Thursday, 21 November 2013

Lothario- Round 9- House 1

Welcome back to the Lothario household. No longer living is Don the Lothario- but the product(s) of his love with wife Kaylynn.
Twin sons Juan & Marco, Twin daughters Val & Tina, another daughter Kaydon and toddler Celeste.
But wait- didn't Marco get turned into a vampire during his date with Cass Goth last round?
Ah yes- upon entering the household Marco was indeed amongst the undead- and smokin' too, literally. 
From this point in the story I am using memory as my notes have run off. :D
Tina & Kaydon clearly wished to talk about their hobbies.
Val wished to play with little Bonkers.
and the boys? well, they wanted to be boys.
Although Don was a prolific lover he wasn't the most prolific saver- and funds being good but not amazing saw Kaylynn roll a wish to get a job- and so she did. She then wished to gain some skills for said job using Don's very first career reward.
She was so exhausted she passed out on the floor before she could reach her bed.
Luckily she was home from the hospital in time to see Celeste grow up well the next evening.
Don's presence is ever felt around the house- shame on him for scaring his children!
He took one look at Marco and decided against scaring the boys I think.
Kaylynn worked on her little garden in front of the house- growing veg was a great way to feed her children.
It was very hard raising a teenage vampire- just 2 days into the attempt and this happened...
Marco got off the school bus, came in the house and started melting into the carpet...
Amin the maid had already swept up his ashes but Kaylynn (ok, me) decided to plead with the Reaper,
Woop woop she won! Take that Grimmy.
It was time for Val and Tina to grow up. Val rolled Pleasure and had a LTW to become a Professional Party Guest. Tina rolled Family and had a LTW to become a Celebrity Chef. Their dad would approve of both careers I think. :)
Val sat doing her homework while Tina helped little Celeste with hers.
Another night, another haunting but I think Don approves of his son Juan- they do seem to have the same bad habits....
Yep- just like his dad.
Marco's coffin had pride of place in his dad's old room.
The next night Kaydon grew up, she rolled Fortune and has a LTW to be a Prestidigitator.  I'm sensing Entertainment of any shape or form suits this family to a tee.
One thing that separated Kaydon from her siblings was her desire to get into private school. After a successful visit though the Headmaster chose to let all the Lothario kids in.
Last round Kaylynn had got quite friendly with her maid Amin but never rolled the wish to take things further. She wanted to meet new people and the newly grown up Bonkers needed a collar and so she went to Pepe's place where she met some new neighbours. She did a double take when she spotted the guy coming through the door- it was of course Don's son, who was born to Lucy Burb, Donny, who strikes a remarkable resemblance to his old dad.
I haven't brought any Sims to the pet store in a while and always find it interesting when I do to see if any Sims buy pets. We'll find out as we go through the rounds.
It never gets old- for Don. :D
Dance of any kind plays major wishes for the teens- hula, solo, smustle or slap dancing.
Inbetween I did get them to work on some skills so that they can get off to college at some point.
Here's Kaylynn and her girls up on the (extended) roof using all of Don's old career rewards to skill up!
Pleasure sim Val wished for a date and so brought home a friend from school who became her first date, and her first kiss.
As the week drew to a close the boys were rolling wishes for college and so I sent first Juan, and then Marco to college.  Marco racked up some great scholarships...
... and I thought how funny the suit was that he age transitioned into! Quite vamp like. I think I'll keep it. :D
Let's hope I can keep him from dying before graduation.
Sorry it wasn't wholly accurate. I actually played both the Lothario and Goth house before I got issues and had to do a reinstall of my last save. (Thankfully I do save- a lot). I think I take so many pics they get corrupted somehow (Some pics would not save).
Where my notes for these 2 rounds are I do not know, but I'm glad at least that I saved the pictures I could.
So Kaylynn is at home with her 4 girls. The boys are in college and we'll be off to house number 2 - The Goth's for an update really soon.
Thanks for reading.


  1. Wow the Lothario house sure has change. ;) My goodness, Don's son does look like him - alot!!!

    1. Yes I had to extend the teeny house for all those kids. lol. Donny is the spitting image of Don except that Donny is brown hair/brown eyes and not black/green like Don. :)

  2. I loved this, it was a most entertaining read with my morning coffee :-)
    Wow, difficult to keep a vampire teenager alive, and I wonder how he'll fare at college. I didn't know there is a stipend for the undead, but it makes sense - there is one for Aliens, too.
    Kaylynn is super-busy, isn't she! How does she find time to do any gardening with so many kids to look after AND working at the hospital? Having a maid helps, I guess...
    Do you usually keep the urns/tombstones of your deceased Sims on their home lots? I transfer most of them to the cemetery, but I think every now and then it is fun to have a ghost on the lot.

    1. Thanks for stopping by :)
      The scholarship for vampires would be the same as for zombies. Any 'undead' sim I guess. I did have Marco stargaze but no luck with that one. :D
      Kaylynn never stops- she passed out so many times. I got her the job to try and boost her mood (although she did have the initial wish) so I could energize her.
      Amin the maid is not a good maid though- he is clearly sloppy so every time he has a task he moans like heck as only sloppy sims do. You'd think Maxis might have pre-programmed maids to all be neat but it is funny to see.
      I rarely send tombstones to the cemetery. At the moment only Herb & Coral Oldie are at the cemetery. If there are too many ghosts and they are too disturbing of the general household then yes, I do send them off.
      Although the Goth household have lots of ghosts only the ones I've played come in the house- the pre-made ghosts never do.
      Yeah, it can be fun sometimes, :)

  3. The kids are all beautiful :) and the house has really changed :)