Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Nina Caliente- Round 7- House 3b

Welcome back to Nina's house where she lives with her son, Rico- the product of one of her many affairs.

Nina's initial wishes were to tell an inside joke to Dina, play with Dina, talk to family member, have a pillow fight and soak in the hot tub. So Dina came over and 4 wishes were quickly fulfilled.

Nina & Rico are good pals.
How many kids are allowed their own oven in their bedrooms? 
Hey, I said Nina and he were pals, I didn't say she was a good mother. :D
Rico's initial wishes were to get a skill, jump rope (two in one- heh), tell an inside joke. Then he bought Wednesday Goth home from school and wanted to play with/talk to and be friends with her as well as get homework help.
The next day Nina had a wish to be friends with Campbell Goth, and what better way than to have a date?  She timed it wrong and Rico hadn't quite got on the school bus and was very upset to see his mother cheating on the father he hasn't yet met.
Nina's date was going really well and she told Campbell she'd help Rico out with his homework and he'd soon forgive her.
Another bad timing moment when Nina forgot that Amin, her maid and former lover arrived at this time. She quickly ended her dream date with Campbell before it came to blows and sent him on his way.
Which left her free to voodoo Amin into forgiveness.
So she had to go the extra mile.
 It was her wish. :)
oh gawd! Nina lost track of the time.
As a way of making it up to Rico, Nina allowed him to have the puppy he had desired.
Meet Jake- he and Rico are going to be great buddies.
Nina was invited on an outing and chose to try on some swimwear, does her bum look big in this?
former lover Cyd Roseland didn't think so and Nina got a wish fulfilled, and had a great outing.
After the outing ended Nina stuck around and met another new friend in a college Professor. They have 3 bolts but he left before she had chance to become too friendly. Another one on her list though. Although she reached 2 LTW's already (of careers), Nina's 3rd is to have 50 dream dates, and with all the people she knew/knows it shouldn't be too difficult.
Highly outgoing Rico bought another friend home from school, this is Juan Lothario and they soon became good pals. It's hard to see in this pic but in the background on Nina's bedroom wall is a photobooth pic of her and Juan's dad Don from back in the day. Well you never forget your first love do you? :D
Nina took some time with Rico to 'double train' him on the career rewards she'd gained. The Hydroponic Garden is out of shot but Rico soon got to level 8 in both body and creativity using this method. He loves to skill, like most kids.
Everyone in Pleasantview finds Nina to be attractive, even her driver. lol.
Nina of course wishes for woohoo on a daily basis, be it in the hot tub or bed and Amin here is a willing participant after he's done his chores.
Little Jake grew up and Rico found him a job in Service and started to train him in the skills he needs. He is the master of Jake now.
Nina got a nice gift after her second outing of the week.
Rico made another best friend this week, that's 4 or 5 now.
On the last day of the week Rico became a teenager and rolled Popularity. Yay, I love it when the dice gives me something that is suited to a Sim's personality! We'll find out next time what his LTW is. His initial wishes upon growing up are to go to college, buy a cell phone/game/mp3 player.
A great week at Nina's place. Her wishes were to smustle, date, meet someone new, pillow fight, juggle, play with/talk to sims and tell inside jokes. She wanted woohoo daily, in bed/hot tub, she wanted a good reputation, to soak in the hot tub and to buy a holiday home as well as selling a masterpiece. (yeah, that was an odd request). All done. She had 2 other dates this week and has made a few new friends for next time.
Rico was a nice kid to play. He did get very upset with Nina when he found her cheating and so I had to time things well for her dates.
His wishes were to make friends/best friends. He did so with twins Wednesday & Fuller Goth and Juan Lothario. He also made a bf with Lily Dreamer who was already a friend.  He wanted the puppy, then to praise and command him. He liked playing marco polo after school, and he wished for a pool slide as well as skills/jumping rope and getting homework help, eating pancakes and getting an A+.


  1. You just gotta love Nina! :-) It really shows from your pictures and descriptions that this was a fun week for you to play.
    It'll be interesting to find out what Rico's LTW is and how his friendships will develop when his childhood friends grow up to be teens as well.

    1. Thanks, I do love playing Nina. She almost plays herself. lol.
      Yes I'm looking forward to Rico's life, it will be good to see how it pans out.

  2. Nina never stops, does she? Rico is a cute kid, and seems full of personality. I am glad he rolled Popularity. Seems like his mom hasn't lots her bag of tricks, huh. hehehe! Wow that maid of hers sure is a looker!!!!

    1. Yes Amin is easy on the eye (unlike some npc's I've had regenerated!). All 3 of my original maids are now playables and so far I just have Amin as the 'hood maid. He must be really mean though 'cos he's always smacking his fists together and making mean faces when he has to clean up a mess, lol. I guess he's in the wrong job eh? :D

  3. Rico is a cute kid, and teen. Good thing he rolled pop, he seems like one. :) Nina is quite a character. I understand about the timing for dates. Marylena in Breeze Point had a heck of a time with her son and the dates she kept wanting.