Friday, 10 May 2013

Nina Caliente- Round 8- House 3a

Welcome back to Nina's house wherein reside,

Nina, that hot-blooded Caliente sister. Last time she'd met Prof Keith here, and this time she enjoyed a very nice date with him, as per her wishes of course.
Nina has completed 2 LTW's, her first to 'woohoo 20 sims' and her second was reaching the top of a career. Her 3rd is to have '50 dream dates', and that is one I feel I am close to completing.
Her initial wishes were to have a date, talk about hobby, be best friends with Prof Keith and go on vacation.

Also living here is Nina's son Rico who spend most of his time training/praising and playing with his little dog Jake while his mother does her thing.
Rico grew up last time and is a Popularity Sim, his LTW is to become a Media Magnate. His initial wishes were to buy a phone/handheld/mp3, become bff's with Blade Terrano, command Jake and go to college.

Rico used the Autumnal boost to skill not only himself but his dog.
His latest fetish is setting fire to leaf piles, which is a little worrying.
He got himself a teen job and soon reached the top of his career, although he does get fed up of cleaning up after his Mothers' scorned lovers.

The lastest of whom was the resident DJ who Nina had enjoyed a date with previously. However this time she went on an outing with lots of college people, (which is odd seeing as how she never went to college), and even odder that they were dressed in Togas. Nina being Nina flirted with one or two and that set the DJ off. The 'Llama' is none other than Dagmar the postlady.


Anyway Nina made it up to the DJ by smooth talking, then asked him to repair some of her stuff.

oops- so he didn't have high mechanical skills after all. He did survive though, and left pretty swiftly after that. Go figure.

Rico wasn't have the best week- a chance card got him sacked.
Even when he met someone new to chat with on the pc he couldn't stop thinking about his lost job.

He was mad with his Mother when she kept bringing different guys home, especially as they seemed to be getting younger! (That's Guy Wrightley from college).
He rebelled by sneaking out with Marco Lothario.
Thankfully he never got caught.
While Nina was thoroughly enjoying her life and frequent new dates, she decided the time had come to make it up to Rico. Knowing the one thing he really wanted, she steeled herself and....

decided the time had come for Rico to meet his real father. She invited him to join them at their holiday cottage in Twikkii Island.

"George- Rico, Rico- George. Um, I mean your dad".

They did all the usual holiday stuff. George was non-controllable but was influenced fairly easily.
of course Nina had to make some sacrifices.
Some of the locals weren't particularly friendly.
Nina didn't help with her desire for public woohoo with George. She didn't realise that William here still held a candle after their last holiday romance back when she was a young singleton on her first visit to Twikki Island.

But the end result was that Rico had got to meet and know his Dad and the holiday was very successful.

It took several trips for George to drop off all the date rewards that he and Nina had enjoyed whilst on holiday.

Nina was soon back to her old tricks, a second date with Guy gave her yet another bouquet.

and a date with Peter Sims gave her another.
On Saturday she threw a party, but was clever to only invite one former lover while the rest of the guests were just good friends.
But Sunday soon came around and Rico showed off his culinary expertise to his visiting family before heading to work.

Since her sister died Nina has (somehow) kept up her friendships with Magnus and family. Vito arrived in gym kit then ran straight off the lot. Weird. :)

Rico and Nina's last words were not great, but he headed off to college hoping that perhaps one day they would make it up.


Nina- Is almost at her 50! Her wishes revolved around meeting someone new, dating, painting, talking about her hobby and getting a good reputation. I locked the vacation wish early on.

Rico- It's funny as he and Nina do have a good relationship score despite the fact that he is often mad at her for bringing so many men home.
He wished to train, praise and command Jake, meet new people then make friends/best friends. He made 10 best friends this week.

We'll find out next time whether he and Nina make it up and how he enjoys college.



  1. Hahaha too funny about Rico looking the other way when Nina brings home man-friends. lol Great vacay, looks like they all had a lot of fun!

    1. Yeah it's a blast playing Nina, and seeing as how she was a vampire for a while she is younger than the other originals, so will be around a while longer. :)

  2. Does Rico actually set fire to the piles of leaves on his own accord? I think my Sims only do that when I tell them to. Maybe they know that many a premature death has occurred that way in New Maximiliania ;-)
    Nina is cool! The "college" party was interesting - everyone in togas, and the mail carrier dressed in a llama costume, really weird!

    1. No, I have to direct Rico to set fire to the leaves. I've decided to inject a bit of danger into the houses of those with trees/without gardening wishes. :D
      Yes that was odd about the party- fun though. :D

  3. Ah Nina....she is an interesting character to say the least. She will be fun to play when I finally get there. I hope Rico enjoys college. What was Rico's father's name again?

    1. Rico's father is George the townie. He enjoyed a holiday with them this time. :)