Friday, 1 February 2013

Dreamer- round 7- House 5

Welcome back to the Dreamer household where in residence and initial wishes are,

Dirk Dreamer (elder)- Woohoo, Hustle pool, see ghost, buy stuff, earn money and invite sim over. (First wish fulfilled- Woohoo).

Lilith Dreamer (adult)- Have party, woohoo, play with someone, talk to someone, smustle dance, make best friend. (First wish fulfilled- woohoo).

Lily Dreamer (teen)- Have 10 Bf's, get fit, go to college, go out with Rico. (First wish fulfilled- get fit).

Dean Dreamer (teen)- Earn money, go to college, get skill, tell inside joke. (First wish fulfilled- get skill).

Lyka Dreamer (child).- Get silver fishing badge, make bff, play with Bradley Burb, play pc game. (First wish fulfilled- play pc game).

Lily, the Family sim eldest child of Dirk & Lilith has just made her 10th best friend. That's a nice aspiration boost.

After school Lily played marco polo with her little sister Lyka who wished for it while their Fortune loving brother Dean discussed the latest fashion trends with a friend he brought home from school.

Dirk had a wish to learn anger management. He's not angry with anyone I'm aware of, except perhaps his robots that often break down leaving the garden in a mess.

Lilith brought a friend home from work and both her and Lily wished for a party- I flipped a coin and Lily won.

It's a joint birthday party for little Lyka and her mother Lilith.
Lyka grew up well and rolled Popularity, her lifetime wish is to become the Hand of Poseidon which I think was her Dad's first LTW.
Lilith too grew up well, if looking very scary.
She headed to the nearest store to get herself a new outfit, and later kept the same hairstyle but opted for grey with a slight blue streak rather than the green you see here.
While she was there she wanted to buy jewellery and soak in the hot tub, which she did.
Lyka was happy with the new outfit her mother bought her and Dirk is happy playing with Daley the cat. He was adopted last round and is now being taught skills for his job.
Someone had a wish to invite a friend over and so Lucy Burb came along with her husband Carter and their two sons Bradley and Donny. Her daughter is too young to come visit. ;)
Everyone was enjoying the visit until the Grim Reaper showed up for little Jacques. 
Everyone was sad and Dirk, Lilith and Dean immediately rolled a wish to resurrect Jacques.
Although she's a Family sim Lily never lost the wish to go to college and after she'd bagged some scholarships she headed to La Fiesta Tech to join Eliza Broke at the dorm.
Unfortunately the resident dorm cook had disappered but luckily Eliza brought a well stocked Juicer with her. She and Lyka are good cooks and so provide meals for the dorm.
After Lyka had settled in the dorm, back home at the Dreamer house sees the gypsy lady visiting.
She left a lamp.
The lamp was left to no-one in particular but Dirk was the first to roll 'make a wish', and so he did.
He got his wish to have Jacques resurrected.
I didn't realise Jacques would be back to the beginning of his elder years so that was a nice bonus.
Even Daley was happy to see him and they normally fight like, well....
 cat and dog.
Dirk got scared by his mother's ghost- who hasn't been out for ages. She spent several nights in a row haunting.
Which Lilith captured rather artfully on canvas. :)
As the week drew to a close Dean too headed for college to join his sister and friend Eliza at the dorm.
When Dean joined the dorm I tried deleting the stove and replacing it, and that worked a treat- a new cook arrived almost immediately. :)
So now at home Lyka is busy studying for skills (she too wants to go to college), Lilith is training up Daley here for a promotion,
and Dirk sorts out his backpack and discovers several things in there he had forgotten about!
The question is- shall he or shan't he?
We'll find out, next time. :D
Another action packed week at the Dreamer's!
Dirk- Had wishes to see ghosts, blog about tinkering and arts and crafts (he's in the zone for both), talking about his hobbies, buying things, earning money, inviting sims over, hustling pool, woohooing, resurrecting Jacques, meeting someone new as well as praising, commanding and training them. He currently wants Daley to get a promotion.
I've never resurrected a pet before and when the gypsy lady left the lamp it was the ideal opportunity to try it out.
Lilith- our dancing queen had daily wishes to smustle/slap dance and hula as well as dancing with someone and playing the guitar. She also had the wish to resurrect Jacques. She likes meeting someone new, having parties, talking about her hobby and making friends with the new people she's meeting.
Lily- She is an outgoing family sim who loves to meet and befriend people, she wished to get fit, go to college, play with sims. She had a date with Alvin the teen this week before college.
Dean- Fortune lover Dean likes to earn cash, tell jokes, get skills and plant seeds. He got Gold in gardening this week and also likes to blog about nature.
Lyka- Lyka enjoyed marco polo, playing pc games, making friends and bff's. She is working towards her silver fishing, but winter set in and froze the pond. She will probably head to college next time if she still has the wish.



  1. I've never resurrected a pet before, either! Is it possible for pets to be ressurected as zombies as it is for human Sims?

    The Dreamers are a nice family to read about, and I really like their kitchen/dining area. What's their house like from outside? Do you use their original Maxis-made and -assigned houses or do you build your own?

  2. I used the gypsy lamp to resurrect, I think you can only make zombies using the resurrect-o-nomitron career reward and I've never tried it with pets! Next time I'm in a house with the reward and a pet dies I will see if the option is there.
    The Dreamer house is their original one- you can see a shot of the outside here, I just made the house even on both sides and changed the layout inside a bit. :)

  3. Wow, I didn't know you could resurrect pets from the genie lamp. Very cool. So many things I still don't know/haven't seen, even after all these years. lol A fun house/family here.

  4. Hi there little Jacques! :) I resurrected a pet one time, and I used the aspiration reward to do it. Wanted to do it just because I never had before. Yes I agree that the inside of the house looks nice. Great round!

  5. Where did you get Liliths hair style from, both adult and elder?

    1. Lilith's hair is a Maxis one, if it's not from an E.P then it was from The Store :)

    2. I've got the adult version, I need the ELDER version

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. The one with the blue streaks

  6. Is the Elder one under the 'custom' tab? I'm at work at the moment so have no way of checking :)

    1. I've had a good look at the game and through my files Jack but I'm afraid it's not in my game anymore. I checked back and I seem to have lost it somewhere between rounds 8 (where Lilith still has the hair) and 9 (where she doesn't).
      I can only assume it was a custom hair that I somehow deleted when I did a reinstall.
      Sorry I couldn't be more help.

    2. I've got the one with the green streaks, do you want me to send that one to you so you can redo the one with the blue streaks?

    3. I'd probably need the mesh too but to be honest I don't have any time at the moment, I might be able to look at the weekend :)

    4. Well, OK, I'm going to need your email address so I can send it to you.