Thursday, 20 June 2013

Pleasant- Round 8- House 6

Welcome back to the Pleasant house wherein reside,
Angela, who wishes to buy expensive stuff, get a pet, get a puppy, get a kitten and make best friends with Alvin Hanby.
Angela's hubby Alexander(Goth), who wishes to have 2 pet best friends, play with and tell an inside joke to Amaya, throw a party- have Cypher get a promotion and hustle pool.
Amaya, daughter of Angela and Alexander who wishes to woohoo 5 different sims, reach the top of the Slacker career, make a bff and be friends with Bradley Burb.
Finally little Noah, who wishes to grow up well after being played with, tickled and snuggled by his Mother.
As Inheritance for Alexander kicks in, (from his sister Cassandra most likely), he and Amaya chat and entertain.
Angela makes her best friend.
Infact another in quick succession when her and Noah become best pals. Angela then rolls a wish to get a pet.
So Alexander made a call and they adopted kitten Jane Caliente.
Amaya is teaching Cypher how to roll over while Pippy snuggles up to Jane.
All 3 adults often wish to throw parties, this time Amaya won.
You don't expect guests to fall in love but that's what happened when Campbell Goth and Jessica Ebadi, the Burglar, came to the party!
Man, the Pleasantview Police are such spoilsports!
Noah grew up the next day, he got a new hairstyle and clothes.
and his Grandparents redecorated Aunt Lilith's old room for him.
Amaya reached the top of her career.
She celebrated in her own special way. ;)
Amaya's good friend Jordan the Diva called round.
She offered Amaya a job and as Amaya had reached the top of her career she figured why not have a change?
Amaya had such a fun date with Troy she accepted his offer of another one. Look who's creeping up behind Amaya...
Troy's expression pretty much mirrored my own!
Especially as Amaya barely had any relationship with the Countess at all!
After her date I changed her dress colour and decided a makeover was in order- The pink blusher didn't suit Amaya anymore,
I gave her silver blush and lipstick. She wasn't impressed.
But I like it!
Of course she would have been better to keep her 'Party Professional' job but then we can't forward plan! She had to dash to work so as not to burn up.
On her days off she sleeps during the day and dates at night.
Noah loves playing with all the cats, Jane here grew up and looks a lot like her dad, Darcy.
Alexander enjoys his hobbies as well as teaching the cats new tricks.
Only Angela would wish to swim during the grip of Winter!
ooh Noah, don't do it....
Haha, well sometimes you just have to take a peek!
Incidentally Troy left Amaya a gift- of a Mirror! Only a sim could leave a gift that can't actually be used. Vampires see no reflection... rofl at the irony.
As the Christmas holidays began Noah got his great-grandad's career reward out and set about getting fit.
Angela is forever rubbing Alexander's sore back.
and Amaya is, well... Amaya.
On Christmas Eve the house was decorated, fires lit and cookies baked,
and Santa came.
The whole family made best friends with Santa and Noah enjoyed the remote control car that Santa brought.
Once the holidays were over Noah got his much wished for A+!
Alexander and Angela could fish again once the lake thawed out.
Noah started selling Lemonade to passers by.
and Amaya got to woohoo with 10 different sims!
She got fed up though of shunning the sun and so decided to return to a non-vampire life.
and here she is all pink again, heh- I think she needs another makeover!
Summary- A great week here at the Pleasant's. 
Angela- ending wishes to make a bff, teach Jane a trick, praise Jane, go hiking, catch Bass and plant a seed.
Alexander- ending wishes to blog about nature and arts & crafts, catch a fish, make blackened fish dish, prank a sim, dance with a sim.
Amaya- ending wishes to woohoo, have a date, meet someone new and go downtown.
Noah- ending wishes to sell lemonade, skill, make best friends with Morgan Goth and get an A+.
I was surprised at Amaya being turned into a Vampire. There have been a couple of autonomous 'turnings' in Pleasantview though and so I let nature take it's course. I don't want Amaya to be immortal though and Angela did wish to see her changed back so I ran with it.
Amaya also had several outings this week.
Alexander had a party.
Angela held 'family day' on Sunday, but there was so much going on I already have too many pics, :D



  1. A very active week, it must have been great fun to play this!
    I had NO IDEA that a Sim can peek into the coffin while a vampire sleeps in there - it has never even occurred to me that this can happen. Is it an autonomous action or do you have to tell the Sim to do it?

    1. Yes the 'peeking' is quite fun, it can be dangerous though if a Sims needs are very low- they could be scared to death. Playables have to be told to peek but visitors can do it autonomously (so sayeth the guide). :)

  2. Hehe, that was a fun round. Amaya looked good as a vampire, and how crazy she got turned like that. I didn't know about peeking in a coffin either. Oh the fun things you can learn.

  3. Where did you get Amayas Hair Style From?