Saturday, 27 April 2013

Goth-Round 8- House 2

Welcome back to Goth Manor where in residence and showing initial wishes are,

Cassandra & Nicholas, (elders), their twin boys Hans & Campbell, Hans' wife Ivy (Copur), their twins Wednesday & Fuller and little Morgan.

At this point Cassandra, Nicholas, Hans and Ivy are all permanent platinum so I shall only fulfill wishes for them that I deem 'good'. :)

Of course the remaining member of the household is Grizzle and he reached the top of his last career, then retired as his master Campbell wished him to.

Cassandra was only too happy to help train her youngest grandson in potty. Campbell is getting himself another blind date on the way to his '50 1st date' lifetime want.

Though he left the mortal world many rounds ago Mortimer still comes out to haunt. As he watches his pleasure-loving Grandson Campbell blowing bubbles he can't help but think how kids have it so easy these days.

Ivy is busy working on her sewing badge and sometimes Nicholas autonomously comes up and 'gives hobby tips'. It's something I often see my sims do who are in the zone in a hobby.

Morgan just loves hugging that soppy dog Grizzle.
Last round I'm sure Ivy had a wish to privately educate her twins but it must've rolled away and so she settles for teaching them both good homework practice.
Cassandra spent the best part of her day on the 'phone calling up her friends and relatives.

Nicholas celebrated getting a Gold badge in Gardening.
Tuesday saw Cassandra say her final farewell on her 78th birthday.
She left nice inheritance to her family and friends.
Morgan grew up well despite his Grandmother's passing.
Campbell went on a date downtown but took the time to fulfill a locked wish to make 30 best friends for a nice aspiration boost.
He took his date dancing but ran into Brandi Broke who kept pushing him around- I guess she knew that her college daughter Eliza had a big crush on Campbell.
After he'd fulfilled his best friend wish Campbell rolled the wish to get a job in the Slacker career. He didn't get lucky with the pc or newspaper but did when a new acquaintance was formed downtown!

Of course wishes for parties are always fulfilled and Campbell is surrounded by a few former dates here.

Things almost got a bit ugly when he flirted with the burglar in front of Tosha Go, but he made it up with her later.

It's rare when the game throws a playable into the dating pool, but it did and Campbell and Kaylynn enjoyed a very brief date.

and yay, it was enough for him to finally stop spending all the family inheritance!

Meanwhile his more sensible twin Hans, was working his way through the Natural Science career.
Brr! Must be chilly going to work in the winter!

None of Campbell's dates lasted long enough for him to spin a wish to get engaged so for now he's settling for making friends at Will's Garage. Funny when he turned up his Dad was there who I haven't ever seen show an interest in Mechanics!
Ivy & Hans wished for several dates this week and of course the inevitable happened! (Thanks Risky!).

Nicholas retired.

Ivy walked her pregnant self to work and this is what happens when you leave guys alone with the kids all day... heh. Was a fun day though. :D

Until later when Grizzle was taken by Grimmie, anyway.
Grizzle came back to haunt pretty quickly, and even enjoyed a game of Ghost Fetch with the cowplant-eaten former vacation maid, Audrey.
Hans had a wish to become a witch. He only knew the evil witch and so after a bit of chatting he persuaded her to teach him the ways of the darkside. (oh wait, I think that's Star Wars) :p

Nicholas made best friends with his daughter-in-law and has been happy surrounded by his family.

Sadly though his number was up- he was 74 years old.
Nicholas equalled his wifes' number in inheritance payouts.
He would die just as the twins were about to grow up, but grow up they did and pretty well all things considered. (Ignoring the fact that their dad and Uncle are bawling their heads off).

Wednesday rolled Family like her Grandmother Cassandra, and her LTW is to become a City Planner, like her Grandad Nicholas.

Fuller rolled Popularity and his LTW is to become a Celebrity Chef.
Morgan was consoled by his Uncle Campbell- the two now share Cassandra & Nicholas' old room.
While we'll have to wait until the next round to see his 4th child born, (Poor Ivy- that's only 12 houses to go!) Hans has embraced wizardry and has settled on becoming a neutral warlock.

Summary- a very good (if long!) round here at Goth Manor.

Cassandra- only lived until Tuesday- she spent Monday on the 'phone and with her grandkids.

Nicholas- lasted until the end of the week, he was a nice sim to play and if you recall was a vacationer townie from Takemizu Village.

Campbell- played him through all his dates- he had a few outings as well. He also filled his Lifetime Benefits panel and so next time I'll control him as little as possible unless he wishes for something fun. He's usually found blowing bubbles or playing with his R.C. helicopter.

Hans- His beginning wishes were to become a plantsim while seeing his plantsim friend be cured of plantsimism! As it was Winter mostly this round there were no plants and therefore no bugs, so when that span away the Witch wish appeared. Always fun to play witches. :)  His hobby is nature and he also got Gold in toymaking this week and learned Couples Counselling.

Ivy- Mainly sewed, blogged, dated, worked and sewed some more. She also span up wishes to influence someone to garden, which she did when Campbell had his parties.

Wednesday, Fuller & Morgan- usual kiddy wishes to skill, make friends, do homework, catch butterflies, play catch, smustle and grow up well.






  1. Great as always. I don't believe I have ever seen Cassie pass away. My oh my but she certainly leaves behind quite the legacy.

    1. Thanks, I don't think Cassie has ever died in my game before either. She was a great sim to play. :)

  2. I loved this! Cassandra is an elderly lady in my game, too, but I hope she'll stay around for a while. Her daughter looks so much like her, doesn't she!
    The household must be monstrously rich by now, with all the inheritance money plus regular income from working Sims and pets.

    1. I think they have about 800K in the bank- so not too bad, ;)
      Wednesday is Cassandra's grandaughter but she really does look like Cassadra yes, I think so too. :)

  3. Wednesday does look like her grandma. Very pretty girl. The kids and grandkids all look mostly happy. Congrats on finishing the 50 1st dates. I've got 2 or 3 more to go I think in all my hoods. Hopeful for some new LTW from new generations. :) Bye Cassie and Nicholas. He was good for her and they left behind a beautiful family

    1. Thx. For some time I dreaded doing the 50 1st dates but I find it quite fun now. :)