ghosts is easy in this family, they come out every night.

and finally Campbell- Hans' twin. He didn't go to college as his lifetime wish is to have 50 first dates. He spent most of his teenhood getting his hobby plaque in tinkering, although he did have 5 or 6 dates. He wants to get some new clothes, make a best friend, dine out with a sim and have them serve food. (Make up your mind Campbell! Dine in and be served or eat out?!). He made his best friend as a first wish.

Nicholas is quite a lot younger than Cassandra and therefore still has a job. (In my game Sims retire at 70). He came home from work with the flu' but luckily the house has a plentiful supply of Grandma's homemade soup in the fridge.

As Campbell's LTW was somewhat neglected last round I thought I'd better get cracking on it. He had 6 dates as a teen and he called the matchmaker when he wasn't wishing to ask a sim on a date. Here's a few of them.

He got quite a few elder sims too. He only dated each lady until the date was 'good', then he ended the date. He has lots of letters but I don't know where they go as they aren't in his inventory. :D

This was Audrey, a maid from one of the holiday venues.
Unfortunately, and the matchmaker gets the blame (she gave her to Campbell) the only options once Campbell ended the date were to 'tip, influence and talk to her'. He couldn't say goodbye and she never left. She stayed several days playing housekeeper (lol), taking baths and even saw Campbell have more dates but was unaffected by it.

At that point in the game, Hans- who'd maxed those skills and reached the top of his first career, looked for one that he could use his degree in and lo and behold Natural Science came up... and 12 hours later...

Hey, it's not like I could direct her- she ventured there herself. Aww, Bye Audrey- sorry 'bout that.

See this is how much of a pain she was- she was even there when Ivy went into labour!

As Hans & Ivy produce Cassandra's second set of twin grandchildren (her daughter Samantha had the first set), Cassandra was rather preoccupied with Nicholas.
The babies are a boy and girl, Fuller and Wednesday. (Well- it was a Wednesday!). I love how they have different skintones too. Hans has a LTW to have 3 kids graduate college and so he and Ivy got back to woohooing.

Remember a lot of parties last round ended with Hans and Dina Caliente fighting? Well, I've still no idea how it started and she's still here kicking his trash over.

Cassandra got her 3rd Gold badge, this one in Fishing. (She has Floristry and Sewing too). She's in the zone in nature, and art & crafts. Her daily wishes revolve a lot around her hobbies, sewing projects, fishing, blogging about both art and nature. She did wish to train her new twin grandbabies though.

She made best friends with them both pretty quickly too.
Fuller got a change of pj's (thanks to my Son finding the Festive Holiday pack for me- heh).

Hans got his 2nd gold badge. (1st in sewing). He also maxed his lifetime benefits this week and so is already in platinum because of it.

Campbell accepted his 2 invites out and also held a couple of great parties as per his wishes.

As the week drew to a close Ivy had another son, Morgan. He got his dad's pale skin.

Here he is with his Uncle Campbell the next day.
Cassandra had a wish to give a gift, and so started piling her inventory into boxes to give to her family. I fear she will be leaving us early in the next round.

The week ends on two birthdays- Grizzle the family dog became an elder dog. He has topped 2 careers and is on his 3rd, we'll find out next time if he gets the hat trick. :)

Finally the twins celebrate becoming children. Ivy's initial wish is to get them into private school which is locked in for next time!

Summary- a very good week of wish fulfillment.

Cassandra- daily wishes to blog and talk about her hobbies, sew a project, call someone (usually her brother Alexander) to chat and fish. She is best friends with her newest 3 grandchildren and taught each of them one skill.

Nicholas- Praising the dog, playing with Cassandra, then entertaining/admiring, etc. Also learnt Anger Management as per his desires. He liked to sew a project too (having Gold in sewing). He is top of the Architecture career and got a 50K bonus from a chance card this week. He loves cuddling his grandkids.

Hans- Got Gold in Gardening, wished for a Toybench and is currently Silver. He liked to sew, praise the dog, talk about his hobby and learn his skills.

Campbell- His date count at the end of the week stands at....33. His wishes were to praise the dog, blow bubbles, play pc games, throw party (then use influence at them), talk about his hobby, hula dance/smustle dance. On the rare occasion he was left alone he was at the tank watching the fish. It was rare, I worked hardest on his wishes this week.

Ivy- Maxed her skills this week and learned Physiology and Lifetime Happiness. She never wished for a baby but rolled the wishes to train them. She wishes to go hiking, plant seeds, stargaze and see ghosts.

Twins Fuller & Wednesday- Both highly neat and outgoing and playful. I'm very glad Ivy rolled a wish to get them in private school as otherwise they would be miserable after school. (If they are accepted of course).  They both initially wanted to learn skills upon becoming kids.

Morgan- still a toddler.


  1. Busy household!! Cassandra looks beautiful as an Elder, I think.
    How did that work, little Morgan going from baby to toddler in just one day?
    When I have a Sim with the LTW of 50 1st dates, I usually get each date over with as quickly as possible and don't even care whether it was "good" or not ;-)
    If that maid from vacation would have turned up in my game (and not left again), I would have just removed her with the move_objects cheat. That is the only time I use a cheat in my game, as sometimes it happens on the apartment lots that a guest won't leave.

    1. I always liked Cassandra, it'll be sad when her life expires next round.
      Morgan was born before midday, and so aged after around 36 hours, just good timing. :)
      Oh silly me, I forgot about move_objects! I will remember next time should it happen again.

  2. Very busy, but happy house. :) The kids are all cute, and it's nice they all look SO different. That maid seemed fairly annoying, and hey, the cow plant is fun. :D

  3. Cowplant is the best-est! That is funny getting a maid from Bon Voyage....if she didn't know when she needed to leave, then she deserved the cowplant! ha! My favorite kind of household, busy!

  4. Where did you get Cassandra's hair ?

  5. In my Goths Cassandra is married to Don and has a son with him named Andrew and Don is trying to stay faithful to his wife