Monday, 24 February 2014

Burb- Round 9- House 8

Welcome back to The Burb's!
Residing here are Lucy Burb, her husband Carter (formerly Broke), Lucy's son by Don Lothario- Donny, her and Carter's children Bradley & Lowry and Bradley's new wife, vampire Regina. Adopted dog Grace also lives here.
This is their house- you can see they have plenty of money. :D
As I was checking out the daily wishes I spotted this and look! This family have a combined friends total of 100- that's certainly something I've not seen before.
So onto our residents- Perma platinum Lucy & Carter are hardly being controlled anymore.  Lucy's initial wishes were to make some more best friends, a bff with townie Lee and to hustle pool.  First wish fulfilled- make a best friend.
Carter's were to sell a masterpiece painting, woohoo, play with and entertain. First wish fulfilled- woohoo.
Their kids, Donny on the bass- His initial wishes were to entertain, play with, talk to, be best friends with townie Sandy, hustle pool and make out x5.  First wish fulfilled- hustle pool.
Bradley- max Art & Literature hobby, swim, see ghost, sell a novel, become Celeb chef, make a bff and meet someone new. First wish fulfilled- sell a novel.
Lowry- Hers were to buy clothes, go out, have a pillow fight, play a pc game. First wish fulfilled- play a pc game.
Bradley's new wife Regina- she wishes to make friends with Nina and Carter, get fit, be a vampire (huh?!), get a job in Music or Law- First wish fulfilled get a job in Music. Looks like she's a music teacher on her first day.
No-one has had a wish to see Regina be unvamped and neither has she, so at the moment she stays a vamp.
Lucy is close to all her family- she's here telling Donny a wildly inappropriate dirty joke while Lowry slides on down the bannister. 
She also enjoys her shared hobby (one of them) of Art & Literature with Bradley and they happily discuss books they've read.
Bradley gets on great with his little sister and thinks for such a small person she packs quite a punch when they play fight.
When he became a Celebrity Chef he bought Julien Cooke home. I'm not sure that gossiping about the recently deceased Magnus Caliente is the most tactful thing though.
Carter loves his garden- almost as much as he loves his mp3 player.
He did knuckle down eventually and got a Gold badge in Gardening.
Little Grace has had a very nice life at the Burb's, she evens allows the family to teach her new tricks.
Pleasure loving Lowry wished for a date and called up Damian Gregory who happily obliged.
Not exactly the kind of gift a teen wants but it would have sat very nicely back when her Mother ran the art gallery.
You may remember that Donny gained his LTW (50 1st dates) back in college and very much likes his real dad's old girlfriend (one of them) Ericka. They got engaged last round and while they have enjoyed several dates this week neither has shown any inclination towards wedlock.
Now that's a date gift!
Lucy still owns and runs her 5th level 10 business Master of Chi and enjoys meeting new customers and greeting old friends.
She runs classes and I think there aren't too many Pleasantview residents who haven't mastered Tai Chi.
Lucy regularly greets walkby's too, most of whom are known to her. I imagine she is the main reason the family have 100 friends. :D
Grace's time has come and she gave a final wag of her tail at aged 38.
Someone rolled a wish to visit the family vacation home and so off they go. Regina is now pregnant and I'm slightly worried about taking a pregnant vampire on holiday.
When they arrive it is a bit grey and raining and Regina heads indoors to the coffin I snuck into her inventory. Looks like the family will be going out after dark.  They have a pond in the garden though and amuse themselves by fishing, Tai Chi'ing and painting at the easel indoors.
Lowry learns how to bow.
After dark the family head out to explore.  Highlights include;
There was also garden grooming, tea drinking, meeting locals, buying jewellery and clothing as well as several trips (all of which were unsuccessful). Good job they had the daytime to rest and recover.
On the plus side once they returned home they got good vacation memories and managed several badges between them such as,
Every time I don't request a command the family are seen at the musical instruments or dancing. This family love to have fun and so why not celebrate with a party?
An Anniversary party is probably the only kind of party that hasn't yet been given in this house. The guests all enjoy themselves.
The successful party rounded off a successful and fun week here at the Burb's.
This family have really grown on me. They are all such fun, dancing, playing, meeting and greeting.
Lucy has a Manager at Master of Chi so she only went a couple of times while remotely managing on the phone the rest of the time. Her and Carter are and have been perma plat for a long time.
Donny reached the Zone in Music and Dance as well as enjoying several dates with Ericka.
Bradley- after becoming a Celebrity Chef he set his sights on his new goal of being a Game Designer. He found the job late on Sunday. He wanted the vacation and otherwise concentrated on his hobby of Art & Literature- he sold a new novel.
Regina- got fit, learned Fire Safety, skilled, called friends and worked her way in the rock career.
Lowry- went jogging every day, played pc games, had a couple of dates, danced and worked on her Floristry badge. She will grow up next time and hasn't shown any college wishes.


  1. It is always nice for me to see Lucy so happy - after she died way too young in that tragic fire at her dorm while she was at college.
    How does a vampire cope with a day job? I don't think I have ever tried that in my game.
    Their house looks a bit like the one I have given the Dreamer-Cooke-Shikibu-Wan household in New Maximiliania.

    1. I'm not great at building but I like to have a go, :D
      My playable vampires sleep in their coffins during the day unless they have to go to work/class. Then they just head to the car- their needs don't drop much whilst at work- it's a case of sprinting to the car, lol. She could do with a night time job really. Other than that there's always the energizer.
      It does seem a drag to keep them asleep during the day but their needs really do drop a lot otherwise, as Chastity found out recently in your game. :)

  2. great round so much going on so many people.

    1. Yes it's a really busy household but a good fun one. :)

  3. I am always impressed everytime I see the Tia-Chi gym. :) I have never tried that. @ Librarian: The way I work a vamp in a daytime job is let them drive their own car to work, which is kept in a garage, as is their coffin. So all they have to do is rise up out of the coffin and hop in the car with full needs and go to work. Works out well. I will say I have NEVER taken a vamp on vacay, much less a pregnant Sim! Again, I am impressed. :) ~ASimWen

  4. Thanks Wen- I think I might steal your idea, garage/car for vampires, good plan. :)