Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bruenig- Round 8- House 10

Welcome back to the Bruenig household! Living here are;
Beau (Broke), who wishes to see Brie go to college, hustle pool, get fit, see a wolf and become a werewolf and earn some cash.
Beau's wife and childhood sweetheart Marsha Bruenig- A grilled cheese sim who wants nothing more than Grilled Cheese apart from to shed a few pounds- heh.
Their fun loving daughter Brie wishes to serve food, talk about hobby, buy a guitar and dance with someone.
and finally Cam, their Family orientated son who wishes to go to college, see a wolf, earn the extra-terrestrial scholarship and sneak out with his buddy Fuller Goth.
Marsha & Beau have the day off so worked hard on getting fit. It took Marsha ages as she was quite out of shape from all the lovely melted cheese sandwiches.
First wish fulfilled for Brie who then wished to date.
She couldn't decide whether she liked the paperboy or store clerk the best!
Later that night.... Cam sneaked out with Fuller and didn't get caught- he was pretty tired the next day though. ;)
Beau loves to play the violin, and Marsha loves to conjure Grilled cheese!
and paint Grilled cheese,
and talk about Grilled cheese.
Marsha also likes to blog about her hobby, Cuisine (what else?!) and she writes reviews for restaurants,
which net her a nice sum, very nice indeed. (Better in fact than selling a novel and the guide only takes 3 hours to complete!).
Cam reached top of his teen career. He's now wishing to fall in love.
School friend Ivy Copur fell for Cam but he wasn't that interested to be honest.
He spent an evening scanning the skies and was rewarded with maxing the skill rather than being whisked away.
Brie threw a party and invited all her friends, she now has 10 best friends. (I often don't do this before college as it stops Sims getting their 'Big Sim on campus' memory) but it was the only wish I could fulfil for Brie.
Cam gets chatty with the Oldie-Hanby twins and likes Sally very much.
Brie's party rocked. She had her first kiss, not with George here but with the paperboy Derek. (not when George was around- obviously). :D She's rolled no more wishes for love or dates and now has college on her mind,
as well as getting fit,
and serving up some food. Spaghetti today (This means Marsha is at work- the only time the others eat anything other than Grilled cheese!).
Whilst Beau is tending to plants (his latest wish), Marsha grabbed the telescope and started spying... on Nina,
*sigh*- that was never going to end well.
Things are heating up nicely between Cam and Sally- will they follow in his parents footsteps and be together forever?
Only time will tell...
As the week draws to a close Beau meets an interesting new creature,
and Brie heads off to college.


Beau- Daily wishes to play violin, dance with someone, blog- also wished to buy a garden tree and plot, get fit, hire a maid and play guitar. Ending wishes- Get electrocuted, become a werewolf, be in the zone in music & dance, see a wolf, buy a ballet barre and go on vacation.

Marsha- Daily wishes to serve grilled cheese, eat grilled cheese, talk about grilled cheese, make grilled cheese for sim and influence a sim to make GC. Daily '6th' wish varied between getting fit, taking a bubble bath, blogging, playing chess and drinking expresso. Ending wishes- talk about GC, eat GC, serve GC, make GC for sim, influence sim to make GC and drink expresso.

Brie- Had parties, 2 dates, bought guitar, served food, danced. Her main wish was college this week and so off she went.

Cam- His LTW is to become a Space Pirate. He wished to earn scholarships, see a wolf, sneak out with Fuller, skill, fall in love and have first kiss. Ending wishes- be bff's with Sally, go to college, get extra terrestrial scholarship and earn a skill.



  1. The only grilled cheese Sim in my neighbourhood is, I think, Natasha Una (who had this aspiration when she came into the game). I quite like it that she can paint something the other Sims can't. And I usually forget about the restaurant guide - must try and have one of my Sims write that!
    Lovely to see Beau's happy family life. He has a half-Alien child in my game, but is not married.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Marsha became a grilled cheese sim 'accidently'. She seemed to not like growing up too much and the only way I could get her childhood desires to leave was to use the Re-Nu-Yu aspiration orb- she was in platinum at the time she used it, and still ended up grilled cheese so I left her that way. :)

  2. This is a fun house, all the cheesy goodness. :) Grilled Cheese sims can be fun, and very easy to keep happy, but also can border on a bit boring since they want the same things every day. Still, with such a diverse family they are very fun. :)

    1. Yes I'm happy that Marsha does roll a few other wishes at least. Sometimes I wish the creator's of the game had made it so that Sims could lose their perma-plat status just to give us more of a challenge sometimes. :D