Thursday, 20 February 2014

Oldie-Hanby, Round 9- House 7

Welcome back to the Oldie-Hanby house wherein reside Lucy Hanby (former maid), her son Harry (by Herb Oldie), his wife Christy and their two sets of twins Hayley & Sally, and Charlie & Harley.

Upon opening the house I was greeted with the message that someone has purchased a pet and so I decided to keep it.

It's a big black dog called Abbey. (A name that seems fairly prolific in this 'hood for pets). 
All the wishes rolled to petting Abbey and making friends with her. Which is nice to know the family actually care about the dog. :D

Poor Harry has still not mastered the art of the fire dance and still sets himself on fire regularly even though he always rolls to 'entertain with the fire dance'. I guess one day he can go back to Twikkii Island to finish learning the skill, if he ever rolls the wish to go back.

The second living room of the house has doubled up as a nursery while the twins were babies and toddlers. (I can't abide the hassle of going up and down the stairs with babies/toddlers).
Now that the youngest are children and have their own room upstairs the room became a cosy place to watch tv and hang out.

They all get together for a family dinner. Oh it looks like Sally isn't here, she must be at work. Both her and Hayley got teen jobs. Last time the children all got into private school when Knowledge teen Hayley wished for it.
Popularity sim Lucy always loves to throw a party and hers are renowned. She also enjoys keeping up her friendships. Alexander & Angela Pleasant are here with their son Noah along with Lucy and Carter Burb, Campbell Goth and various townies.
Abbey needs a fair bit of training to get her on the right track. She has no job yet but Harry has wishes to train her in various tricks.
Family teen Sally wished for her first kiss and got that fulfilled when she brought Alvin Futa home.
Knowledge loving Hayley decided to ask her Grandma for help with her skills.
She gained both Cookery and Body from using the two career rewards in quick succession. The most I've been able to gain is 4 at a time but I haven't tried it in a while. :)
It works for the kids too, :)
Hayley finished off Body on her own and maxed her final skill and fulfilled a big wish.
Although Harry has been perma-plat for a while he finally fulfilled his first and career-related LTW after finding the job about 4 weeks into adulthood!
Hayley and Sally always bring friends home from school.
They also invited over some college kids as they both are very interested in attending Uni.
Being an overachiever fulfilled a wish for Christy and Sally made a new friend in Ivy Copur.
Sally also found an outlet for her creativity and set about learning the sewing skill.
The twins enjoy playing games and making friends.
Saturday was a very sad day. We bid farewell to Lucy Hanby. She doesn't look too thrilled about departing does she?
She smiled happily once she'd got her suitcase and cocktail and left a very good inheritance at the age of 79.
Christy had become an elder on Thursday and on Sunday it was the twin boys birthday and Harry's too! None of whom were in great moods so Christy served up a batch of Strawberry Lemonade to put them all in platinum.
and here they are, Harry the elder and teenage boys.
Charlie rolled Family and wishes to 'Be the Law', while Harley rolled Knowledge and wishes to be a 'Prestidigitator'.
The twin girls head to college.
Here they are at Uni sharing a gossip. We'll catch up with them soon.
The boys got a teen vibe to their room, blinds not down- check, clothes on floor- check. Seems about normal. :D
Here we leave the house for now- Harry & Christy with their teenage sons.
Lucy- I've always loved Lucy, heh. She was the first NPC I played in my legacy.
She loved parties, meeting new people. She got a level 10 business in her home Bakery if you remember. As an elder she also loved gardening and she always loved to dance.
Christy- Enjoyed nature and it's related things such as birdwatching, catching bugs and going for hikes. Also wished for a few skills and kept up friendships as well as praising Abbey.
Harry- Still trying (and failing) to master the fire dance. I think I really will have to take him back to the Island to fulfil that one. He's a fortune Sim and so had lots of buy me wishes but now he has Abbey has concentrated on his 'train, praise and command' the dog wishes.
He also is in the zone in Fitness and wished to jog every day.
Sally & Hayley- Typical teen wishes, buying cell phones/mp3's/games, clothes/ jewellery. Both been skilling when wishing for it as they kept college wishes throughout.
Charlie & Harley- as kids wished to make friends, get A+'s, also liked to hula dance with their Grandma.



  1. Aaaw, sorry to see Lucy go, is there anyone out there among us Sims2-players who does not like her? But she did have a great life in your 'hood!
    Abbey is not the most common stray pet name in my game; it's Alegra and Balin, I think. I often wish the name generator had been programmed less sloppily!
    Love what you've done to the former nursery. Those berry-tones in carpet, walls and furniture are beautiful.
    How do you serve a batch of juice? My Sims always seem to be able to make just the one glass of juice to drink immediately.

    1. Yes Lucy was always nice, there are some Sims we love, and some we love to hate aren't there?!
      Allegra and Balin are the most common wolf names in my hood. I see them a lot.
      Thanks for the compliment, I try and come up with different décor ideas and sometimes they work out nicely.
      To serve a batch of juice you need to make sure you have plenty of the ingredient in the juicer- if you only have one or two of each product you won't see the option to 'serve'. I think I had to remove some other ingredients to stock up more of the ones I needed. :)

  2. I have played Lucy Hanby as well, years ago when I was sharing a hood with a few other Simmers, we took turns playing it and she was there! It is so easy to give eggplant juice to a Sim to gain skills, or plunk them down with the educational bookcase, but it is much more fun to skill up using four or five machines at a time, I agree! There really is no excuse to have unskilled Sims! Glad to see a doggie in the house hold, I really love playing them and using up extra slots to keep the population down! Maybe get a boy doggie to cozy up to her? Eh? *wink wink* ~ASimWen

    1. Yes I really need to get some puppies in this 'hood, it's overrun with kitties! Next time, :D