Monday, 13 May 2013

Uni Update- Round 8.

Current residents are,
Eliza Broke, Dean & Lily Dreamer, Adam Pleasant, Donny & Bradley Burb and Blade Terrano.
Eliza was the first to graduate, she got a 4.0 in Art.
She moved back in with her Mum & Dad, Brandi & Remington Broke.
Next to graduate was Eliza's 3 bolt love, that romancing sim Adam Pleasant. I decided to put them together but the game wouldn't allow it as I assume Brandi's dog is pregnant. He's in an empty house at the moment.
Adam got a 4.0 in Art.
The lovely Lily Dreamer was next, she showered midway through the party- why do Sims do that?!
She earned a 4.0 in Biology and will be moving to her fiance Blade Terrano's home.
Blade had got his 4.0 in Mathematics. He looks a lot like his father Dustin (Broke) I think.
Here's Lily after her makeover.
I can't wait to play them but the Terrano's are house number 10 so I'll have to!
Here's Dean Dreamer, he moved back to his folks' house after earning a 4.0 in Mathematics.
So that left Donny & Bradley Burb.
Bradley had decided to shed his inhibitions and became much closer to his fellow YA vampire friend Regina.
He also sold a novel as per his wishes.
They were joined at the dorm by Rico Caliente.
Who soon learned to let his hair down.
He chose Political Science as a major.
and got accepted into the Secret Society- even forming a (voodooed) friendship or two. :D
Donny successfully fulfilled his 50 1st date lifetime wish whilst dating his (real) dad's old girlfriend Ericka Jayapalan.
Then graduation was upon Donny and he gained a 4.0 in Political Science.
Bradley followed with a 4.0 in Art. (Lots of Art students this round!).
They moved back to their parents' house.

Rico was still living dangerously setting fire to leaf piles.
Of course I didn't really expect him to set on fire!
and as he was the only playable character on the lot, I'm sad to say that he perished in the fire as no-one could save him. :(
So the dorm is now empty and awaiting new entrants.




  1. It was fun to see Rico "letting his hair down" - and sad to see him go! I thought I am the only one to be mean enough with her Sims to use the burning leaf piles for the occasional bit of population control ;-)

    How did you manage to have two Sims wearing their graduation robes at the same time? Can you throw more than one grad. party?

    1. The fires are things that generally only happen in other peoples' games, such as yours, lol, but yes it has helped keep the general populus down. I wonder if Nina will even notice next time I play her?!
      The other students in grad robes were guests, they turn up to the party in their robes when it's a graduation just as wedding guests turn up in formal, :)

    2. Nerves of steel doing that...poor Rico! I find it hard to do that, unless I am running a challenge where I am working on getting ghost colors or something like that.
      I am sure Nina will notice. ;)

    3. I know, I was a bit mean but he did only set fire to the pile once, it's not like I made him do it a hundred times. :D

  2. Oh man. I like Rico....liked Rico. Poor Rico now he'll never get to mend anything with his mom. :( Ah well, sometimes things happen I guess. The only time something like that has happened to me I brought him back....although I had reason. :)

    1. Yeah I usually always intervene and plead with the Reaper but sadly Rico was on his own this time.