Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Uni update and end of round 7 score.

Welcome back to Uni. In our dorm the current residents are,

Eliza Broke, Dean and Lily Dreamer, Adam Pleasant, Donny & Bradley Burb and Blade Terrano. Blade is the newest member of the house and the second to want Greek House membership.

Eliza is a Popularity Sim. During the course of the last round and most particularly at Lucy Burb's 'Master of Chi' community lot, Eliza autonomously flirted with both Campbell Goth and Adam Pleasant. I'm fairly sure they both dated her when they were all teens. She has 3 bolts for both.

Pleasure-loving Donny Burb is still working his way to 50 first dates. He's had 30 so far. Adam thought a blind date might be a good idea for him too.

Oops, Eliza came back from class before Adam could end his date and now she is mad at him.

Eliza's not the only one!
When Blade joined the house the first thing he did was walk up and autonomously flirt with Lily Dreamer!
One thing led to another...
But Lily was engaged to Jack here. She couldn't stop falling in love with Blade though. True love and all that.

She broke her engagement off with Jack.
Poor Jack.
At least he doesn't live in the dorm now (he moved out to make way when Donny & Bradley moved in).
Blade soon proposed to Lily and let's hope their engagement lasts!
Lily's brother Dean hasn't shown any real interest in girls. He is happy skilling up and enjoying the party-like atmosphere in the dorm.

With so much going on this time the only picture of Bradley I could find is this one! He's liking his fellow secret society friend and vampire Regina!
Uni Summary,

Eliza- She's now made up with Adam and I am tempted to pair them up when they graduate. Eliza is in her final senior year and still enjoys all things nature related as well as meeting new people, making friends and having parties.

Lily Dreamer- I admit the idea of pairing up my families is appealing- it will keep the numbers in the 'hood down and who am I to interfere with my sims wishes? I haven't had a sim break up with another for a while and so that was fun. :) Lily wished to date Blade, skill and dance. She's in senior year.

Dean Dreamer- He's the quiet one in the house and skills away. He's also a fan of nature and helps Eliza in the dorm garden. He is making friends and is always sneaking upstairs to the telescope. He's a Junior.

Adam Pleasant- Has had several dates and wants to be in love with them all. He and Eliza having 3 bolts is pretty good I think, but will he ever be faithful if they get together? He's in Junior year. His wishes are all romance orientated, dating, kissing, meeting someone new, etc.

Donny Burb- Got 30 first dates so far. He is using the matchmaker about half of the time. He wishes to date, dance (smustle/hula/slap) as well as juggling and playing on the sofa. Sophomore.

Bradley Burb- Yeah, a quiet round for Bradley- he's been skilling up though and making friends. Next round Eliza and Lily should graduate quickly so I can concentrate more on him! I wonder if he and Regina will go any further than friendship? Sophomore year.

Blade Terrano- Sometimes the story tells itself doesn't it? That's why I like autonomy. He and Lily are a 2 bolt couple and I think they will be good together. Still a Freshman.
Round 7 Scores.

I'm not going for a round in Veronaville this time, I'm going to play another here in Pleasantview first!
Look out for round 8 updates soon!
Thanks for sticking with it and happy simming. :)


  1. It's fun to see what the children of our old familiar Maxis-Sims are turning out like!
    Yes, autonomy is what keeps the game so interesting, and so is playing without cheats (except for the occasional move_objects on when a Sim gets stuck somewhere due to a game bug).

    1. Yes it's the nice thing about the next generations- comparing them to our originals.
      I use Risky woohoo, and a couple of hacks that stop annoyances and fix things, but nothing game changing or cheating.

  2. Wow great score! :) I am impressed. So it looks like you might be able to marry in a vamp!

  3. Quite a round here, looks like it was pretty successful.