Monday, 8 April 2013

Lothario- Round 8- House 1

Welcome to round 8 in Pleasantview. Here is a shot of the neighbourhood and it's current residents,

This round I shall attempt (as always) to fulfill my sims wishes- 5 a day each to be precise. One little adjustment is that when a sim is an elder and has reached permanent platinum, I shall no longer fulfill wishes unless it's something particularly interesting.

So first on the list as always is Don Lothario. Let's go see what he's up to....

When we join Don this week he and Kaylynn are busy training up their toddler twin daughters Val & Tina. Kaylynn is showing another pregnancy as well. (Kaylynn's LTW is to marry off 6 kids).

Don and Kaylynn also have twin sons, Juan & Marco.
Can Don quite believe that in just 2 rounds he's gone from single guy on the town to a father of 4?! (Well, 5 if you include his son Donny with Lucy Burb). heh.

Don had already completed his LTW. He's had 2 careers and woohooed over 30 Sims thus fulfilling an impossible want. His 3rd LTW was to have 50 dream dates and last round I worked very hard on it and am determined to complete it! (Don may not be fulfilling wishes (that I can see) but I know a date off by heart and more importantly Don). He likes to make drinks (as you see), meet new people and kiss, make out etc etc as well as playing on the sofa and juggling.

Kaylynn has already got 'have a baby' locked. She wished to help with homework and as the twins wished to learn homework then her and Don both obliged.

Another daughter is born to Kaylynn and Don. Mixing up their names I came up with the name Kaydon for her. Like her twin brothers and sisters she has Don's dark hair and the green eyes of both parents.

After putting the kids to bed, Don & Kaylynn managed to fit 3 dates in. Kaylynn of course wants more babies and well, let's just say during the course of said dates it may have happened!

Tina & Val became children. Their initial wishes were to learn homework, make friends, meet someone new and jump rope.

Inbetween a day of skilling and wish fulfillment for the children Don & Kaylynn had a few more dates.

and yay, Don fulfilled a third LTW (and a first for me getting 50 dream dates).

On Wednesday Death came calling for Don, but Don had other ideas- he challenged death!

and won! Haha, take that Death!
(Don had got a genie lamp wayyy back and his wish was to have a longer life- This is what happens- he bought himself a bit more time).

His two sets of twins were so excited they broke into a smustle dance.
and (pregnant again) Kaylynn was happy that Don was there to see Kaydon become a toddler.

Don wished to teach Kaydon a nursery rhyme and made best friends with her too.

On Thursday Death came calling again. Don dropped to his knees once more to plead for his life...

But Death did not give another chance. Don grabbed his suitcase and cocktail and at 77 days old headed off to the great hottub in the sky.
(I'm happy to see that at least in this shot all the rest of the family were in platinum!) Up until then, at least. heh.

That night was particularly bad with everyone waking every few hours to shed a tear for Don.

Once Don's inheritance had kicked in the family found themselves a little over 65,000 simoleons richer!
Kaylynn decided on a little refurbishment, to cheer herself up.

Kaylynn had somehow wished and managed to earn some skill points and I chose creativity for her. She had started this portrait of Don and finished it in time to place it on the wall above where his bed once was. As he spent so much time here it seemed the perfect place for his picture.

 A Family sims' initial wish after a death is often to fall in love or date or flirt etc. Kaylynn chose the maid Amin, he was a good friend of hers anyway and they enjoyed a date. I didn't let the date get far enough to have 'engaged' or 'married' wishes come up but they fell in love despite my best efforts.

Kaylynn, the twins and newly grown up Kaydon (in the middle) all wished to get a kitten, and so they adopted little Bonkers. I wonder why Val is talking about dating? She is a little young to be thinking about that yet!

The boys however are not! Juan and Marco became teens and their initial wishes were to buy cellphones, clothes and jewellery. They spent some time at the community lot playing pool, chatting and generally having fun.

Juan rolled Pleasure and his LTW is to be a professional party guest. He got a job in the slacker field. He has wished for college and as yet it hasn't rolled away.

Marco rolled Popularity and his LTW is to become Captain Hero. No college wish so far but it's only day 1 of teenhood!

Kaylynn welcomed a 4th daughter into the world, Celeste Lothario.
Of course now she wants 10 kids. haha- please roll away.
The boys help fulfill wishes with playing,
and they are all best friends.

Val made best friends with Damian Gregory, son of Alvin Oldie-Hanby-Gregory and his wife Melanie.

The week ends with Celeste becoming a toddler.
What a week it's been, but we need to finish with a final salute to Don.
Farewell Don, you were a young stud, old lover, husband, father and friend.

Aww, *sniff*. In all the years I've played Don he's never died before.

Don- I'd forgotten that he'd made that genie wish in his youth and so that was a nice surprise.
What a great life he had.

Kaylynn- had wishes to train all the toddlers, unusual for a family sim but a godsend in that it kept her in at least gold- she was energized a lot this week as pregnancy seems to really exhaust her. She did finally learn the parenting wish she showed in the screen of Don's death. Got skills and made a few friends too as well as lots of dates early in the week with Don.

Juan and Marco- similar wishes, jumping rope, skilling. Marco learnt couples counselling. They greeted passers by and made a few friends as well as learning homework and doing homework.

Val & Tina- Val is keener to make friends. Tina tends to want to skill and dance.
Kaydon had homework help from one of her brothers, made a friend and jumped rope.

Now that Bonkers is in the family the girls all want to play with and cuddle him (?) (Think it's a boy). He'll be very spoiled!

Celeste has just turned toddler and shows the usual toddler wishes.

Next update will be at the Goth's!



  1. *sniff sniff* wipes tear....Good bye Don. I have never seen him die either....he did it all tho, didn't he? He left behind a nice looking family and a great condo for them to go on in. :)

    1. He certainly did it all Wen! He was so much fun to play. :)

  2. Aaaw, good old Don! He's an elder in my game, no idea when he'll pass "to the great hottub in the sky" (I loved that!)...
    The family still live in Don's original house, right? How do you fit everyone in?

    1. It is Don's original house yes. haha. What a nightmare. I added a room on behind the staircase which is big enough to house 4 beds/cots. Then I built above that which made a room for the boys. The rest was the same with a bit of a moving of furniture. Now I've squared off the front of the house and built above it (where the hot tub originally was)- Kaylynn has that room and another bathroom was added. :)

  3. I love the house redo. That is one house that really needs it.

    Don has always been one of my favorites. It's sad to see him go. He did leave behind seven children though, and with only two women. Impressive.

  4. Awww, Don...bye bye Don. I have yet to see him ever die either, but he had a good life. He will be missed I'm sure, but no one can say he was taken too young. ;) All of his kids, here and in other blogs, are very good looking. I'm hoping he has a few in Megalahood...once I reach Pleasantview. :)