Monday, 15 July 2013

Terrano- Round 8- House 9

Welcome back to the Terrano house, wherein reside Stella and her husband Dustin (Broke), their son Blade and his fiancée Lily Dreamer as well as Dustin's plantsim son Leaf.
Upon first look at the house Dustin has just collected inheritance from his mother Brandi, Nicholas Goth, Jennifer Burb and Dina Caliente. It pays to make friends you know, :)
Leaf is still wishing to party, make friends and train his cat Kim.
While newly graduated Blade and Lily wanted to go to a community lot, buy clothes and have fun in the hot tub.
One of their wishes is to get married and have a party and so let's crack on with it!
Lots of guests were in attendance including Dustin's brother Beau, his teenage kids Brie & Cam as well as Lily's parents Dirk & Lilith. The party rocked.
The happy couple had previously wished for a honeymoon and so they had snapshots taken while they waited for the cab.
The family own a villa in Twikkii Island and we know what the honeymooner's wished for upon arrival! Here are some more snaps from their trip,
They had a great time even though they both got sunburnt at some point.
Here's something I'd not seen before- the Genie came and left them a lamp at their holiday villa!
Back at home and employment beckoned. Blade's LTW is to be a Mad Scientist but that hasn't appeared and so he used his college degree and got a job in Natural Science.
With that career comes the reward and Leaf was quite fascinated with it, although chose to feed the cowplant rather than feed himself to it.
Leaf passed out from lack of sun just the one time this week. Staring at the cowplant for too long perhaps?
Blade wished to and got a Gold badge in Toy making. He and Lily want babies but so far nothing has happened.
Dustin got yet another LTW achieved when he wished to max his skills- a chance card at work lost him one- he regained it and so he has now achieved 8 LTW's- more than anyone else in Pleasantview to date!
Leaf is still wishing for dates- most particularly with Nancy from college but he still never rolls wishes to get engaged/married.
He did get a nice boost of aspiration points for fulfilling the Popularity impossible want of '30 best friends'.
Stella rolls wishes not only to stargaze but to 'look through telescope' to spy on her neighbours.
She also got her Gold badge in Robot making. Lily here is using her newly acquired voodoo doll to boost friendship with her new mother-in-law.
Leaf was having fun one night watching Blade in the dance-o-sphere.
Until Blade disappeared right before his eyes!  (I'd forgotten that Blade was abducted as a teen).  Leaf is calling everyone he knows to share the gossip!
and much like the proverbial English bus- you wait for an hour then two show up at once- Lily is pregnant.
Husband and wife comparing baby bellies.
The nature loving family members (except Blade) all go to Peerless park where Dustin gained another badge in fishing.
Dustin had a wish to learn about Couples Counselling.
Lily had earlier in the week reached the top of the Law Enforcement field and then taken a job in Paranormal- during her days off she earned a Gold badge in Gardening.
Everyone was sleeping when Lily went into labour, except the non-sleeper of the family Leaf.
Lily and Blade welcome a son called Rowan into the family.
While Rowan gets his first glimpses of the world the rest of us will have to wait until next round to see whether he'll have a half brother or sister!
Great round- Mainly focused on the newlyweds- who both now have achieved permaplat through fulfilling their LifeTime wish metres.  Lily got her LTW through her job while Blade is still waiting for Science.

Stella- Gold robotics, wished to and sold a masterpiece thus getting 'in the zone' in Arts & Crafts as well. Talking to friends and playing with and commanding the cat and fulfilled her nature wishes of daily hikes, blogs and catching bugs.

Dustin- Playing with, talking to and entertaining Stella, earning cash, gaining the final skill to get his LTW. Also planted seeds, caught bugs, made pottery, blogged and learned Couples Counselling.

Leaf- Meeting someone new, making a best friend, bff, going on a date and teaching Kim the cat new tricks.



  1. woot woot! Abduction thru the dancesospehere! those are fun, especially unexpected! Wow Dustin is really productive in your game, as he is in mine as well. Uni Sims....heh

    1. Yep, gotta love Uni really. I must go play another round.... :D

  2. Wow, Dustin has fulfilled 8 LTWs! I always stop after the first one :-)
    This was great to read and got me back into to the mood of wanting to play my own Sims, after I have returned from my Yorkshire holiday last night.

    1. Hey thanks for stopping by- Yorkshire has some lovely places to visit- hope you had a great time. :)
      Because Dustin was perma-plat for so long and most of his LTW's were career-related it was easy to just keep going, lol. :)

    2. My travel log with many pictures from my Yorkshire holiday is on my other blog (visible on my profile), if you are interested :-)

  3. Wow, a very successful round. I love the couple's wedding outfits, that dress was beautiful.

    1. I love the Terrano's. Lily's dress was from All About Style. :)