Thursday, 19 September 2013

Goth (2), Round 8- House 11

Here we are back at the Goth (2) house. Living here are Samantha Goth (daughter of Cassandra), her husband Lucas (Burb- son of John & Jennifer) and their twins Cass and Nova.
Samantha is a Romance sim with a secondary aspiration of Family which often leaves her with conflicting wishes. 
The twins just became teens with Cass rolling Pleasure and Nova wishing for Fortune. As such he wished to get into private school and a successful visit the next evening ensured his place.
Nova enjoys nature and cooking. He's more Family than Fortune but you can't argue with the dice. Jill the dog is perhaps hoping for a bite here.
Lucas has been perma-plat for some time but his true LTW is to see 6 dogs reach the top of a career. He owns 3 dogs and is training them up, they are all on a 2nd career and I am wondering if that will be the '6' or if he actually needs 6 different dogs- time will tell.
Cass & Nova go and get makeovers at the local store. More befitting to their aspirations- as a Pleasure Sim Cass wishes to become a Professional Party Guest and Fortune loving Nova wishes to become 'The Law'.
Cass wished to date and so best friend Marco Lothario became her teen sweetheart after she rolled the wish to go steady with him.
They enjoyed a date at the local Diner.
That's where they fell in love.
Whilst on their date I spotted Ripley Miguel. (Alien daughter of Darren Dreamer and partner of Sophie Miguel).  Can you see her eyes? It looks like she became a vampire at some point though I don't recall when!
Back at home and Samantha rushed out to meet her Uncle Alexander as he walked by.
He may be an Elder but I guess he'll always be a brat at heart. :D
Samantha cheered herself up by going on a date with her hubby and fulfilled her 'public woohoo' wish.
Cass got busted after sneaking out one night.
Samantha is in tears after finding out she's pregnant again!  (Me too- jeez Risky!).
She cheered herself up by throwing a party and inviting her friends. Lucas called his old college buddies over which gave Cass & Nova a good chance to make some connections.
Samantha mostly wants to date but she occasionally wishes for a skill. Pretty much all Nova wishes for is to skill. (He may have a secondary of Knowledge me thinks).
Cass & Marco went on another date- this time to the Crypt 'O Nightclub.
They are so engrossed in their date they don't see what's happening in the background...
Oh I think Marco is on to it....
Wow Countess! She's on fire this week.  So Beau Bruenig (formerly Broke) is now a Vampire. If I recall he wanted to be a werewolf- oh well. ;)
Beau doesn't seem too bothered and the Countess looks very happy with herself that she's scored another victim whilst I am not playing them!
Cass & Marco enjoyed the rest of their evening. Before they left Cass went to pay the bill then remembered she forgot her purse- she told Marco to go and meet her around the back then she attempted to run out on the bill.
It worked- but you just won't believe what was waiting around the back...
"Marco?! What the....?!".
In the short time I took to dodge the host, Marco became the Countess' next victim- and I didn't even see it!

Cass decided to head home before the Countess could do any more damage. Marco doesn't look too bothered about the change either does he?

The week ends with two events. Both Cass & Nova earned enough scholarships to head to college.

To make room for the newest arrival- a little girl called Amelia who got the same custom skintone as her sister Cass. :)


What an interesting week at the second Goth house! More so for things going on out of my control than in it but it makes for fun gameplay.

Lucas- wished to sell masterpieces, train the dogs, praise and command the dogs and be struck by lightning (which didn't happen). He's happy doing anything nature related.

Samantha- learnt Anger Management, got a good reputation, dated Lucas, threw a party and learned skills. She also likes nature related things. She met someone new most days on the phone/walkby as per her wishes. She didn't fear having the baby- I guess her Family genes kicked in.

Nova- skilled, got into private school, earned a gold badge in Gardening. He had a wish to earn the extra-terrestrial scholarship but after hours and hours of searching it wasn't to be before he left for college.

Cass- It seemed like I spent more time with Cass but I think it was just that the best events happened when she was out and about!  Hopefully Marco will join her soon in the dorm before she forgets who he is.


  1. I loved reading this! Some Sims I know (Alexander Goth, Beau Bruenig-Broke) so well from my own game but are so different in yours; then all the new Vampires around, and some great developments for the family.
    Did she really cry because she was pregnant?
    Not sure about the 6-pets-top-of-career LTW, either. My guess is that they have to be 6 different pets, but I have no Sim yet who has reached that LTW.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I think Samantha cried because she lost a promotion from a chance card if I'm honest. The pic just fitted in with the moment, :D
    I'll have to wait and see about the pets next time.

    Yes it's great to compare all our sims, :)

  3. I love the vamps! I especially love it when they bite on their own. I had a hood where the vamps were so active the hood reached it's limit on autonomous vamps. Heh. (Prosperity Falls) BTW, you can just do two pets three times to get the 6 pet TOC.

    1. Ooh, I didn't know there was a limit on vampires! What is it? Thanks for the tip on the pets, :)