Thursday, 21 February 2013

Burb- Round 7- House 8

Welcome back to the Burb's!
In residence are;
Elders John & Jennifer, their daughter Lucy, her husband Carter (Broke) Burb, and their kids Donny, Bradley and Lowry.

It's party time at the Burb house. What's the occasion you ask?
Lowry became a child,
and Bradley turned teen.
He rolled Popularity and has a LTW to become a Celebrity Chef.
Lucy of course is trying to get 5 top businesses as her LTW. She is currently at her Galleria where she gained rank 9 and the Best of the Best Award.

After just the second session of the week Lucy got her 4th top business!
Back at home Lucy sold the Galleria to the community and locked her 'buy a community lot want' that immediately rolled up.
Carter had a wish to buy a vacation home and did so. He then had a wish to visit his new home.
This is Green Thicket Manor in Takemizu Village.
Lucy, Carter and the kids came along.
Jennifer & John stayed at home and Jennifer got her desire to be in the zone in music & dance. Love her spotlight.

John wanted to learn Fire Safety.
The vacationing family enjoyed meeting new locals,
Going on fun day trips.
and learning new techniques.
Spring was certainly in the air!
Donny was the only one of the party able to learn the secret art of teleportation.

Once the vacation was over Lucy had come up with an idea for her 5th business venture.

This is Master of Chi. Let's have a look inside.
In the relaxation area is a tea table and two mahjong tables.
and here is the studio.
Lucy starts her first session and soon has a full class.
Carter greets his family members. Brandi is here with Jules & Verne, and Beau brings along Brie & Cam.
The local residents seem to really like classes, some *cough, Campbell Goth* don't quite get it, but enjoy it nonetheless.
It took very few sessions for Lucy to rank up to level 9.
Meanwhile back at home Bradley had got to the top of his teen career. He keeps rolling college and is working on scholarships.

Lowry enjoyed catching up with her cousin Blade.
Donny had been going all out toward his LTW of 50 1st dates. He'd managed up to 20, but when it came to 21 the matchmaker gave him the same date a couple of times.
I think he'd run out of teens. :D
WOOP WOOP!!  Lucy did it.
Lucy is about 2 days from Elder at this stage!
She even took the time to share some secrets with the sim world.
But then it was time for her birthday.
She still has time for a cheeky wink.
The family pose for a nice picture.
just after which Carter grew up too!
They are a colourful kind of couple I think.
The week ends with Donny & Bradley going to college.
Bradley's wish was still there and Donny went because Grandpa John wanted him to, and I figured he'd dated all the teenage girls available to him anyway.
John- is currently 82 days old. His bar is very close to the end of his life but he's been happy blogging, gaming, planting, hunting bugs, hiking and his favourite pastime- entertaining for tips. Who knew? ;)
Jennifer- likes to play chess, blog about music/arts and crafts/games. Her 3 hobbies. She also likes to earn some cash and play chess as well as painting masterpieces.
Lucy- She finally got her 5th business in the bag. She's also the top of Entertainment career. She loves Tai Chi and is in the zone in Fitness because of it, as well as being in the zone in Film & Literature. She currently wants to reach the top of the Game hobby.
Carter- Sold a masterpiece, maxed body skill, juggled, played on couch, had pillow fights and parties and played pc games.
Donny- Had 20 1st dates so far. Worked on skills, met new people, lit the fire. Got a big aspiration boost for 10 1st dates. He's not unlike his (real) father Don Lothario really. :D
Bradley- Daily wishes to swim, play marco polo and skill as well as meeting someone new.
Lowry- loves to skip and tai chi- learnt homework help, skilling, making friends, she'll be a teen next time.
I think any business with multi-player entertainment (poker table/mahjong table/chess table) helps rank up quickly as sims make friends whilst playing which gives great star power boost.  The same with Tai Chi as it's a group activity. I enjoyed the last business only getting the idea when they learnt the skill on their holiday.
These kind of businesses are probably easier as they only require 'sales' skills. I'd say always have a cellphone as you can call any sims over to make up numbers if there aren't many visitors to the lot.
Next up it's off to Carter's big brother Dustin's house.



  1. That was a great update, and so interesting for me to read! Lucy doing so well in your game sort of reconciles me with the fact that she died young in my game, in a fire induced by lightning at her dorm, along with Carolina Curious, Pascal Curious' daughter.
    Congratulations for the 5 top businesses!! No Sim has ever managed that in my game, but your ideas will certainly help me - I may even nick one of them, I love the idea of a Tai Chi studio!

    1. Thanks so much. That's what's great about our different games, our sims live different lives. I remember when Lucy died in the fire in your game.
      She's never reached adult in my game before, let alone elder and is the first sim to get 5 top businesses so I was very pleased!

  2. I am impressed with the Master of Chi business! That is just too cool! Does Lucy still work it? I love it! *ASimWen files this away for possible future use!

    1. Yes I think I'm going to have Lucy keep this one, she can pass it down to someone. It was one of my 'cooler' ideas, lol. :D

  3. I really like the Thai-Chi studio. I have never gotten a sim to learn that skill. Every time they go on vacation to learn it no one is every doing it. If I can ever get someone to learn it though, I'll have to remember this.