Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bruenig- Round 7- House 10

Welcome back to the Bruenig household.

Residing here are Marsha Bruenig, her husband Beau (Broke) and their kids, Brie & Cam.

Initial wishes for Marsha are all things grilled cheese and a relaxing bubble bath.
Beau wishes to dance with someone, hula dance, get Cam into private school, stargaze, play violin and smustle.

Cam & Brie's wishes are almost alike in that they wish to hula dance, talk about hobby, tell a joke. Cam wishes to have homework help whilst Brie wishes to do her homework.

Beau reached the top of a couple of careers and is looking for Adventurer, but it hasn't come up so he put his college degree to good use and got a job in Paranormal.

He had audience with the private school Headmaster and look! The Headmaster has become a grilled cheese connoisseur! (Not that there's anything else on the menu in this house). Brie & Cam got accepted.

After the Headmaster left and everyone was asleep Beau snuck out to his telescope. He remembers how his stepfather Remington got abducted twice and the fascination still holds for Beau. No luck though. So far.

Brie celebrated her teenage birthday, she rolled Popularity and wishes to become a Celebrity Chef. (Well- she certainly knows a thing or two about Cheese!).

Cam is super neat and enjoys cleaning up after everyone else in the family.

He celebrated getting his first A+ while Marsha was busy writing another restaurant review.

Which received a nice pay cheque.
She celebrated with a party.
No sooner had Beau got his job in Paranormal then he rolled the wish to quit it! It was the only thing he was able to do at the time to refresh his wishes.
As luck would have it though the Adventurer career was soon found and as Beau is fully skilled and has a bunch of friends he started quite high up in the field.
He may have come home with a promotion but he picked up the 'Hi-I'm-the-new-guy-give-me-your-germs' flu bug that appears to often come with each new career.

So while he was 'resting', I had him finish his talent badge for Floristry!
Hello Snapdragons!
Brie found a teen job in the Culinary field (she may as well get some practice in right?) and soon rose to the top. She has a college wish now and then but it's not permanent as yet.

She brought Rico Caliente (son of Nina) home after work and rolled the wish to ask him on a date.

She's also a yo-yo dieter, like her Mother. Must be all the Grilled Cheese.

Brie is never off the phone, she gets as many calls in as possible before and after school! Beau is looking dapper in his 'International Man of Mystery' suit.

Think James Bond- steal the Shuttle, steal the Shuttle....
James Bond eat your heart out.
As the weekend arrives Cam meets and greets visitors who pass by. He likes to make friends, skill, and hula dance!

As Marsha starts preparations for a big Sunday party she finds herself once again the victim of too many sandwiches!

It's a triple birthday party!  Beau is first to age up watched by his mother Brandi among others,

followed by Marsha, that cheeky cheese lover,
and then it's Cam's turn. He rolled FAMILY and wishes to become a Space Pirate. I guess he saw his dad's outfit and thought how cool it was.
Everyone had fun and the party was a success.
(I never thought I'd see the day that Brandi & her 3 kids were old! Yet here they all are in the shot).
Beau & Marsha choose outfits more befitting to the general cheesiness of the house before we say goodbye for the week.


Marsha- All things cheese, talking about grilled cheese (you see she found her old college buddy Alejandro at the party who likes to talk the cheese), making grilled cheese, serving grilled cheese, eating grilled cheese, influencing someone to make grilled cheese. She also wished to have bubble baths, blog about cuisine and play chess. She gained a good reputation and reached the top of her Lifetime Aspiration metre this week. 

Beau-Daily wishes to play the violin, hula dance, smustle dance, dance with someone, stargaze and meet someone new. He got Gold in Floristry as well as reaching the top of another career. He wished also to master Tai Chi, see Brie get scholarships and he wants her to go to college.

Brie- Is undecided about college, it rolls in, it rolls off. She likes to meet new people, make friends, she bought a cellphone, learnt skills and had a date as well as becoming an overachiever.

Cam- Daily wishes to hula, talk about his hobby, skill, tell jokes and meet new people. He currently wishes to fall in love.

Next house is the second Goth family at house number 11.





  1. Such fun! Nice to see what Beau Broke is up to in your 'hood as opposed to mine :-)
    How did you get Brie's party guests to arrive all with white paint on their faces?

    1. Oh, the face paint kids are all YA's and members of the Secret Society. (I always place a makeover table in the SS house if there isn't one already there and then make over each student- it helps me tell them apart from the non-SS Young Adults!).

  2. Get a job/quit the job..haha...Wow what an impressive party scene...;)

  3. It looks like it was a face paint party. :) I like this household, and the cheesyness of it... literally.