Sunday, 24 March 2013

Miguel- Round 7- House 12

Welcome back to the Miguel house. Residing here are Sophie Miguel, her partner Ripley Dreamer (alien daughter of Darren), Alvin Oldie-Hanby-Gregory (son of Herb Oldie & maid Lucy Hanby) and his wife Melanie Gregory and their newborn son Damian.

It's the early hours of Monday when I join the house and already Sophie & Ripley are up and tidying their bedroom.
For some weeks now Sophie has locked a wish to win a fight against Nathan Gavigan. I have no idea how they became enemies but I cannot go against wishes.

Ripley invited her friend Nathan over, she is torn between seeing her friend get hurt and helping the love of her life.

Finally! Sophie gets her long-awaited wish fulfilled and poor Nathan can stop getting beaten up. :D

Ripley headed to a community lot and fulfilled a wish to make a wish while she was there. Nathan was visiting too and probably got the best benefit from Ripley's mood boost after his recent altercation!

Melanie is teaching her son Damian some useful skills for later in life.
Alvin finds some useful information that helps him write his paper.
His own newly-planted garden is coming along quite nicely.
Sophie had a wish for a florist bench and so set to work creating daisies.
Ripley likes meeting and greeting. She met Monica (Bratford) Caliente walking by.

She got her LTW of top of career.  Her next LTW is, like her partner Sophie to reach the top of the Dance career and be a World Class Ballet Dancer. They just need the career to appear in the paper/on the pc.

Melanie and her husband Alvin both became Education Ministers. I lost Alvin's pic. :D

As Summer kicked in Sophie found herself the victim of overheating whilst crafting flowers.

Melanie found herself expecting!

Alvin got a gold badge in Gardening.
Damian became a child and grew fond of the Grilled Cheese sandwiches his dad so loved. (Alvin's secondary aspiration).

Alvin got to put into reality the thesis he'd written about so recently.
His actual LTW is to have 6 grandchildren, and now perhaps that may be possible. ;)
Ripley got a nice bonus from financial advising when she earned 50K.  She also found her job in Dance, and Sophie too.
Due to the nature of their college degrees Ripley started one level lower in the career than Sophie. Sophie (and a walkby neighbour) were most approving of Ripley's outfit. Sophie rather wished she could wear that dress too.

A chance card got Sophie a demotion.
As did a second one. Be careful what you wish for next time Sophie!
Damian got a wish fulfilled when he learnt Physiology.

Ripley flew through the career to reach the top.
Alvin spawned 2 plantbabies in quick succession, Thorn & Frond.
Being fully skilled already (like their dad) they enjoy huggling and dancing!

On Saturday night Melanie went into labour.
She had another son, Graham. 
Although he's not yet reached his LTW, Alvin already got permanent platinum from maxing his Lifetime Benefits.
Sunday was spent catching up with friends. Lilith, Dirk and Lyka came over for a visit where they quickly taught young Damian the hula dance.

Lyka is filling Damian's head with things that only teens do....
Ripley disappeared whilst using the Dance-O-Sphere. I'd forgotten that Sims who have been abducted by aliens can do that! She came back safe and sound a short while later.
The day, and our week here ended with a family dinner when Alvin's mother and brother, Lucy & Harry came over with Christy and the twins. Lucy is loving meeting her plantbaby grandsons!


A very action filled week with all the Sims in the house.

Alvin- Reached TOC, became a plantsim, fulfilled Lifetime Aspiration panel and got Gold Gardening. His many wishes included serving, talking about and eating grilled cheese, making best friends, maxing nature hobby, finding bugs, fishing, and meeting new people.

Ripley- Reached TOC x2, learnt Physiology. She wished to meet new people, go fishing, go swimming, cast spells, earn cash, reach TOC's, blog about hobby.

Sophie- Got 40K chance card when in the Athletic career for a chance card, got silver badge in Floristry, won a fight, hustled pool, earned cash, met someone new, woohooed and dated Ripley.

Melanie- Reached TOC, maxed a skill (body), played, talked to and cuddled babies as well as trained them. Made Bff's and met new people.

Damian- Learnt Physiology, met someone new, made a friend, went fishing and learnt skills.

Thorn & Frond- like to be played with/snuggled/talked to. Learnt nursery rhymes and enjoyed huggling and dancing.
Next up will be a Uni round and end of round 7 score.



  1. How come Sophie and Ripley live with Alvin and Melanie? Are they related, or just friends sharing a house?
    Oh! I didn't know about the dance sphere disappearance when a Sim has been abducted by Aliens before. Must give it a try!

    1. Sophie, Ripley & Alvin were friends in college. Melanie was a Uni student that Alvin fell for. I put them together because I wasn't sure what to do with them! They are all quite happy though.
      BTW, if you've had a male abducted via telescope and he disappears in the dance-o-sphere, chances are he'll come back pregnant. :)

  2. A fun, very busy. I have to keep reminding myself who all your sims are. I've been away from this blog too long to keep track. :)