Friday, 3 January 2014

Round 9- Nina Caliente- House 3a

Welcome back to Nina's house.
Nina's initial wishes are to be friends with Brie Bruenig, resurrect her brother-in-law Magnus Caliente, gain a skill and work out.
The first thing Nina gets is inheritance from her friend Brandi Broke and brother-in-law Magnus.
Nina decides to go for a work out, she needs to be in great shape for her lifestyle!
She also gained her skill. As she's got older Nina loves to watch the cookery channel.
Hunky maid Amin helps Nina with one of her daily wishes when they have a pillow fight. (He'll have to clean up the feathers of course). :D
Since losing her son Rico in the college dorm fire Nina is now the Master of Rico's little dog, Jake.
Nina enjoys getting to know her remaining relatives and invited her nephew Mario over who brought along her great-niece Maria.
Nina's next wish was to win a dance contest. She was up against townie Amin Sims, the Dance Instructor and newlywed and vampire Regina Burb (married to Bradley Burb).
Nina won the contest. She is very good friends with the DJ Adam, perhaps that swayed his decision? ;)
ok, so she was very good friends with him, but he caught her out when she dated Bruce, a townie. It's funny how when not in his DJ gear he has a different hairstyle.
It wasn't just Adam that was mad with Nina either. The Count was also at the community lot and gave Nina an ear bashing.
Here's something funny- Bruce came to deliver a gift for the great date he and Nina shared whilst Adam came to steal Nina's newspaper!
oh yay, another piano. (Nina will sell it for funds). :D
It always makes me chuckle when Nina goes off to work as it coincides with the arrival of the maid and mailman, both of whom are Nina's lovers and think very highly of her.
Nina earned 50K from a chance card during this shift.
She decided to celebrate with college guy Jess. He must've come home with her son one time or she met him at another resident's party.
Unfortunately the Count was walking by to kick over Nina's trash can when he ran right into the house as Nina and Jess were getting 'friendly'...
So we have another autonomously turned college Vampire!
After Jess left Nina had to use the combination of smart glasses/smooth talk to get the Count to stop being furious. It worked. ;)
After work the next day Nina met Neil Cameron and invited him in for a date. (She is trying to get 50 1st dates as a new challenge).
She was later invited on an outing by Opal, a college student. Randy London also came along as well as a couple of Nina's ex lovers...
It didn't take long for a fight to start, Joe Carr and Komei Tellerman had never liked each other anyway.
Joe won the fight and Nina decided to end the outing.
It must've been good though as Randy later dropped off a little gift.
Nina's new friend for the day was Talin, a walkby townie.
Of course Nina invited him on a date and they were best friends before they knew it.
On Friday Nina retired. She was a couple of 'years' older than my usual '70' age for retirement but I wanted her to have her full week at work.
She celebrated by having a date with the next walkby, Waylon. She befriended him using her trusty voodoo doll.
On Saturday Nina wished to head to her holiday villa.
She just remembered to hire a nanny to take care of Jake before she left!
Nina's olive skin isn't what it used to be and she got quite burnt this time.
She made some new friends,
and reinforced some old friendships.
Nina also found a couple of secrets that she missed on her previous trips.
and learnt a new skill in fire dancing.
She even wanted to catch some fireflies to light up her porch before she headed home.
Her first night  back saw her house being broken into by Amin the burglar.  It's a shame that a dog residing in the house can't scare away a burglar isn't it? That would make for entertaining viewing, :)
Of course Nina was mad with Amin but spent the day on the phone to him until he could be invited over...
Well Nina's never one to miss an opportunity is she?!
Summary,  a usual fun week at Nina's. Her wants were very much for dating, meeting someone new and going on the vacation but all others were fulfilled such as skilling, working out, swimming and even training Jake up in a skill.
Nina has had 42 dates so far and is now 75 years old. I wonder if she'll make the big 50?  Will anyone 'inherit' Nina's home? I've been keeping her friendships up with her remaining family members just in case.
Next up we're off to The Broke's!



  1. A fun round indeed! I have never, not once!, used the "smart glasses" aspiration reward, and so it was interesting for me to see what it can do.
    Funny, isn't it, how elderly Sims seem to prefer the cooking channel above all else on TV. I am sure Nina can make it to the big 50!

    1. It's funny how we're drawn to certain aspiration rewards. I use smart milk, smart glasses, thinking caps and the energizer. Occasionally I get a hot tub.
      Yes Nina is always fun to play, she rarely needs to eat because her dates fill up her needs and I've never had her learn to cook much before she was an Elder.

  2. yes Nina is fun. She is quite the floosy in my game, having kids by a couple of different guys, got married once. Yes, yes she can do it! She can get 50 first dates!!! :D

    1. Thanks Wen! I think maybe her next LTW is to have the 'dream' dates rather than the 'first' dates I originally stated. I just like her to have lots of partners, it suits her personality, lol.