Sunday, 30 June 2013

Burb- Round 8- House 8

Welcome back to the Burb household wherein reside,
John & Jennifer, their daughter Lucy, her husband Carter and their 3 kids- newly graduated Donny (whose real father was Don Lothario) & Bradley and young Lowry.
Initial wishes pics were eaten by photobucket so from my notes we go thus far,
John wished to woohoo in his chopper... :D  As Jennifer also wished for woohoo this worked out nicely for an initial wish.
After said Woohoo, Jennifer wished to make more friends- and spent the best part of the day calling up old and new friends. Carter wished to sell a masterpiece and Donny just wants to have fun- he's entertaining for tips.
It turned out that the first day on the lot, was the last day for Jennifer- Just as a winter storm broke she aged to 78, slipped her mortal coils and headed off to- well, she headed off. :)
As photobucket keeps eating my little pictures I can tell you from my notes that Jennifer left inheritance to 17 people- she'd maxed her friends that day and had 12. John and Lucy got 20K & 10K from Jennifer proving that she really was a nice wife and mother.
John of course was devastated- even though he'd already spun up the wish to 'fall in love'.
and jump on the sofa....
There's Bradley in the background- he's setting up a date with his college vampire friend Regina.
We haven't seen Lowry yet- she's probably playing Marco Polo with the friend that she brought home from school.
John also wished to 'obtain a pet'. This is sometimes better than wishing for a puppy or kitten as you can adopt. John chose to adopt Grace. She's an elder dog. Lowry also got a wish fulfilled as she wished to obtain a pet too.
John's 'fall in love' wish was still around the next day and so he picked from his friends' list the highest relationship score and that was Caryl- our resident reporter.
As bad luck would have it though, Grimmy & The Hula's came for John.
He was 83 days old and left inheritance to 14 people- including 10K for both his children Lucy & Lucas and 2,500 for his granddaughter Lowry.
Lowry happened to have her birthday around the same time, and while she grew up well she wasn't a happy bunny.
The roll of the dice gave her Pleasure and her LTW is to become an Education Minister. (go figure).
Donny can't shake the stigma of looking like his real father and although he achieved his LTW of 50 first dates he can't help but shine it on for the ladies.
He has a penchant for his 50th 1st date, Ericka Jayapalan and has been on lots of dates with her.
He really shouldn't do that in front of Mrs Crumplebottom!
During a date he wished to and became engaged to Ericka. He did spin a wish to marry her but in the same set of wishes wanted to fall in love with an old college dorm-mate and so I decided his heart wasn't in it.
Instead he chaperoned Lowry to a community lot where she bought new clothes, phone, etc.
She hustled pool and made friends,
and he larked about....
all in the name of wishes you know. :)
Bradley invited Regina on a date.
Things were heating up nicely between them. But after about 4 dates neither showed the wish for engagement.

Bradley rolled wishes to spy on his neighbours....
and lived to regret it when he chose Nina Caliente to spy on!
Meanwhile Carter sold his masterpiece, Lucy is entertaining Kaylynn and Lowry just had a first date.
Lucy kept her last business, Master of Chi- she's busy working on some new moves.
"Carter- have you opened up yet?  I want to show off my new moves"....
"What? What's that dear?"....
Carter eventually got around to letting people in and normal classes resumed.
Their faithful employee was promoted to Manager and for the rest of the week Lucy & Carter remotely checked on the business via the telephone.
Donny had found a job in the Music industry and reached his second LTW of becoming a Rock God within the week.
His brother Bradley's LTW is to become a Celebrity Chef- he only found the career on Sunday night.
Wishing for another date Bradley and Regina enjoyed themselves down at the Crypt 'O Nightclub. As they wished to dine I used the 'surprise engagement'- hey- they needed a shove! After that I'm happy to say Bradley rolled the wish to be married- Finally!
and that's a substantial wish to be fulfilled.
It was a rather rushed affair as the sun was close to rising. Guests included Remington, Jules, Verne, Eliza & Adam Broke, Dean & Lyka Dreamer and Donny made it home from being a Rock God for the night to be best man to his brother.
Here are the next generation Mr & Mrs Burb- Bradley & Regina.
As Carter heads upstairs after a long but exciting day, he's really hoping for a good nights' sleep.
Yeah- good luck with that!

Yeah- photobucket has gone bonkers on me today- lost all my little snip pics of initial wishes/ inheritance/ pop ups etc.

No matter.
It was a good week.

John and Jennifer- while I was never a fan they were fairly easy to play- both very hobby orientated with Jennifer occasionally wanting to make friends and John liking to entertain for tips.

Lucy- meeting new people, making friends, blogging about her hobbies of Film & Literature, Fitness and Games (she got in the zone in the latter this week). She also learned Couples Counselling this week.
When I first went to the business this week it had dropped to level 9- she got it back to 10 very quickly.

Carter- selling a masterpiece, planting a seed- jumping on the sofa (crazy family), commanding Grace, hiking and blogging. Got in the zone in Music & Dance this week.

Donny- lots of dates this week, also wished to light the fire, jump on sofa, swim, talk about hobby. He learnt Lifelong Happiness this week and got a second LTW as well as getting engaged.

Bradley- He wished to and sold a novel, appreciated, tickled, entertained and played his way through the week. Finally had a good day Sunday when he found his career path and got married.  (I gave Donny & Bradley fair chance to be the 'heir' but neither were that keen- lol).

Lowry- wished to have a date, go jogging, meet someone new, flirt. Also play with and command Grace the dog.

Regina- a Popularity sim who joined from college- her LTW is to have 20 best friends and her initial wishes were to appreciate, entertain and play with Bradley.

See you next time. :)


Friday, 21 June 2013

Oldie-Hanby- Round 8- House 7

Welcome back to the Oldie-Hanby house where in residence and initial wishes are;
Lucy Hanby, her son Harry, his wife Christy and their twin daughters Hayley & Sally.
Lucy starts this round of wishes by talking with Hayley.
Then she swings Sally around to fulfill her wish.
Harry is still trying (and failing) to master the art of the fire dance.
and pregnant-again Christy masters the Garden and gets a Gold badge.
Popularity sim Lucy always wants to meet someone new so her and Harry head to the shopping centre where they meet and greet and buy new clothing.
Harry enjoyed a soak in the hot tub before they returned home.
The twins are best friends and are often found pillow fighting.
Christy reached the top of the business career.
Later that night....
She has twins again! Boys this time who are named Harley & Charlie.
You've got to be kidding me?! Immediately after the babies were put down Christy rolled the wish to woohoo.
I'm fairly certain she's too old to have more babies... *fingers crossed*.
Lucy is so excited to be a Grandma to newborns' again!
She called all her friends to share the news.
Harry & Christy decided to brush up on their parenting knowledge.
While Sally learnt about Anger Management. Maybe she's a tad jealous of the new babies?
Hayley brought Noah Pleasant home from school and they became firm friends.
Later that day the girls grew up. Usual wishes for handheld/cell phone/mp3 spurred me on to take them off lot,
They got some new clothes too- Hayley rolled Knowledge and wishes to be a Space Pirate. Sally rolled Family and her LTW is to be a Business Tycoon.
As the twins arrived home Lucy was greeting guests for one of her famous parties.
Harry was busy training up Harley & Charley who had just aged to toddlers.
The twins bedroom got a revamp,
giving it a more 'teen' vibe.
Once Lucy reached 70 she retired so she could spend more time with her toddler grandsons.
Christy didn't roll too many wishes to train the toddlers but she loved to play peek-a-boo and sing nursery rhymes with them.
Knowledge sim Hayley rolled the wish to get into private school, and it just so happened that the night he came the twins became kids. Good timing? I think so ;)
Lucy served up her special Turkey dinner.
Their 4 children got into private school,
Which gave Hayley a nice boost as she worked on her logic skill.
As it was Sunday Lucy invited her other son Alvin and his family over.
None of whom went near Harry after he got sprayed by the skunk!
and we leave the family dancing away... until next time!
Another good week here at the Oldie-Hanby house. It was very busy with the kids/babies/teens and what not but hopefully next week will be a little calmer now everyone isn't up every few hours attending to babies/toddlers. :)
Lucy now wishes to earn 100K, (now that she has retired!) I'm kind of surprised she hasn't got it what with having the bakery way back but she must be close. I'm having her sell paintings now.
Harry- still has not found his LTW related job- to be The Law. It's what? 3 weeks now?
Christy- Her LTW is to reach her Golden Anniversary- next time I think her and Harry will be Elders.
Sally & Hayley- Sally wishes to fall in love- as all Family Sims do- she hasn't found anyone special yet. Hayley is all about skilling and college at the moment.
Harley & Charley- They just became kids on the last day- so I let them run loose for the evening, :D