Monday, 9 December 2013

Goth- Round 9- House 2

Welcome to round 9 at the Goth house! In residence are twins Campbell and Hans, Hans' wife Ivy (Copur), their twins Wednesday and Fuller and their younger son Morgan. Ivy is pregnant again.
Loved up couple Hans & Ivy are always wishing to kiss or date so it's fairly easy to keep fulfilling their wishes.
Hans got a nice bonus from work, not that this family really need any more money but bragging rights are always good.
Ivy gave birth to a third son, Mardy. You might have noticed that her hair is different from the last round- when I re-installed I guess I didn't have her former style saved. heh. I wonder if Ivy can get through an entire round without getting pregnant/giving birth?
Knowledge sim Ivy always wants to learn something and a bronze badge in Fishing was a good boost for her.
Meanwhile 'cool' Uncle Campbell was invited on an outing. His LTW was to have 50 first dates if you remember which he achieved already. Pleasure loving Campbell just wants a good time. Unfortunately as he was flirting with his professor friend ex-lover Nina Caliente spotted him...
ouch! She may be collecting her pension but Nina will always be a hot-head.
Campbell thought he could make it up to Nina with a spot of Public Woohoo but she was having none of it. She actually kicked him out of the booth (never seen that before!)... which is how he ended up on his backside!
Yeah, that's going to be an entire round of kicked over trash and stolen newspapers.
The next day it was time for little Mardy to grow up. Big brother Fuller did the honours while Morgan watched on.
Then it was Morgan's turn to become a teenager.
Sooo like his Uncle!
Morgan rolled Family and his LTW is to reach his Golden Anniversary.
As the house was getting a bit packed Wednesday and Fuller (who still held the wishes) decided to grab scholarships and a taxi out of the 'hood to head to college. Cya in the dorm kids.
That night was the first time Mortimer's ghost had been out for some time.
He scared the bejesus out of Campbell who'd been doing a spot of stargazing (which he always does autonomously).
It didn't deter him though and the next night he found himself whisked away into outer space...
He soon showed his pregnancy and once Mardy had become a toddler Campbell helped fulfil training wishes.
He doesn't look too excited about it does he?
Oh look, Cassandra and Nicholas have come out to haunt...
They head straight for their old bedroom. While Cassandra amuses herself filling and emptying the bathtubs and turning on the tv and stereo's Nicholas has neater things on his mind...
like making beds...
and taking out the trash.
Have you ever seen such a neat ghost?! The house misses neat-freak Nicholas so it's nice that he came out to tidy up. Shame he didn't clean the toilets and bathtubs but you can't have it all... :)
Cassandra gave poor Ivy quite a fright whilst Nicholas was busy cleaning.
Morgan brought Sally Oldie-Hanby home from school and they swapped stories about hobbies.
He decided to change into one of the home made outfits.
Ivy and Hans wanted their son to attend private school but I'm not sure anyone bargained on Campbell regaling the headmaster with sordid details of his love life. The Head looks fairly shocked.
The Head could not refuse such a well-off family but couldn't believe when Hans & Ivy behaved so inappropriately in front of him. They got a great boost of aspiration anyway and the Head left whilst muttering something about showing himself out...
Morgan knuckled down and got some skills, reached the top of his teenage career and is working on scholarships for the college wish that rolls in and rolls out.
Hans doesn't often want to cast spells (not the most industrious of warlocks) but enjoys cleaning up the leaves with a nifty spell when the compost bins are too full to use.
Ivy gained yet another badge, a Gold one in toymaking. She's just like a sponge soaking up all the knowledge she can.
ooh, the game panned over to Campbell writhing around in pain,
haha, it never gets old. Campbell welcomed his alien son Pluto into the world.
Maybe he should avoid going into the garden and bumping into Audrey's ghost. She is still mad about being eaten by the cowplant. Silly hotel maid should've gone home after that date shouldn't she?!
Giving birth is tiresome and Campbell went out on the first offer he had.
He sang some rowdy songs, worked the karaoke and generally had a great outing with his buddies.
Meantime Ivy helped little Pluto grow up.
But Campbell came home in time to teach his son how to talk.
The week comes to an end with little Mardy becoming a child cheered on by his parents, brother and brother's friend from school. Well 4's a party they say, :)
So Ivy did make it through a round without becoming pregnant again, yay.
She wished to learn this round which took precedent over dating her husband.
Hans was content fulfilling his nature related wishes as well as using the occasional spell.
Campbell was fun this week, in between outings and being abducted he was the busiest Sim. He still found time (somehow) for his Tinkering hobby and was regularly in the garden flying helicopters, working on his train set and his car.
Morgan has enough skills for college and may go next time if he still has the wish.
We'll find out what Mardy likes to do next time and see little Pluto grow up again.



  1. That was a most entertaining read for my morning coffee! Not a minute of boredom in this busy family.
    I've never seen a Sim being kicked out of the photo booth, either, nor a ghost that makes beds and takes out the trash! Maybe I should leave some ghosts to roam their earthly home instead of shipping all the tombstones and urns off to the cemetery.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed it. It's definitely not boring when you play such a large household.
      I've seen ghosts make beds before but never had a sim be kicked out of a photo booth! haha. I guess I'm just not mean enough unless a challenge so presents itself. ;)