Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Pleasant- Round 7- House 6

Welcome back to the Pleasant house! In residence and initial wishes are,

Angela Pleasant who wants to get a puppy, kitten, or either, buy musical instruments and have a party.

Angela's husband Alexander (formerly Goth), who also wants to buy a puppy, kitten or either, buy a painting, play with someone and have a party.

Their oldest child, Amaya who wants to have a date, talk about her hobby, buy a handheld game and learn couples counselling.

and their son Adam, who wants to go to college, tell an inside joke, make bf's with his parent's old college buddy and go out with Meadow.

To fulfill a few wishes at once they adopted a kitty and called him Cypher.

Amaya learnt Couples Counselling and had a date with Orlando Centowski.

The party wish got locked in for the next day as it was Amaya's adult birthday!

Amaya grew up well. She chose to age up a townie teen called Jeff that she'd dated, then invited him to the party.

While she was waiting for him to arrive she had a quick makeover and greeted a passerby, fulfilling her 'meet someone new' wish for the day.

When Jeff arrived the party really got started and Amaya got her 'have first woohoo' wish fulfilled.
Everyone had a good time, Adam made his best friend and his parents used their influence to make the party fun.
Alexander is really into his hobbies and enjoys sewing projects, making pottery, fishing and gardening.
Angela still loves everything nature. She hikes everyday and is an expert fisher now.
Romance sim Amaya naturally wanted to be in love with 2 sims and so the first passerby on that occasion was the 'help-me-I-need-a-stylist' Goopy.

Things progressed very well although I'm not sure Amin the maid is best pleased with what he's seeing. Hazard of the job?

Ahh, it's because he and Amaya are friends from way back and I guess he was embarrassed.
Amaya wasted no time in turning on the charm- she does want 3 loves now!

Amaya is on fire today! Goopy had barely left the house.
Oops- so he hadn't quite left the house.
That was several days of stealing the paper and kicking over the trash. (good job the cleanbots sweep the trash- heh).

Even though the dice made him Romance, Adam never lost the college wish and so after gaining his scholarships he decided to waste no more time and headed to La Fiesta Tech to join Eliza Broke & The Dreamer kids.

Yep- pregnancy confirmed the next day, although how mean of Daniel to scare his grandaughter in her condition!

I have to say though, he is a pretty cool ghost.
Amaya gave birth to a son, Noah. He's a 3rd generation Pleasant.
The most exciting part of Angela & Alexander's week was when the trees set on fire, heh. They were fishing at the time but their water bot put out the flames.
Here's Angela with her new grandson.
Here's Alexander with Noah a day or so later. Who do you think the father is? and where is the mother?!
She had this wish for public woohoo, and once at the lot called Amin over to join her. He seemed more interested in the jewellery if I'm honest, lol.
It's Family day. Angela has invited the Burb's and the Dreamer's over.

It's always nice when the family gets together. Remington Broke is here too, he was walking by when the families arrived and so was greeted as well.

Sometimes little Noah feels a little neglected at having to put himself to bed. Hopefully he will grow up well next time and can sleep in a bed!

Here's a nice pic of Angela & Lilith. They don't feud as much anymore- infact they are almost friendly to each other. Perhaps they know their days are numbered?

We'll end the week with Adam's entry into Uni. Hahaa... we'll have to wait until next time to see his makeover. I think he needs one. :D


Another fun week.

Angela wished to blog about nature, to go hiking, catch bugs, meet someone new, she wanted to adopt an animal, plant seeds, fish, make friend/best friend/bff, to get silver and gold in fishing and get a good reputation this week as well as throw parties.

Alexander- wished to sew project, make pottery, have party, adopt animal, buy stuff, have Cypher get a job then promotion. (He did grow up- I just forgot the pics). He also had wishes not only to praise Cypher, but to scold him too! I haven't seen that much, but Cypher was often found destroying furniture so perhaps that was why.

Amaya- fun week for her! Lots of romance wishes fulfilled. I tried to steer clear of dating and do it the harder way. She also wished to meet new people, have parties and call friends to chat.

Adam- went to college pretty early on in the week. We'll have a Uni update soon. He did get to go out with Meadow and wished to skill, talk about hobby and make friends as well before he went. :)


  1. Angela and Alexander as Elders! That was interesting for me to see. In my game, they are both still adults, but Angela's and Lilith's parents have both died a while ago, and Alexander's sister Cassandra is an Elder.
    Loved the picture of little Noah in the pet bed :-)

  2. I LOVE Amaya's makeover. She is very pretty. So crazy to seen these "teens" now in elderhood. I'm excited to get to Pleasentview some day in my Megahood.

    1. Thanks. I've often had Alexander have kids and they always turn out 'interesting'. Amaya is probably the cutest I've seen.
      It seems weird to have the 'hood 'teens' as elders I must say. Never done the whole lot before. :D

  3. Yes, it seems like Alexander has weird looking kids. Maxis certainly didn't use DNA from Bella and Mortimer to make him!

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  5. What is the lipstick that Angela has got on?