Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Miguel- Round 8- House 12

Welcome back to the Miguel household. The residents here are;
Not so annoying-anymore-teen Sophie Miguel and her life partner Ripley Dreamer (alien child of Darren). Also here are their college buddies Alvin Gregory (adopted son of Lucy Hanby-Oldie) his wife and college sweetheart Melanie Gregory and their 2 sons Damian & Graham as well as Alvin's 2 plantbabies- Thorn & Frond.
First look in and I see that Ripley is in fact a vampire. I have no idea when this happened. As a Knowledge sim she is very happy about it but her Fortune loving partner Sophie wishes her to turn back...

The beauty of Ripley being a witch is that she can create any antidotes herself and so she soon made a vial of Vamprocilin.
She's got her big blue eyes back. Perhaps the fact that she has true alien size eyes made the red seem more creepy even behind her spectacles. Plus I don't want her to be an immortal.
Family sim Melanie wished to help Damian with his homework and he wished to learn so everyone is happy.
Thorn & Frond are best buddies, they spend their days out in the sunshine chasing butterflies. Without success.
The whole family love the great outdoors and often merge around the little pond catching up on their various interests.
Sophie may not like Vampires but she did roll a wish to become a witch. Ripley was happy to oblige.
I love how witches go everywhere on their brooms! Looks like Sophie is just off to the dance studio while Alvin & Melanie are returning home from work.
After dinner Graham became a toddler.
While Damian turned teenager. He's quite like his dad. (well- before he became a plantsim!).
Damian is a Knowledge sim and as such wished to earn scholarships- more particularly the extraterrestrial scholarship. He used his new found 'search for aliens' boost but didn't have any luck- yet.
Thorn & Frond decide to move to their own place as the house is getting a little crowded. I'm not sure if I'll be playing them but we'll see what happens.
Melanie & Alvin celebrate the slightly more empty nest, haha.
Not sure where Sophie's broomstick is- maybe she had a long day? She earned the top of career though.
Poor Ripley got electrocuted when she went to fetch the mail- she was happy about it even if she had to make a quick dash to the bathroom!
Melanie has plenty of cooking skills but usually manages to set fire to the oven regardless.
Sophie uses her new found spell of 'exflammo' to put out the fire and stop everyone standing around and freaking out.
For some reason, townie Joe Carr keeps kicking over the trash can here and I don't know why.
Still- Ripley sometimes wishes to cast an evil spell...
Yes, childish but wishes are wishes. It was funny too. :D

Ripley never needs to hire a maid, she just waves her wand and one appears.
Graham became a child and his initial wishes were to entertain, play with and talk to a Sim as well as getting an A+.
Vito Caliente became a 'chicken sim' for a moment whilst visiting when Sophie rolled a wish to cast an evil spell.
Sophie used her magic for good things too- here she gave a boost to the mail carrier so they would have a good conversation and make friends more easily. (At least I think that's what it did). lol.
Knowledge Sim Damian feels he will do better in life having a private education and so the Headmaster was called and he was happily accepted.
Graham really wants a pet but for now he'll have to make do with Ripley's 'Familiar' pet cat. If he still has the wish next round then I shall grant it.
A fun week at the Miguel's. Ripley & Sophie cast some fun evil and good spells. Sophie also got TOC and a Gold badge in Floristry this week.
Damian wishes for college of course so is working on skills for scholarships.
Melanie and Alvin are plodding along with silly wishes- nothing I could get my teeth into but enough to keep them at 5 a day comfortably. (Helped by their hobbies no doubt). :)
Hopefully next round they may roll some fun wishes.
Alvin's LTW is, if I recall, to have 6 grandchildren- so I may pop in on his Plantsim sons after all! :)


  1. Woo woo what fun! Loved all the spell casting. I haven't played witches like that much, the challenge is just getting someone turned, then that is it. Heh. I need to really play one.... :) yes, yes, check in on the plant sim kids. Let 'em pop out some plant babies and you will have Alvin's LTW in no time!

    1. Ooh yes of course that's probably why I had Alvin spawn them now I come to think about it, :D I do enjoy playing the witches and have rediscovered the spells again.

  2. Loved this update! I really must put the few witches and warlocks in New Maximiliania to better use; never had any one of them use a spell to put a fire out.

  3. Yes they are fun to play, and handy in certain situations, :)