Thursday, 14 February 2013

Oldie/Hanby- Round 7- House 7

Welcome back to the Oldie Hanby house where in residence are,

Former maid Lucy Hanby, her son (fathered by Herb Oldie) Harry, his wife Christy (Stratton) and their twin daughters Hayley & Sally.
Lucy's initial wish was to tell an inside joke, she's such a riot.

Harry & Christy both had wishes to woohoo, and that wish is never ignored here in Pleasantview!

The twins become toddlers and they both have red hair. Lucy & Harry do as well of course and actually Christy Stratton is a 'true redhead'. I don't know why the game made her brown-haired, just to confuse us I guess. The twins have the usual toddler wants of skilling, being hugged/played with and talked to/read to.

While their parents are at work Lucy became head nanny unless it was her shift to work.

She uses the secret room (with the Mysteriously Mysterious bookcase) in this house to keep odds and ends but most particularly the ballet barre, which seems to draw visitors like flies in my game, so hah! They can't get to it here. :D
Lucy wanted a body skill, and so while the twins were sleeping got to it.

Later that day and after her shift she held a great party. She always wishes to meet someone new and loves to use her influence at the parties.

Harry is a fitness freak and loves to jog on a daily basis.
Even when he gets asked on outings he takes his party to the athletic hobby lot.

It might seem like a really good idea to have all your guests join you in the pool for a swim, but don't do it! There are only one set of steps and it took forever to get them all out. :D

Family sim Christy is happy making best friends, skilling and playing with the twins.

She had to hire the nanny on a casual basis for the odd shift this week.

But oh no! Christy forgot to feed the cowplant before she left for work...

She and Harry arrived home just in time to run to the garden but no action they tried would cancel out the nanny being gobbled up...

....and a few nights later her ghost appeared.
Harry is still trying desperately to master the art of the fire dance. He hasn't had much luck- he still mostly sets his pants on fire.

Saturday sees Sally & Hayley grow up, but wait, I think I recognise those noses! eek.

On Sunday Lucy invited her other son Alvin over and his wife Melanie and their household buddies Sophie & Ripley came too.

Lucy Burb was here visiting and was mightily impressed with Harry's six pack. (He'd influenced her to serve food- maybe she was concerned what the highly calorific grilled cheese would do to Harry, lol).

As Sunday night comes to an end, it seems that Christy has a little surprise of her own waiting for the next round.

A fun week at the Oldie/Hanby's.

Lucy- wished for parties, meeting someone new, making friends/best friends. Getting skills, training the toddlers to walk, then nursery rhymes. Also likes to birdwatch and hunt bugs and using influence at parties.

Harry- wished to go jogging, influence someone to serve meal, master fire dance, earn money, skill, talk about hobby, woohoo, go swimming, blog about fitness, have good reputation.

Christy- Wished to invite sim over, blog and talk about hobby, catch bugs, plant seed, woohoo, play with twins.

Hayley & Sally- usual toddler wishes. As kids, Hayley wishes to jump rope and skill while Sally wishes to improve her mechanical skills and jump rope.

I was reading some of Wen's old blogs when I discovered that Christy was a true redhead. I forget which blog it was now. Must change her hair colour in the game next time! 



  1. It really looks like you had a fun "week" at this household :-)
    You know, I really want a cow plant in my game now that I've seen yours "in action", but I've forgotten how to get one.

    1. You can get the cowplant from the Natural Science career. You need a Uni grad for that career to appear in the paper/on the pc. Cowplant unlocks at level 6 I think.

    2. Ah! And my "trouble" is that in New Maximiliania, Sims get a job only if they need one for their LTW (with the odd exception, such as Antonio Monty, who really needed it in the beginning to feed his children). And since there is no LTW that has to do with the Natural Science carerr, nobody in the 'hood owns a cowplant...

  2. What is this bookcase you mention? It sounds awesome! People in Breeze Point flock to the ballet bar too. A fun round, and those twins are very fiery redheads. :)

    1. The 'Mysteriously Mysterious Bookcase' came with Apartment Life, it can only be used by a selected sim (i.e family member) and it has a secret passage kind of effect. Useful for keeping things in that you don't want others to touch.
      Don't put babies/cribs in there though, I tried that once. LOL

    2. I have apartment life. I must check out this bookcase. :)

  3. Again, I looove the cowplant! If I remember correctly, the Mysterious Bookcase is in use in Belladonna Cove in the Cordial family house. ;)

    1. Yes that's right Wen, I think they were the first family I played in Belladonna. Their house is suppposed to be a reverse flip of the Pleasant's I think? Much like the Roth's in Riverblossom is a flip of the Goth's. :)