Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Terrano- Round 9- House 9

Here we are back at the Terrano house for round 9.
Residing in this sunny residence are Stella, her husband Dustin (Broke) and their son Blade as well as Dustin's plantsim son Leaf.
Blade's wife Lily (formerly Dreamer) is here along with their newborn son Rowan.
Kim the cat was adopted some time ago.
Dustin, Stella and Leaf had wishes to get a kitten or puppy and so Fitz Caliente was adopted from the pool. 
Last round Blade got abducted by aliens and is pregnant. His wish to learn Parenting couldn't have come at a more opportune moment.
One of Leaf's wishes was for a skill and it turned out to be the last one he needed- now he's a complete know-it-all.
Dustin and Stella both retired this round. Dustin had reached the top of at least 8 careers I think it was- he was ready for a rest and is celebrating with some Lobster. As a retired Icon he gets 1,076 daily while retired Education Minister Stella gets 985. Not bad pensions.
Lily is heading to the cake with baby Rowan. Kim the cat snoozes in the background.
Keeping in with the outdoorsy theme when Blade has a daughter she is named Tulip. She is the first alien born in the game for some time who is a 'true' alien- large eyes, no nose, thin lips.
Blade is grateful for his mother's help while he is training little Rowan in skills.
Fitz grew up after just a day and was given a job in Security.
Lily's biggest wish has been achieved- to make 30 best friends.
Stella and Dustin love having their old college buddies over, Angela and Alexander Pleasant.
Stella remembered that she had taken Alexander's makeover chair when she left the dorm.
She decided it was time to return it, and who knows maybe now Alexander will spin up the wish to finish off his badge-making in Cosmetology.
Kim becomes an elder cat and everyone spins up wishes to have her retire.
It's a fun event and a great party when Tulip has her birthday.
As match up's go, Leaf and Nancy are made for each other but they've never wanted to do anything but date. Here Leaf is invited on an outing and Nancy is in the group.
It doesn't take too long to have a perfect outing score but I wonder was it worth the Crumplebashing?
While Leaf & Nancy are busy making out the Count has turned up and oh no! That's Christy Oldie-Hanby!
*sigh*. I need shares in Vamprocillin.
about 5 seconds after that....
Townie Rodney Jung became the second autonomously changed sim for the evening.
I decided to send Leaf home before the entire diner is subjected to the Count's thirst. However he walked by just a little later and Leaf stopped to chat a while, mostly about teeth. Thankfully the Count must be full as he didn't attempt to bite Leaf.
The next day Leaf reached the top of another career (Journalism) and gained another boost of points for a second LTW gained. He bought Priya Ramaswami home from work.
She went straight to the cats' food bowl to clean it. I don't recall her being that neat the last time I played her. :D
Dustin invited his family over. Beau turned up as well but soon shot off as he'd been a victim of the Count (or Countess) earlier in the round and it was too hot for him to stick around. So Eliza and Carter got some improvements in friendship with their older brother. (Half brother in Eliza's case).
Rowan had his birthday and his initial wishes were to skip, get an A+, make a friend and buy some new clothes.
He fits the summery theme well now.
Leaf always stops the walkby's to chat. Why is it I'm always getting this message?! Mortimer has been dead for 8 rounds. I guess no-one told the townies. :D
Uncle Leaf loves to spend his days idling in the sunshine and in the pool and is a great companion for Rowan when he wishes to play marco polo after school on a daily basis!
Well Stella what do you expect when you wish to look at your neighbours? It's always Nina that comes around shoving people. She must be the eldest person left in the 'hood- or the meanest.
Tulip just has time to cuddle the bewildered-looking Kim before aging up to a child on the last day of the week.
and here she is as a child. I know Blade rolled the wish for her to get into private school and my notes gave a score of 128 but I guess I lost the pics.
Another great week at one of my favourite homes.
Ending wishes,
Dustin- meet someone new, make a bff, be best friends with Tulip, hire a repairman, praise the cat, tell inside joke to Lily.
Stella- Buy drums, bass, car, drink juice, look at neighbours. Tulip gets an A+.
Blade- Have baby (eek?), Tulip gets A+, play pc game, buy drums, ballet barre and restorable car.
Leaf- Make bf's with Matt, make bff's with Herbert, Harry and Peter.
Lily- Appreciate Blade, make bff with Tulip, win a cooking contest, have a party, praise Kim and make bff's with Richard.
Rowan- get an A+, gain level 7 in body, 9 in cooking and make bff's with Leaf.
Tulip- Tell an inside joke, get A+, make a friend and be bff's with Lily.
Other achievements this week included Blade reaching the top of the Science career (and his LTW) as well as gaining a Gold badge in Floristry.


  1. A sunny home indeed, and they all look like they enjoy life there together as a family!
    I have recently started to spot Vampire townies in my game, too.
    There is always a lot going on in a household with members of nearly all ages, isn't there.

    1. Yes it's nice to have a range of ages and activities. :)

  2. Haha I love it when the vamps get active. So far there hasn't been any biting on their own in my wishes hood. I "wish" it would start. hahahaha

    1. It usually escalates after a couple of your own sims become Vampires I think. :)