Thursday, 21 November 2013

End of Round 8 Uni Update.

I know it's been forever, slight pc problems but back with a brief Uni update. (Mainly because said pc probs lost some pics).

Also from Round 9 onwards I shall not be keeping score- just playing in the wishes style as before.

Anyway- enough waffling.

When we were last at Uni these were the residents;

That's Cass & Nova Goth, twin grandchildren of the late Cassandra. Brie Bruenig (daughter of Marsha and Beau (Broke).

Also here were Jules & Verne Broke (alien sons of Remington Broke), Brie (again), Lyka Dreamer (daughter of Dirk and Lilith) and her teen sweetheart who joined her at the dorm, Randy London.

While I fulfilled as many wishes as I could for them all, Jules at that time was the resident I spent most time on as his LTW was for 50 1st dates and I was determined to fulfil that in college- which I did. :)

He dated his way through college and enjoyed his final graduation party before moving back home to his dear old dad's.

Verne was the more studious of the two but still found time to get engaged- to whom though? Will he move back home with his twin or to his own love nest? Stay tuned.

Randy and Lyka graduated too and moved back to the main Dreamer household. Here she is with her best buddy Cass, who alongside her brother Nova and Brie Bruenig are finding themselves with more space in the dorm- for now anyway.

Following this post will be the start of Round 9 in Pleasantview- don't miss it! :)