Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Dina Caliente-Round 8- House 3

Welcome back to Dina's, where she lives with her husband, former Mr Big Magnus, their sons Vito and Mario and Vito's wife Monica. Also cats Midnight, Darcy & Liza and kittens Bingley & Jane.

Dina's initial wishes were to Hustle pool, play with someone, buy jewellery, buy a handheld game. Her inheritance kicked in from Don, Cassandra & Nicholas.

Vito's wishes were to play with Dina, tell her a joke, entertain someone and play with Magnus.

Romance orientated Mario wished for and recieved a date with teen townie, Jane.

Magnus wanted to get in the zone in Science, which he did that first night. He never recieved a memory or a plaque though, :(

Monica wished to woohoo in tent, get gold fishing, go on vacation and learn anger management. She did the latter first.

Last time there were no baby signs for the newlyweds and so this time I put Bingley and Jane (the latest 2 kittens) up for adoption.

So, leaving Dina & Magnus fulfilling their 'dance with someone' wish,
Monica, Vito & Mario headed to Rocky Road, the vacation home they bought last time at 3 Lakes.

After settling in they headed out to meet and greet the locals. Mario had dated this young lady a while back after meeting her at Takemizu Village and got a nice boost after wishing to kiss her.

Monica got her Gold badge in fishing.
Mario is Romance/Knowledge and therefore wished to skill.
On their last night Vito broke the news that he and Monica would be having a baby when they got back home.
I can't tell whether Mario is gagging at that news or the burnt fish dish he was being made to eat.
Back home and Dina & Magnus had enjoyed a romantic few days peace.
I love how Dina has never lost the wish to sell lemonade. The townies love this house for its refreshments- even in the winter!

Sadly though all good things must end and on her 77th birthday Dina shed her mortal coils.

She left a nice inheritance.
The next day Monica's pregnancy was confirmed.
Magnus reached his 70th birthday and retired.
He was the first to make a wish when the Gypsy dropped off a lamp.
He got a nice aspiration boost when he made best friends with Darcy.
There are two wishing wells now as Dina got the first some time ago and Monica very recently wished to join up, this was her score....
Not so much 'score' as a 'well done, here's some money'. :)
Monica & Vito had a daughter called Maria. She got her Grandmother Dina's blonde hair!
Mario grew up! He was a little sad at not going to college but as he never had the wish at that time I didn't bother sending him. He'd also got his Gold badge in Toymaking after the vacation and in doing so you can see he got permanent platinum status by filling his lifetime aspiration benefits.  Now he wants to max his skills, flirt, go skating and resurrect Dina. No Grim Reaper phone here though.
But maxing skill we could do! 
Mario's LTW is to be top of Culinary, he initially stayed in the Rock career (his teen job) but found Culinary after several more days.
Darcy & Eliza are trying for more kitties. I've decided to be more prepared for the next time a Sim has a 'raise 20' LTW!

Little Maria became a toddler during one of her Grandad's parties.
Mario had changed into a snappy suit and was trying to impress Amaya Pleasant while his father was catching up with his good friend The Diva.
A new kitten Fitz was born, and after a day or so he was adopted into the pool.

Mario got 'double' permaplat when he became a Celebrity Chef.
I think he'll be a non-controlled sim next round.
The week ends with us saying goodbye to Midnight the cat, Magnus' first pet that he autonomously bought one day when another family was at the pet store. He had a good life with the Caliente's.
A good week here, the vacation broke things up nicely- I find when I don't have them for a while I really want the Sims to have them, and it's always locked when one spins it up (especially if they buy a property).
We said farewell to Dina, but she had a fun week playing and hustling pool- she beat the Unsavoury Character a couple of times- turning the tables or what? :D
Marcus retired to train/praise and command his pets- he has sent Darcy & Eliza to try for more kitties after Midnight died.

Vito- likes to play- games, pc games, chess, marco polo, then he likes to blog and dance.
Monica- likes all things nature related, also likes kissing her husband and woohooing in the tent.
Mario- He's an enigma due to his Romance/Knowledge aspiration- he likes to learn things and date, now he's fully skilled and permanent platinum it'll be interesting to see his wishes next time around- and if I choose to fulfill any. :)

Maria- Still a toddler with all the usual wishes.
Dina beating the Unsavoury Charlatan at Pool. 



  1. Aaaw, farewell, Dina!
    What do you mean, she beat the Unsavoury Charlatan? In playing pool? I didn't know it is possible to play pool with that NPC.

    Wow, well done, Mario! And I am looking forward to seeing little Maria growing up.

    1. Yes Dina had the wish to 'hustle', and everytime someone joined her they would leave before the game ended, but the Unsavoury Charlatan didn't leave and she beat him, I'll see if I can find a pic and will add it to the end of this entry. :)

  2. Woot, now you make me want to go back to TS2 for a while. Tonight when I get home from work!!!! :) You will probably see an update this weekend!

  3. Awesome update. Bye bye Dina...so crazy to see all the Maxis made sims passing on. I know I have a long time for any of that to occur in Megalahood, but Breeze Point's CAS sims will be doing some of that this next round...not sure I'm ready. :)

    1. I know this is the furthest I've played the Pleasantview sims. I've not been a fan of killing them off but this time I was ready to do it. :D