Monday, 3 February 2014

Dreamer- Round 9- House 5

Before we go to the Dreamer house I'll give you a quick update on Uni, more specifically for Lyka Dreamer who left for Uni at the end of the last round.
Lyka joined the dorm with her teen sweetheart Randy London.
This is he after his makeover.
Probably the most exciting thing that happened was that Lyka got inducted into the Secret Society.
Randy got struck by lightning whilst flying a 'lightning' kite. heh. He made it himself on his way to earning a Gold badge in toymaking so serves him right I say.
He survived though and they knuckled down to Uni life, making friends with their fellow dormies (Jules & Verne Broke) and skilling, badge earning etc.
They graduated and moved back to the Dreamer household in the early hours. See Darren Dreamer's ghost in the background?  heh, what a welcome home.
Also living here are Lyka's parents, Lilith and Dirk. They roll hobby related wishes. Lilith enjoys anything to do with Music and Dance while Dirk favours Tinkering and Arts & Crafts.
Of course when left alone for two seconds they revert back to teenagers and are all loved up.
This is their home- it's the original Dreamer house, just renovated a little.
The other residents are Dean Dreamer, the eldest son of Lilith & Dirk and Servo Dream1E.  They got together all by themselves and who I am to stand in their way?
Lyka's initial wishes were to buy new clothes and jewellery so her and Randy headed to the community centre to buy some new things.
Whilst there they rolled a wish for a date and so ate out, had fun in the hot tub and made general merriment. :)
Apart from her beloved hobby Lilith always wishes to meet someone new, make them her friend then best friend. She's a popular lady.
Dean is at the top of his second career and as a Gamer has a tough decision to make... (What else would I pick, really?).
Yes, what a great payout!
Lyka got perma-plat really quickly thanks to the boost her college degree gave her. She then found Paranormal. I like my Grads to have a 'college' job. (shame there aren't more).
Randy meanwhile took a job in the SCIA and soon reached the top thanks to his degree. He got a nice bonus too. (Sadly I mislaid the first half of the chance card).
Someone rolled a wish to visit the family villa in Twikkii Island. Lyka and Randy got engaged right there on the doorstep.
Dream1E stayed home to look after the cat, Daley.
There was something in the (sea) air that made Lyka want to marry Randy right there on the beach.
A quick change at a clothing booth saw them all in formal gear and happily posing for a photograph to mark the occasion. Poor Lilith and Dean got a little sunburnt. :D
They celebrated by having a race in the ocean and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of their vacation.
On their return home Dean made a beeline for Dream1E. He proposed to her that very night.
The wedding was set for Dream1E's return from work, and she fulfilled her wish to reach the top of the Business career thus putting her in a great mood.
There is quite a line up of guests... from left to right, Carter Burb, Lily Terrano, Adam Pleasant, Lucy Burb, Angela Pleasant, Donny Burb, Alexander Pleasant, Leaf Terrano, Amaya Pleasant, Randy, Bradley Burb and Lyka. (I think that may be Lilith hiding in the background and I know Dirk is around somewhere!).
Everybody say "awww".
The vacation boost was put to good use when Lyka got a Gold in Fishing.
Dirk got a badge or two in Sewing.
and skills were maxed.
A Butler was hired when Randy rolled the wish for it. Now the family have so much food that they don't know what to do with it. So far all the Butler has presented is burnt offerings.
Dream1E likes making robots.
Lilith freaked out a bit when the 'bots broke. At least once a round. :)
On Sunday both Lyka and Randy show their pregnancy bellies!  Randy had been abducted on Saturday night whilst stargazing.  It'll be a race to see who gives birth first.
Still in the early hours of Sunday and Darren is out to scare. Poor Dirk.
Lilith gave up her job when she'd rolled the wish to do so but Dirk took the sensible approach and waited for his pension.
Lilith threw a party on Sunday evening and everyone freaked out when a tree set on fire. Talk about 'race to get to the nearest bath'. Good on the Butler for just standing there. sheesh.
We leave this round with our newlyweds oblivious to Darren's pain of 'what happened to my bed?'.
Always a fun house at the Dreamer's.  I will say that college wasn't boring at all but I do forget to update. I play a round of college in between each house.
Both Lyka and Randy will have babies next time making the house full again!
Dirk and Lilith remain glued to each other as I haven't intervened in their perma plat lives much unless they bug me too much.
Randy saw a wish fulfilled to earn 50K, reach his LTW and Top of Career, and max his skills.
Lyka reached the Top of her career and got her LTW, her next LTW is to have 5 top businesses. Doubt I'll go for it but we'll see what happens next round when the baby arrives.
Dean and Dream1E seem happy together and it saves me having to have a new branched off house. 
Next update will be at the Pleasant's. 


  1. Aaah, the Dreamers! A family I have a soft spot for, somehow. At the moment, nobody lives in their original house in my 'hood, maybe I should change that.
    A fun and eventful round this was! Loved the wedding picture with the sunburnt but radiant faces :-)
    When Dream1E returns from work and has reached the top of her career, her car pool is the knackered old banger that usually gets our Sims to and from work in the early stages of their careers. A bug?
    Looking forward to meet the next generation in this household!

    1. Yes I've always liked the Dreamer's too. :)
      You could be right about it being a bug with the car, I hadn't even noticed. :D
      She does go to work in a helicopter now though, ;)
      I am striving to play (and blog) more this year!

  2. Woo great round with the Dreamers! Haha too funny @ Dean and Dream 1E. I have never had the nerve to pair up a Bot and a Sim. I have had Bot/Bot. :) Was really nice having a marriage on the beach. Another thing I have never done, or even thought of! I will take that page from your book and try it! Yay for pregnant bellies! ~ ASimWen

    1. Yes I am excited about the babies! I'm not worried about the population exploding too much, lol. :)