Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Lothario- Round 7- House 1

Happy New Year and welcome to round 7 in Pleasantview!

Don lives here with his wife Kaylynn (former maid). Don naturally wishes to woohoo, to meet someone new, invite them over and entertain them.

Kaylynn wants to have a baby, flirt with Don and be friends with Alexander Goth and Lucy Burb.

Kaylynn is due to have a baby anytime and her and Don satisfy a few wishes in the meantime. Look there at Don gossiping about Mortimer Goth- long gone but never forgotten. :)

Don was blogging about Cuisine (his one true hobby) when Kaylynn went into labour.

Twin boys! Juan & Marco. Kaylynn is a family sim and so has the trait filled that helps enhance twins. It doesn't always follow that twins will arrive of course. For Kaylynn it's good as her LTW is to marry off 6 kids. Whether Don will be alive to sire them all remains to be seen.

Don's wishes have and probably always will remain around his libido. He wishes to date, meet someone new, woohoo and more woohoo. Here they are working on another baby (or two).

Don of course has never been faithful. He had so many women mad at him during the course of the last round that he's spent a lot of time building bridges. Giving sims the 'smooth talk' not only helps their relationship to mend, it enables the furiousness to go away, but also gives Don a 'cheated with so and so' memory.

All outings are accepted in Pleasantview. It's a bit more scary with Don as he has had so many lovers. This time however only one former lover was in the party.

Don had a wish for public woohoo and Joy happily obliged. The outing was a success at that point and so Don ended it while the going was good.

Kaylynn got left a genie lamp and Don wished to make a wish so used it for the 'power to cheat death'. He isn't getting any younger and it would be nice if he got a couple of days grace when the time came.

As Juan & Marco became toddlers so Kaylynn shows a new pregnancy.
Not only does Don love to play, he loves to play pranks. Kaylynn is used to it by now. :D
Another trip to a community lot and another bridge mended (and another memory of cheating), lol.
Don persuaded Jan Tellerman to enjoy public woohoo this time. Harry Oldie-Hanby was a spectator, and none too impressed!
Once Don was home and after Kaylynn had enjoyed a bath,
Another set of twins arrived! Girls this time, Val and Tina. :)
The next couple of days passed in a blur of nappies and feeding. Kaylynn found time to make best friends with the new maid, Amin.
Juan & Marco had their birthdays and immediately wished to learn Physiology. The aren't identical but fairly similar.
Marco met Bradley Burb on Sunday and they enjoyed making friends and having a snowball fight.
Sunday evening saw Val and Tina getting trained up in their toddler skills,
While Don and Kaylynn work on making more babies!
Don- An interesting week for Don- he had 4 affairs, 4 babies and 2 public woohoos. His wishes were dating, woohooing, meeting new sims, entertaining, playing on the couch, pulling pranks, making a wish and buying a game. He inherited money from his old adversary Darren Dreamer- I guess they made it up over the years.
Kaylynn- 2 sets of twins for Kaylynn! Her lifetime benefits are working overtime. She's always had one set every time I've played her but never two. I guess Don is pretty fertile eh?
Apart from the baby wishes Kaylynn wished to skill, to make friends, flirt with Don, make best friends with Leaf Terrano as well as to birdwatch/go hiking/catch bugs. Both Kaylynn and Don got Bronze badges in gardening this week.
Juan & Marco- usual toddler wishes then as kids wanted to and learnt Physiology then to skip, get skills and make friends.
Val & Tina- still toddlers.


  1. Wowzers two sets of twins! I am impressed. :) I have never played Kaylynn, she seems like she would be fun. Doesn't look like she is a difficult Family Sim with hard to fulfill wishes. Don. What can I say. Always the romance. I just assume that Don doesn't take any of it personally...hehehe! Nice looking kids, but I have never known Don to make not so pretty ones!

    1. Yeah, Kaylynn is actually fun to play. In my megahood she married Romeo Monty and had twins & another son. She was happy then, I guess she doesn't mind being married to Romance sims eh? :)
      I am looking forward to seeing how their kids turn out.

  2. Busy household! Just what I like to play :-)
    I had no idea there is a memory about cheating after using the "smooth talk" option.

    1. I didn't know either until Don got married, heh. :D

  3. Ohh..Don Don Don. Always the romancer. :) I like Kaylynn, I've never played her myself, but from all the different blogs she seems great. :)