Saturday, 16 March 2013

Goth (2), Round 7- House 11

Welcome back to the Goth (2) family! The family just celebrated twins Cass & Nova becoming kids.
Samantha is the daughter of Cassandra & Nicholas Goth. She wishes to flirt with Leaf Terrano as well as play with him, make a friend of Magnus Caliente and max her nature hobby. (She invited Leaf over and after playing with him the other wishes rolled away).
Her husband is Lucas Burb- son of John & Jennifer. His wishes revolve around nature, his dogs and he wants to get a toymaking badge.
To celebrate the twins' birthday Samantha & Lucas took them to the skating rink.

The twins had fun learning to skate while the adults headed upstairs to meet and greet, play some pool and have coffee as per their wishes.

Lucas' LTW is to have 6 pets reach the top career level.  He currently has 3 dogs, Jack, Jill & Smudge. Jack and Jill are at the top of their first careers and Smudge just got to the top of his. They are all now in a second career.

Samantha's LTW is to become a Rock God and she is at level 8 at the beginning of the week.

Samantha is a Romance sim with Family as a secondary aspiration. This gives her lots of conflicting wishes. I took her to a community lot as per her wish and after meeting someone new, Goopy here, she wanted to dance with him.

Goopy happily obliged her dance wishes, but would not accept close interactions or kissing.
Oops- Father-in-law John Burb just walked in. (Bless, he didn't seem to notice much).

Samantha wanted public woohoo but Goopy turned her down. They had only just met after all but I think after seeing her in a swimsuit he is regretting his decision.

The next morning Samantha & Lucas had just finished giving the twins homework help when they started whooping and cheering.

Yes it's a snow day. In fact they had 2 snow days in a row which gave them lots of time to skill!

Cass wished to learn creativity and soon maxed her skill- which was very helpful because her dad had a wish to sell a masterpiece.

Nova invited some friends over and the 4 had a fun snowball fight. The two visiting kids would not leave though or move out of the 'snowball fight' action, even when their respective parents Don Lothario & Hans Goth came to fetch them.
When Samantha got home from work she managed to shoo them and that did the trick.

Lucas got in the zone in arts and crafts.
Like lots of parents', Samantha found herself as the chief dog feeder and washer when the inclement weather set in!

Even though she kind of cheated with Goopy she still spins wishes to flirt with her husband and here she wanted a date with him.

Lucas soon worked his way to a Gold toymaking badge.
Samantha got to be a Rock God!
Her first night on stage and she decided to go for the dive,
Yeah, that worked!
Spring finally arrived and Samantha replaced the bathtub with one of Lucas' new water wigglers! The dogs love to play with this, and it raises their hygiene very nicely.

Cass made best friends with one of the Caliente twins. (Marco I think!).
While Nova met one of the Oldie-Hanby twins. (Hayley- I think!). Gosh I did have a lot of twins last round!

Samantha rolled lots of romantic wishes when Spring arrived as well!

Lucas got back into training up the dogs in skills. None of them reached the top of a second career, but maybe will next round.

Like his dad and Grandad Burb, Nova enjoys the great outdoors and couldn't wait to plant the garden out on the first day of spring. His dad helped of course so they could have more than just tomatoes growing.
This formation works nicely, but space is needed in front of each tree to harvest them so 3 plots remain unplanted.
Nova got a Bronze badge in a short time.

On Saturday evening after having just splashed out on 3 top of the range kennels for the dogs the burglar arrived and promptly stole 2 of them!

Fortunately he got caught and the reimbursement covered the cost to replace them.
The twins now wish to 'see the ghost of Amin' but we don't have a cowplant at this lot.... yet.

As the families merged (Goth and Burb), family catch up day (Sunday) had both families around. Lucas engrossed them in tales from the far east before they all settled down to a big family dinner.


Fun week here.

Samantha- Became a Rock Goddess. Her next LTW is to have 3 kids graduate college. haha. I'm not planning on her having other kids but I do have risky and who knows what will happen?
She wished to meet new people, flirt, date, skill, blog, slow dance and rolled odd nature wishes too.

Lucas- Lucas is a Cult Leader in Paranormal. He works 2 shifts a week which gave him lots of time to train the dogs, get his gold toymaking badge as well as wishing to blog, catch bugs, plant seeds, talk about his hobby, see the pets get promoted and sell a masterpiece.

Cass & Nova- They were fun kids-  I think snow days help bring kids out of their shells (and routines!). Cass is about creativity, making friends as well as praising and commanding the dogs. 
Nova enjoyed planting seeds and tending the garden, making friends and also praising and commanding the dogs. I think one of the snow days he and Cass spent almost the entire day with one of the dogs or another.

Next up is the final house of Round 7- The Miguels. Catch up with Sophie, Ripley (Dreamer), Harry (Oldie-Hanby) and his wife Melanie Gregory soon!





  1. Everyone was busy in this household, it seems! Great for the kids to have TWO snowdays in a row.
    I had the "stage dive" chance card very recently, too; Lilith Pleasant, who lives with her lover David Ottomas at his family's house, is a Rock Goddess and it came up for her this week. I chose the same answer :-)

  2. I agree with Librarian...two snow days in a row? heh Aha, there is the legend story from the Orient. :) How fun! You are a pretty good at keeping the Sims productive and skilling. Sometimes I fail miserably!

  3. Yes I had a couple of homes have 2 snow days in a row this time. :)
    I fail sometimes too- sometimes I get lucky, lol. :)

  4. Now that I'm over a year behind here I have lots of reading to do. Very rare to see two snow days in a row. The kids seemed to really enjoy it.