Monday, 10 February 2014

Pleasant- Round 9- House 6

Welcome back to the Pleasant house,
Residing here are Angela, her husband Alexander (Goth), their daughter Amaya and her son Noah as well as various kitties.
The family still live in the original Pleasant house.
The first achievable wish for Alexander and Angela was to Woohoo.
I did a sneaky thing back when Jules Broke dated Amaya during his college years and looking at her wishes saw she had a wish to marry Goopy. Heh, so I locked it.
Noah kept asking his Mother about marriage and where his father was, and more importantly who his father was...
So after one last fling Amaya decided to do the decent thing...
She invited Goopy over, quickly got engaged and then headed straight to the wedding arch before she changed her mind!  Little Noah is thrilled that his Dad is living with them!
Romance loving Goopy has a wish to have 20 lovers, he brought 1,000 simoleons to the household and his initial wish was to get fit.
Every time Angela & Alexander are alone Angela gives Alexander a backrub. She does it at other homes too whilst visiting. They love their pampering.
Pippy is the most spoiled cat in Pleasantview, I doubt she's ever been set down.
Cypher and Jane snuggle their newest kittens Collins & Georgiana.
Alexander & Angela were sad to see the kittens leave but they had to go to the adoption pool for the next time someone wishes to raise tons of kittens.
So it probably wasn't the best timing on my behalf when Pippy's time had come to depart this life.
There were a lot of tears shed.
Amaya had switched careers last time thanks to some networking and reached the top of her second career this week.
She had a wish to woohoo in public and Goopy had a wish to buy new clothes.
Here's Goopy in his new outfit. Well I had to keep some form of plaid, Goopy just isn't Goopy without it.
Although he's a Romance sim (with no secondary aspiration as yet) Goopy always wants to stargaze or watch clouds.
Amaya too keeps joining him. I wonder if it's a 'romance' thing to want to watch the stars so much?
Noah had his birthday and like his father wished to be a Romance sim. His LTW is to become a Celebrity Chef.
The only job I could find him in the paper was at the SCIA so I figured he can stick at that a while...
I gave him a more appropriate-to-the-job makeover.
 The 'bots went crazy several times this week, I suppose it's quite a large garden to get around.
It took the elders several hours to get everything ship-shape again.
They both hit their 70th birthday's this week and chose to retire.
Angela had more time to catch up with her friends.
and Alexander had more time to catch bugs.
Noah enjoyed a date and shared his first kiss with Hayley Oldie-Hanby.
He also dated one of the Lothario teens, I think it's Val.
So life was good for the Pleasant's. Romance sims Amaya and Goopy were able to keep themselves happy together.
The daytime cloud watching finally picked a victim. But who is it?
It was Amaya! Goopy was distraught when he returned from work.
Poor Noah, he seeks comforting words from one of his mother's former lovers, Amin.
He acted out too and got busted by the police when sneaking out one night.
Late on Sunday night Goopy got whisked away by an alien craft.
Angela was very excited about his return.
It was a few days after his mother's death that Noah seemed to be getting back to normal, showing wishes again to play with the cats and get some skills. Perhaps he's back on track after all.
Angela & Alexander.  I didn't control them too much this round as they are perma-plat. They both like the Nature hobby, Alexander too created some new clothes and made some pottery as well as greeting walkby's and making friends.
Amaya-  The death by satellite was unexpected. I could have tried to save her but have decided not to interfere (too much).
So it's goodbye to Amaya.
Goopy- I've never played Goopy bar one time in the Black Widow challenge. (heh, things didn't turn out too good for him then). 
This time though I wonder? Will he have a little gift from his alien encounter? Will he stay living with his son and in-laws? Will he now go for his 20 loves?
Noah- He's enjoying his teenage years by dating, sneaking out and generally lounging around. He hasn't shown a wish for college so we'll wait and see what his wishes are next time.


  1. Can you believe it - I've never had the satellite crash down in my game! Probably because my Sims never get much time for cloud-watching by day, although some of my elderly Permaplat-Sims love to cuddle under the stars by night.
    Noah looks so grown up with his hat, beard and specs! No wonder he already talks of marriage with his date ;-)
    Goopy should definitely get a chance to fulfill his LTW. By the way, I quite like the outfit you gave him. It's a download, isn't it? At least I've never seen it in any of my Sims' wardrobes, or buyable at a shop.

    1. This is the reason I don't let them stargaze/cloudwatch most of the time! I think Amaya had only been on the ground for about 5 minutes though, typically.
      Yes I like Noah's look, I don't use hats often enough, :)
      I got Goopy's outfit from All About Style- one of my favourite sites for Sims2 downloads. :)

  2. OOhhh I love satellite deaths. They are so rare. I have gotten them twice without trying and was totally surprised....both times my Sims were laying down to watch clouds to waste time until their work car came. Then WHAM. I was able to save one of them, but not the other. Then I have gotten satellite death twice when trying for it doing challenges. Playing Goopy is fun. He was all over a girl I was playing on an experimental lot. She got preggers....he happened to be there on a date with her when she had his TWINS. Then she insisted he move in to take care of them...they had three more kids...hahahaha....Wonderful and entertaining round! ~ASimWen

  3. Here in Pleasantview mine have happened without trying too. I don't usually let my sims laze about that much but wishes are wishes!
    Hmm, now you mentioned about Goopy I just went back and re-read some of my Black Widow and yikes, she did have twins with him! We'll have to wait and see what happens.

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  8. R.I.P Amaya Pleasant
    9/4/12 - 10/2/14 (DD/MM/YY)