Monday, 27 January 2014

Round 9- Broke - House 4

Welcome back to the Broke household. Residing here are Remington Broke (widow of Brandi) their daughter Eliza and her husband Adam (Pleasant- son of Alexander Goth & Angela Pleasant) and one of Remington's twin alien sons, Jules who has graduated college and moved back home, plus various dogs.
Remington wished to get a skill, see a ghost, flirt and play with Nina Caliente.
Eliza wished to have a party, play with, talk to and entertain a sim and make friends with Adriana the waitress and have 30 best friends. She bought Priya Ramaswami home from work and fulfilled several wishes.
Adam wished to call someone over, talk, play and entertain them, meet someone new and be best friends with Crystal. Bigfoot was called over and instantly fulfilled 4 of these wishes.
Jules wished to have 1st woohoo, ask Dagmar (post lady) on a date, tell a joke, inside joke, swim and become a witch.
Jules enjoyed a fun date with Dagmar at the diner.
As soon as he'd got home she phoned and asked him on a second date. They went to the Crypt 'O Nightclub but I have no idea why she turned up in a Llama costume!
Their second date ended up back at his place and resulted in Jules fulfilling his 'have first woohoo' wish.
After several days Eliza and Adam found the Culinary career and reached the top. 
Jules was having more luck with his love life than his job when a chance card resulted in him being fired.
He thought accepting an invitation to go downtown would cheer him up but he got zapped by lightning whilst in the hot tub and just wanted to go home.
The outing did at least improve his social enough to look for and find the Architecture job again (for his LTW).
Remington got a nice boost in aspiration points when he saw the ghost of his dead wife Brandi.
He also added very nicely to the family funds with a chance card from his job in the Medical profession.
This family are definitely not 'Broke' anymore.
Jules fulfilled his LTW by reaching the top of his Architecture career.
He had a wish to learn physiology.
and had another date with Dagmar.  Weird how she keeps turning up in the costume.
In the early hours of Friday morning Eliza got a surprise of her own.
Adam took over training of the dogs and decided to introduce some 'wolf' to the breeding pool.
There haven't been any puppies so far this week but hopefully next week we may see some.
On Saturday and aged 71 Remington decided to retire. Now he can enjoy the home, garden and his pets again with the remaining time he has left. (Not much by the look of his bar).
Adam is busy making best friends and catching up with family members.
Brandi comes out to haunt.
No-one gets much sleep.
Eliza tends to the garden. She's always in the zone.
The dogs have fun and get clean playing in the water wiggler. Their names elude me at the moment but one of them became an elder dog during the day.
The early hours of Sunday see everyone rush into Eliza's room to witness the birth of the next generation Broke.
It's a boy- welcome to little Barnabas Broke.
After everyone got some sleep and a small routine was established Remington invited his relatives over. (Of course they are not his blood relatives). Carter Burb was Brandi's youngest (and unborn at the start of the game), he came over with his wife Lucy (Burb) and their children Donny, Bradley and Lowry). A good afternoon was had by all.
Remington wished to stargaze (his hobby), earn money, play with and command the dogs.
Eliza-worked on getting her LTW (Celebrity Chef) this week- job didn't come up until quite late in the week but she reached the top on the first day thanks to her college degree. She also brought Priya home several times this week and fulfilled her 'have 30 best friends' wish when Priya became her 30th!
Adam- same as Eliza with the job, he'd also reached the top of the Education career whilst waiting for the Culinary career to come up. He made friends, earned money and trained the dogs. Adam is a romance sim but I'm keeping him reigned in- his new LTW is to have 20 lovers but I doubt that will happen. We will see.
Jules- Jules had a fun week, I decided to move him back home as his brother Verne branched off to his own place.  He dated Dagmar several times, got fired and re-hired. He's shown no wishes to get engaged or married as yet. Maybe next time?
No puppies this week but hopefully the Leader of the Pack will have worked his magic for next week.


  1. A fun round with some very familiar Sims, such as Dagmar Bertino, although I have never seen her in a Llama costume :-)
    Wish I could see the house you've given the not-so-Broke family in your game.

    1. Oh I shall try and take pictures of the houses next time I blog, :)
      I've often seen Sims from Uni, such as Cheerleader, Barista etc turn up in the Llama costumes to a community lot (but only once they are made playable). Let's hope it's not a bug, :D

  2. Dagmar in a lama costume? Welll maybe she is in Uni and we don't know it. ;) Nice update I always enjoy seeing aliens in the game. Woo Brandi looks like she wants to scare the pants off everybody! Her and Remington make a good couple. Hi Barnabas! Reminds me of the TV show Dark Shadows. :)

    1. I've not seen the show but I do have the movie, lol. Yes aliens are my most favourite supernatural sim. :) Brandi is out almost every night, she loves the attention. :)