Monday, 4 March 2013

Terrano- Round 7- House 9

Here we are back at the Terrano house wherein reside Stella, her husband Dustin (Broke), his plant sim son Leaf, and .....

Blade- Stella & Dustin's natural son. He's a Knowledge Sim like his mother and is desperate to go to college.

He got one scholarship in the bag when he was abducted by aliens.
Blade & Leaf went to a community lot where they met new people, a 'network' gave Leaf an instant blind date. Blake sat at the next table to have a meal and pondered what he saw during his abduction.
 Blade was a bit miffed when Leaf and his date only paid for their own meal and so his teenage rebellion kicked in and he decided to skip out on the bill...
Luckily for Blade this is a big lot in a quad style, so he had lots of room to hide from the host.
Dustin had a wish to buy a vacation home and so a he did.
He, Stella & Blade went along to their new home on the beach where they got right down to some sunbathing.
Leaf didn't come along as, well- it's a nightmare trying to keep plantsims happy on holiday... :D

He was far happier at home where he had another date with Nancy, the college student he has dated several times. I was hoping he'd spin the desire to get engaged or married to her but no- he is defying me!
They had a great holiday! Poor Dustin got really sunburnt, but then with his fair colouring that seemed very true to life.
I love the alien suntan colour- wish I could have that as a default skintone. :D
Once home Blade had a wish to buy a robot bench where he got a Gold badge in no time at all thanks to the boost from his holiday reward.

I also bought a toybench and sewing machine knowing that after fulfilling a wish someone would spin up the wish for a badge...

Stella got Gold in toymaking, then promptly rolled to start Robotics- where she got to Silver before the week ended,

and Dustin is a master sewer now. He then rolled a want to buy a pottery bench and so is working toward his next Gold badge.
Stella finally, finally got her plaque for Nature! I think I hadn't taken her off lot for a while and she must've got stuck so the vacation and visits to Peerless Park helped!
Popularity plantsim Leaf loves meeting new people and does so everyday. He is very close to his 30 best friend wish, but hasn't quite made it this round. He threw several parties though and made new connections.

He's still training up his adopted cat Kim, who is close to the top of his career now.

Blade got a nice aspiration hit when he'd maxed his final skill.
Dustin too, with a secondary aspiration of Popularity got his 30 best friends.
There was just time at the end of the week to squeeze in a family visit. Grandma Brandi, Remington & his twins came over.
But then it was time for Blade to make his way to college.
He'd got lots of scholarships in the bag!

Join me next round to find out how the Terrano's get on as we wonder if Leaf is going to do anything serious with his life, settle down? or will life just continue as the party it is for him?

A good week here.
Stella- finally got in the zone in nature, got Gold in Toys. Learnt Anger Management, birdwatched, hunted bugs, planted seeds, spied on her neighbours and stargazed with telescope and on holiday enjoyed digging in the sand for goodies. She currently has the wish to get Gold robotics.
Dustin- This week reached the top of the Showbiz career. He has reached the top of his 8th career!  This is it now, :) His wishes were to buy the holiday home, reach TOC, sell a masterpiece, have 30 bf's, talk about hobby, catch bugs, be best friends with Robin. He got in the zone in Arts & Crafts and now wants a Gold Pottery badge.
Leaf- he is determined to undermine me and I think he won't settle down. He's had parties this week, met someone new every day, made bf and bff's as well as several dates.
Blade- He maxed his skills, went out with Michelle the store clerk after asking permission from one of his parents, after buying the cellphone he wished to call Lily Dreamer and Bradley Burb- every day. He learnt Couples Counselling and bought a green energy source as well as sneaking out (and getting busted) with fellow teen Alvin Futa. 
I never realised before that sims in the zone in nature get their 'glow' when building sandcastles, digging for souvenirs in the sand and sunbathing.
Next we are off to Dustin's younger brother Beau's house. 


  1. A lot of fun pictures to look at! I know I say this every time I read about someone sending their Sims on vacation, but I mean it: I really, really should send my Sims on vacation every now and then, too.
    Love it that they have a bit of a "Twikii"-theme to their kitchen :-) Did that happen before or after the island vacation?

    1. Yes I often forget about vacations too- in fact 2 families this round didn't go away and they own properties (which I forgot about!), lol.
      The entire house is based upon a holiday villa a family member owns in real life and so yes, the kitchen was already themed that way. :)
      This family is really fun, I've always loved Stella. :)

  2. I tend not to send my sims on vacation unless that is the only thing in their wish panel available. I just dont' want to take time to do it...heh Great update as usual. Yes, lots of eyecandy. Heh I had never seen the alien suntan!

  3. I sometimes enjoy sending my sims on a vacation, but sometimes it's just too much "work." This looked like fun though, and I had never seen the alien suntan before, I like it. :)

    1. I think vacations are one of those things I really enjoy playing when I can be bothered to send my sims away! More so when you play on a 'rota' system as you know the household will take you longer to play. :)