Monday, 20 May 2013

Dreamer- Round 8- House 5

Welcome back to the Dreamer house, wherein reside;
Lilith & Dirk. Lilith's initial wishes were to get fit, woohoo, hula dance, slap dance, make friends with Marylena & Bruce.
Dirk's were to woohoo, have Lyka go to college, earn some money, blog about tinkering and arts & crafts and talk to Leaf. First wish fulfilled for both - woohoo.
Their youngest daughter Lyka who's a teen. Initial wishes to go out/sneak out with Marco Lothario, go to college and play bass. First wish fulfilled- play bass.
Finally Adam, eldest son who just came home after graduation. His LTW is to be top of the Gamer career- he didn't find his job so took the first he found which was in Science. Initial wishes to Earn 75K, get fit, tell inside joke and get kitten/puppy and resurrect Darren  First wish fulfilled- tell inside joke.
I'm not controlling Dirk or Lilith so much now they are permaplat. Dirk enjoys spending time with his elder dog Jacques, who was resurrected last round, and his pet cat Daley.  His wishes revolve around hobbies/ tinkering and arts and crafts and he often strolls to the pc to browse the internet for both.
Popularity with a hint of Pleasure sim Lilith can often be found jumping on the settee. Old she may be, but never mature.
Dirk decided to activate one of his Servo's that he found in his backpack. This is a female called Dream1E. Like Dirk she is a Fortune sim and so far has just shown wishes to buy me! buy me! Her LTW is to earn 100K and so she took a job in Business.
The other robots are still doing their thing and it's handy having a cleanbot when someone comes and kicks over the trash. Lots of people are mad with Lilith- I think it's because she often teases and pranks sims whilst on community lots when I'm playing other houses.
Like she cares? haha.
As spring arrives so does the wish for parties. Lilith invited all her old college buddies as well as her eldest daughter Lily & her partner Blade. Check out Angela giving Alexander a backrub.
Yep- spring is in the air- and so is Darren's ghost. :)
Lyka got to the top of her teen career and bagged another scholarship. She often brought a friend home from work,
and school,
and when she brought Randy London home, she rolled the wish to go steady, and so now they are teen sweethearts.
Once you see past the piles of trash from the broken cleanbot you can see Daley the cat has earned himself a good pile of cash reaching the top of career.
After reaching the top of the Science career Dean went into another one- Education I think. What is he, his friend Leaf and Dream1E shouting at?
tut- you bring home a friend and they steal your gnome!
Lilith will go steal it back later, she always does. :)
Lyka made 10 best friends this week, now she wants 30. Popularity Sims!
When left to her own devices Lilith plays the bass. Nice of Dirk to tip her!
When left to his own devices Dirk decides to pet a skunk. Enough said.
Apart from working I had Dream1E start making robots, it stops her making endless plates of food. She also enjoys playing with the pets.

Lyka rolled wishes several times to go out/ sneak out with Marco Lothario and so she did one night.

Lilith threw another party where she invited friends rather than family. Nice to keep the friendships going.

We say two farewell's this week. One to Jacques who was resurrected last round and so enjoyed a bonus week at the house.

and Lyka, who has gone to join the Broke twins in college!
Dirk- Apart from woohoo, blogging and interacting with other sims I didn't direct him at all- he does financial consulting at the pc, browses the internet and tips when someone plays all by himself.

Lilith- I had her make the friendships she wanted, voodooed one when she wished for it and threw the party. Other than that she plays music, dances to music and jumps around on the settee.

Dean- The cowplant was still in need of milking after its last victim (the teen Ricky Cormier from about round 4) and so I had Dean drink it- in hindsight I should've had Lyka do it before she went to college. I haven't decided what to do with Dean- he worked 2 jobs before he found Gamer on Sunday.

Lyka- a good week of skilling, friendship building and scholarships, she snuck out, went steady and went to college.

Dream1E- she's a free maid, but irritating in serving food a lot when only one sim is hungry.



  1. There aren't any activated servos yet in New Maximiliania, but seeing Dream1E here made me want to change that.
    Funny how Lilith stays true to her character no matter how old she is :-D

    1. Lilith in my game has always been about the music, playing it and grooving to it. The pleasure side of her makes her fun too, she's been a blast to play. I never envisioned her with 3 kids but that's Risky for you. :D
      I haven't activated a servo in forever but we'll see how it goes. Dirk has a couple more in his backpack. :)

  2. I don't do much with servos but they are sort of interesting. Lilith has been fun to read about here, she's an interesting girl and that pleasure side really does move her desires. :)

    1. Yeah Lilith is pretty easy to keep happy- dance, hula, slap dance, smustle, dance with
      Servo's are ok- they are really just another playable character who tidy up and make food without direction. :D

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  4. The jacket, top and trousers that Lilith has, did you get it from the Internet or did you make it yourself?

    1. Hi Jack.
      I got Lilith's (and probably Dirk's come to think of it) outfit from
      Here's the address for Lilith's top,

      and the trousers here,

      Enjoy & Happy Simming

    2. Oh, I should mention that I use the untucked version of the trousers as there are two options. :)